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Kid Craft Instructional Videos

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31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds. They Put Popsicle Sticks In Boiling Water And The Result Is Genius. How To Make Fireflies That Really Light Up — DIY Fireflies. How To Build A Robot: Free Fun Crafts For Kids. The best thing about learning how to build a robot is you get to re-use household junk and turn it into great free crafts for kids. Building robots like this is fun and the delight kids show in making something that actually moves is fantastic. If you have a look at our homeschool robots, you'll see building robot body parts is really about raiding the trash can ! The credit for building those cool robots and teaching the kids crafts skills you need is definitely down to this book: Stephen Munzer Making Dinosaur Robots from junk The link takes you to the UK version, in the US you can get it here: The best way to see how to build robots is to start here:

Pretty Plastic Light Catchers. Total Time weekend projects Ages school-age By adding a very small amount of water to gelatin, kids can create a simple plastic that hardens into colorful window decorations. Gelatin is formed from collagen, a protein made of tiny fibers that's essential for keeping cells stuck together. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind a product that is lightweight and strong but without any of the oil-based chemicals used in many factory-made plastics. The bonus: It glimmers and shimmers in the sun. Salt Dough Heart Necklaces. Salt dough is always fun and the materials for it are readily available. Simple No-Glue Leaf Collage - Art And Craft - Autumn Craft - Autumn Activity. Egg Carton Mini ‘Copters. It’s come to my attention that the crafts on our blog are (just a little) on the girly side.

Egg Carton Mini ‘Copters

BUT I know there are mums out there with boys who might not be interested in all things pink and sparkly, so here we have made (or rather I have made – the girls didn’t want a bar of this one!) Some cute & easy egg carton helicpoters. Mums, you will need to do the fiddly bits here, but the boys (or girls) can help out plenty, and they will love playing with these cute-as-custard little “toys”. You will need: • Egg Carton(s) • Craft knife and cutting mat • Paint & brushes • Scissors • Paper • Marker • Split pins How to: Cut your egg carton into single pieces, snipping the tall part off and cutting it in half for the tail. You will need more tall parts (you might need another carton for this).

Paint these parts, making a half circle at the front for the windcreen. Like this. Once dry, add detail with a black marker. Glue them together into a cross shape. All done. Readymech. The Pinecone Hunt=The Pinecone Wreath. Me: Hey guys, who wants to go on a pinecone hunt with me?

The Pinecone Hunt=The Pinecone Wreath

8 year old: Yeah!!! Come on, everyone! Let’s go on a family pinecone hunt! (Yes, she really did say that.) 11 year old: Ehhh, I think I’ll just stay in here. It’s official. 11 years old is apparently the age in which our annual pinecone hunt is no longer worthy enough to get my son to go with us. It’s at this time of year, that I find myself once again on the prowl for some free, natural items to decorate with. While my daughter daintily carried her basket and picked the “perfect” cones, this is how my son decided to hunt. Even my husband decided to get in on the search.

And then there’s the Nemesis. Luckily, the hunt proved very plentiful for us! Well. I had a styrofoam wreath in my basement (yes, really) that I decided to use. At first, I tried to place the pinecones in some sort of pattern, but it really didn’t work out for me. I worried about the top first, then I plugged the cones onto the exterior and interior sides. Heart Tree Wall Art. Simple Stamped Gift Tags. Stamps are such a fun and easy way to decorate and embellish projects, like these simple stamped gift tags.

Simple Stamped Gift Tags

What you need: Brown craft tags (Or cut your own from card stock) Flower stamp ABC stamps Ink (I love these Clearsnap Colorbox Pigment Paintbox) Ribbon or twine Each color of ink in the box separates. You can then use the pad to dab ink onto the stamp. I used red ink for the flower and then used the alphabet stamps to spell out THANKS in black ink. Hanging String Balls. Whattya need?

Hanging String Balls

BalloonStringScissorsGlueJar How do I make glue string balls? Step 1: Hang inflated balloon from ceiling. Step 2: Put string and glue in the jar with a hole in the lid. Next, pull string from hole while wrapping around the balloon. DIY 3D Geometric Sculpture. DIY Sharpie Tie Die. Awesome Papercraft - The Awesomer - Page 2. Egg Carton Mini ‘Copters. Blog - Paper toys art. Ce paper toy basé sur un template de cubeecraft a été créé par le collectif Urban Paper Collective.

blog - Paper toys art

Cet éléphant équilibriste est le modèle du mois de mars. Ce robot au doux nom de Destructor H25 a été créé par Patrick Pasques dans le cadre de son livre de paper toys sur les robots. Je précise que cette version n’est pas dans le livre, c’est un petit bonus à télécharger gratuitement, alors profitez-en. Ce diorama (mise en scène) de Disney représente Alice au Pays des merveilles et sa charmante troupe, avec un gros oeuf pour décor ; ça tombe bien me direz-vous, c’est bientôt Pâques !! Big Joe, le spécialiste de la cuisine Italienne livre à domicile dans son superbe camion tout équipé. Cet impressionnant robot en train de défendre vaillamment la ville est une création paper craft du talentueux artiste Destop Gremlins. Voilà un paper toy « cute » comme je les aime.