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Download. Winter Comes Home - David Thomas & His Legs. A Day Such As This (5:50) preview West Side Story (5:49) preview Stormy Weather (9:33) preview Rhapsody In Pink (13:38) Petrified (12:04)Total download file size: 111.2MB Description: This album has been out of print for decades now - the master tapes were lost long ago.

Winter Comes Home - David Thomas & His Legs

Recently Paul Hamann at Suma digitally transfered and mastered a virgin vinyl copy of the album. The original liner notes follow: HYPERBOLE: "A figure of Rhetoric whereby the speaker expresses MORE THAN THE TRUTH, in order to produce a vivid impression; hence, an exaggeration. " Encyclopedia Brittannica, 1950. Matt Carmichael.

This 1976 Creem article by the world's greatest rock critic, Lester Bangs, is his take on Metal Machine Music.

Matt Carmichael

Enjoy, and if you like it, read more on his relationship with Lou and his other writings in Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung or read about his life in Let It Blurt : The Life and Times of Lester Bangs. This article is reprinted by permission of Creem Media Inc. Portrait Jean-Paul Bourelly 2005 par Olivier Martin. Primusluta’s stream. The Big Boys : poison. TAJ Course Week 10. Tisziji Muñoz: Music. Aaronbispresident. Brian Eno and Jah Wobble - Spinner (Whole Album) (HQ) Jah Wobble - Invaders Of The Heart (Decadent Disco Mix) Tone Science. Merkabah13. Home. Il y aura probablement une vingtaine de nouvelles transcriptions cette année ainsi que des "évènements" auxquels nous n'osons même pas penser aujourd'hui, évènements qui-nous l'espérons- auront pour tâche de nous (re)-plonger dans l'atmosphère des mardi matins qui ont illuminés notre jeunesse des années 1970 à la fin du dernier cours en 1987.


Ce serait un moyen, à nous, d'innover et de créer le réel, de participer à une pluralité de mondes constitués de singularités et d'évènements. La Pensée-Deleuze est aussi cet acte de résistance. Dans la régression politique généralisée qui nous enserre, entre la Bêtise suffocante et la Servitude volontaire de la majorité grégaire, la tentative de création d'un espace diagonal, tout simplement la tentative de penser est déjà, en soi, une esquisse d'échappement.

C'est dans la création de micro-mondes non hiérarchisés et anti-autoritaires que ce site vient s'inscrire comme un acte mineur, un acte mineur de résistance. Big SysOp. Garybaldi - Sette (1973) Gradualmixtapes’s stream. SO MANY RECORDS, SO LITTLE TIME. Cool Youtube Music Channels. EESTI LAUL 2013: Winny Puhh - "Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti" Music. Coisa Feita. St. Louis History in Black and White. Home > Programs > St.

St. Louis History in Black and White

Louis History in Black and White Music and entertainment has always been a big part of St. Louis’ history. The blues, jazz and ragtime have all played a role and left their mark here and around the world. David Fiuczynski Group plays the Iridium Jazz Club. David Fiuczynski at the Iridium, NY. 2010 Part 1. Free MP3 Downloads - It appears that you already have an account created within our VIP network of sites on .

Free MP3 Downloads -

To keep your points and personal information safe, we need to verify that it's really you. To activate your account, please confirm your password. Harpist Zeena Parkins Is Bringing Her "Disney Sun Ra" Band, The Adorables, to Oakland. Zeena Parkins is a quintessential 21st century musician, equally adept as a performer (her custom harp is augmented with a whammy bar), composer, and bandleader.

Harpist Zeena Parkins Is Bringing Her "Disney Sun Ra" Band, The Adorables, to Oakland

She takes on a remarkably diverse array of roles, including touring with Björk, composing for dance troupes, improvising with electronic artist Ikue Mori in Phantom Orchard, and teaching at Mills College in Oakland. That job led somewhat indirectly to her current muse The Adorables, a band with percussionist Shayna Dunkelman, electronic musician Preshish Moments (né Michael Carter), and drummer Jordan Glenn, all Mills alums. Bill Laswell Discography. 1/ Untitled - Bill Laswell 1.14 2/ Untitled/Ta'Wil - Bill Laswell/Ira Cohen/Pharoah Sanders/Submerged 8.19 3/ Untitled - Bootsy's Rubber Band 5.02 4/ Untitled - Tony Williams/Bernie Worrell 4.32 5/ Untitled - Jungle Brothers 5.00 6/ untitled/The Furies - Bill Laswell & William Burroughs/Praxis & Iggy Pop 5.45 7/ Untitled - Ornette Coleman/Bill Laswell 4.38 8/ Untitled - Hasil Atkins 5.12 9/ Untitled - Jimi Hendrix/Buddy Miles 4.08 10/ Untitled - JT Money/George Clinton 5.11 11/ Untitled - Bill Laswell/Bootsy Collins 6.40 12/ Untitled - Bill Laswell/Ornette Coleman/Julian Schnabel 2.13 13/ Abi Virus - Bill Laswell/John Zorn/Masada String Trio/SPL 5.43 14/ Family Affair - Iggy Pop 5.35 Reconstruction and mix translation done at Orange Music, West Orange, NJ Engineer: Robert Musso Production, reconstruction and mix translation: Bill Laswell Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone, NYC Players - Bill Laswell.

Bill Laswell Discography

Interview with Vijay Iyer. The first post of this new blog dedicated to improvised and avant-garde music is the interview I realized with the one and only Mr.

