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Loving Parents is for all parents who love their kids dearly and also to help with things they might need help with regarding their children.

Make The Homeschooling Activities Fun With Some Great Tips & Ideas. Make The Homeschooling Activities Fun With Some Great Tips & Ideas. It has become a big part in the lives of parents especially in the pandemic era as the country was in lockdown.

Make The Homeschooling Activities Fun With Some Great Tips & Ideas

Everything was on hold but parents duty was never on a break. In the pandemic also they had to teach their kid so that they can grow and develop skills in the time they had in their hands. Learning at home is quite different from our traditional way of learning that we do in schools but this is a new way of learning, homeschooling activities have taken place now. We need to do a lot of reorientation on how we can approach this process to our kids and how we in general think about learning in this way.

Firstly we have to adapt the idea of homeschooling only then we can explain it to our kids. Dietary Breastfeeding Essentials For Nursing Mother - Loving Parents. Breastfeeding is an important part of motherhood.

Dietary Breastfeeding Essentials For Nursing Mother - Loving Parents

What a nursing mother consume eventually becomes the diet for the feeding baby as well. Thus, throughout the period of breastfeeding mother ought to be very careful about not only what she must consume but also about things that she should avoid intake of. In this article we are going to make you aware about the breastfeeding diet chart that is essential for nursing mothers.  Sibling Rivalry: Reasons and Consequences. Jealousy has always been a dominant trait of human nature.

 Sibling Rivalry: Reasons and Consequences

The thought of getting less attention than before automatically raises a feeling of insecurity especially among children. Sibling rivalry emerges from such insecurities.  Sibling Rivalry: Reasons and Consequences. Pregnancy Exercise - Loving Parents. Your Practical Guide to Surviving the Long Distance Relationship. The pandemic in 2020 forced many of us to be in a long distance relationship.

Your Practical Guide to Surviving the Long Distance Relationship

Sometimes, our significant others were stuck in another country or state, and couldn’t come back until the rules of the lockdown were relaxed, or you were simply not living together. The reason could be any, but this forced long distance love caused a lot of us to go through several ups & downs. Unfortunately, a lot of such relationships couldn’t survive. Parenting DOs and DON’Ts to Ensure Online Internet Safety for Kids. Using internet every day has become an integral part of our lives.

Parenting DOs and DON’Ts to Ensure Online Internet Safety for Kids

From using it to get the work done for office to use it for educational or entertainment purposes, the uses and the hours spent on our devices are endless. The kids growing up today is truly a digital generation. They are taught on smart-boards, and they use computers and laptops to create their projects or even attend their schools, especially in the times of corona, using the internet itself. Any school-going kid today is aware of the power of the internet and is at a stage of exploring its usage to connect further with the community. During the school-going age, the kids are naïve and impressionable and might come across content and people on the internet that might be emotionally, psychologically as well as physically dangerous to them.

Indulge your child in Janmashtami celebrations with these unique activities. While I am away from the whole family busy with job and city bustle, incorporating culture and mythology to my child has always been tough!

Indulge your child in Janmashtami celebrations with these unique activities

We as parents are out for work and kids spends the whole day at school. I believe we also must imbibe the real crux of supreme Indian culture so that our kids can inherit it to the next generation.But how to do that? Tips for eating healthy weight During Pregnancy. When you are pregnant, there are certain things that you need to take care of like; pregnancy diet, Healthy habits, nutrients, etc.

Tips for eating healthy weight During Pregnancy

Many care required to make sure your baby is born healthy, and all these things might not be known to everyone, especially if you are pregnant for the first time. Don’t worry, as we are going to discuss a lot about pregnancy food tips, and other tips that will help you healthy weight; during pregnancy. Maintain a healthy amount of weight. Baby growth: The benefits of baby massage - Lovingparents. Gentle and rhythmic stroking of a baby’s body using hands is termed as Baby Massage.

Baby growth: The benefits of baby massage - Lovingparents

Using oils or a moisturizer ameliorates the massaging by making gliding of hands on the baby’s skin smoothly. Massaging an infant baby helps manipulate ankles, wrists as well as fingers. The soothing touch of your hands stimulates the production of oxytocin in baby babies that is a feel-good hormone. Regular baby body massage offers umpteen benefits. Each time you massage your baby, it has following impacts on the child: Get to Know the Fetal Development Week by Week. So, either you are pregnant or if you are planning to start a family of your own and are curious to know about fetal development week by week, right?

Get to Know the Fetal Development Week by Week

First of all, congratulations! The growing healthy baby, or development fetus in medical terms, goes through a gestation period of 9 months, or 36 weeks or so as a little cell develops into a healthy baby. How kids and Covid-19 making the life of parents tricky. Mishi woke up screaming, “Mumma, I ate food without washing hands.

How kids and Covid-19 making the life of parents tricky

Now, I will get Corona and I have to stay alone without you and Daddy.” And her tears went on. Lily, Mishi’s mother addressed this weird dream of her to the family and they understood that this is kids and COVID-19 effect as a result of which they are facing anxiety issues as an emotional impact of this pandemic. Most ignored side-effect of this pandemic is between kids and COVID-19 as they are unable to deal with the distressing situation. 10 tips to soothe a baby after vaccination - Lovingparents. Vaccination is a must for every single kid to protect them from arising of any life-threatening diseases and illness.

As any protection received from their mother lasts for only six months. And the failure of getting babies vaccine can lead to new epidemic diseases in babies that can be harmful and even deadly. Baby Milestones: When Do Babies Start Crawling, Talking and Walking. As your child grows, she would reach various milestones of growth and development throughout her age. Starting from being able to hold her bottle to starting to crawl or talk, these milestones help you stay abreast with your baby’s development. Even though there are set times for your baby to start doing these things, be assured that not all babies are the same and some might reach these milestones a little sooner or later. So, if you are wondering about when do babies start talking and walking, here are your answers. When do babies start Crawling? What is Helicopter Parenting?

We all are striving out there to be the best parents to our children. But there can be times when we are not parenting but over-parenting. Some of you might be wondering if you have helicopter parents or not, and how to deal with helicopter parents? Well, read on to find out. What is Helicopter Parenting? Helicopter parenting, in the simplest sense, is ‘over-parenting.’ What is Helicopter Parenting and How to Deal with Helicopter Parents? Sing Along These Short Poems on Animals with Your Kids. Learning via rhyming and poems is a classic teaching technique.

It is easier for kids to learn something when they can sing along with it. Have you ever seen your child pump up with energy as soon as you play the Shark Do-Do-Do song on TV or radio? My kid just starts jumping and singing the song as soon as the music starts. And to be honest, the song is pretty catchy. I know it’s going to stay stuck in your head for a good 24 hours at least, which is the power of music, rhyming and poems.

5 Healthy Foods to Naturally Lose Weight at Home. The Four Types of Parenting Styles. Best Exercises For Pregnant Women - Loving Parents. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is keep your body active while you are pregnant. For a healthy lifestyle it is mandatory that you indulge in exercise while you are pregnant. This helps not only in keeping you in shape but also in healthy delivery. There is no need for you to opt for complex and heavy exercising but undoubtedly you can go in for light forms of exercising like dancing. Authoritative Parents - Singapore Parenting Style II.

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Frequent White lies of Parents To Kids – lovingparents.