Interview with Vijay Iyer

Vijay Iyer. He needs no introduction any more, I’d just say that he’s one of the most prominent musicians, pianists, composers and bandleaders of the generation born in the 1970s. The encounter took place in Paris on November 13th, 2012. Jazz, jazz fusion, progressive, free/avant jazz and avant garde sharethread. CD Reviews : One Final Note. Sound Colour Vibration - Douglas Records 1967-1970. Archive of the free track of the month. - links. Topics. The Gen-Xers among you will surely remember Sassy , that transcendent turn-of-the-‘90s magazine for teenaged girls.


It was noteworthy for being uncommonly smart, accessible well outside its target audience, and in its music coverage, every bit as friendly to under-the-radar bands as Spin was at the time. Their regular “Cute Band Alert” feature once highlighted the ferociously uncute Poison Idea, and they infamously declared Nation of Ulysses’ singer Ian Svenonius the winner in their 1990 search for the “Sassiest Boy in America.” Males of any age were “boys” to Sassy, and there was certainly no exception for their “Dear Boy” column, in which established and emerging alternarock luminaries would impart to curious young women the life lessons only years in the van could teach.

The column featured such “boys” as Iggy Pop, Mike D, Beck, and the gentleman who concerns us today, Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis. Via Girls of a Certain Age: Blog Radio Show November 2012 / The Hype Machine. NOW VS. NOW. Druid Grocking / Third Ear Band (German TV 1970) In D / Third Ear Band (German TV 1970) The Lonely Beat: One Hundred Themes from the Naked City. Invisible Things. Burnt Sugar Arkestra « Essence Revealed. Pre Finale with Brown Girls Burlesque and Burnt Sugar Arkestra This show was so fun I hope we get it going again soon.

Burnt Sugar Arkestra « Essence Revealed

Can’t wait to see the official pictures of Brown Girls Burlesque with the band: Burnt Sugar Arkestra. Grateful Dead 12-31-82 Oakland Auditorium Arena. BLACK STONE RAIDERS - Jean Paul Bourelly, Darryl Jones & Will Calhoun. Trashed Out. Blueprints Love Song One of the most beautiful passages in Paul Reyes’ Exiles in Eden is his description of a unique house that his father designed and built. Paul lived in this house for a short while as a kid but when his father lost his job, his family sold it. Not long after, the parents divorced. Paul, to this day, has preserved the blueprints to this house that has “loomed like a moody temple” in his imagination and hopes maybe one day to build the same house for his family. The fictional Paul sings this song — along with his father in flashback — to Lorena, the activist, in the most romantic scene of our script. Dr. John, The Conqueror. . I add to that playlist frequently. So far, it's up to 15 funkifried hours or more of seldom heard New Orleans tracks in rotation, mainly from the HOTG post archives; and we plan to lay in some choice cuts of more recent vintage, too, if and when we can.

But the entire project is still at the mercy of the mega-corporate entertainment industry, which has yet to make a decision on the fate of us poor, microscopic web stations - virtual plankton drifting along in a sea of broadcasting sharks. Anyway, tune in while you can. It's a day to day thing. Dr. John - Babylon. The Lonely Beat: One Hundred Themes from the Naked City. Home of the Groove. Night trippin' "Let the Good Times Roll" (Earl King)Dr. John and the Rampart Street Symphony Orchestra, 1973Tripped out Man, it’s been hard getting a post out this week. My weekend Krewe du Vieux romp in New Orleans (more on that to come) wore me out. Not that you should care.

From the sound of the crowd and the acoustics, I’d say this was recorded in a fairly small club. Geaux music! Debut Release from Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio. Orexis Of Death. Heavy Dose. Welcome to YouTube! The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide". The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results.

To change your country filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. Totally Fuzzy Blog. Musicómetro. ‘Wrecking Crew’ Film Focuses on Session Players. Tim Hodgkinson. One Father, Eight Sons, Nine Shiny Brass Bells. Hide captionThe Hypnotic Brass Ensemble features eight of trumpeter Kelan Phil Cohran's sons. Georgia Khun The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble features eight of trumpeter Kelan Phil Cohran's sons. Purchase Featured Music. Free Music Downloads, Latest New Music. C. Sound Colour Vibration (Music. Machetero Soul. The Authority in Free Mixtapes. Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music (Blue Note, 1968; 2003)

The Artistic Heritage of Kelan Phil Cohran. Very few musicians can claim to have been a formative influence on as many different musical levels as trumpet player and educator Kelan Phil Cohran, whose career serves to join the dots between genres and generations of musicians. Not content to simply remain a part of his own creations, Cohran has blazed a trail across the history of jazz and popular music, leaving a string of successful bands and organisations in his wake.

Cameron Brown music blog. Flying Lotus. Interviews. To check out our chat with Kyle Field of Little Wings from issue #4 click here For our interview with poet Robert Creeley from issue #3 Click here. Northern Spy Records » Home. Bar and Gallery in LES. Records. On a final heavy note, eremite grieves the passing of roy campbell jr.. friend & touring companion, reliable dude, one of the great trumpet & brass players in the music. if you happen to be in new york city on 26 february, there's a big concert at roulette celebrating roy. roy campbell jr., thanks for everything. Adele Bertei - When It's Over (featuring Green) Adele Bertei/Anubian Lights - Wild Winter. Nik bärtsch. Kostenlose Musik, Tourdaten, Fotos, Videos. A Pre-History of Live Experimental Music in Brooklyn. The timing of this article may be perfect. As I write, the New York Times has just published a piece about the renaissance of rock clubs in New York City in the post-CBGB era, citing Brooklyn as “the biggest growth area.”

September 2011. Cliquer sur la couverture pour voir un aperçu du magazine » acheter le numéro. Free iTunes music downloads. Emanem & psi gateway. Cool and the Clones: Mr. Playdough Man. Deviant’s Edge 2.0 » Memoir 4. Wine, Women & Song. Hippy-djkit. Here Only Good Music For All. Bobby Beausoleil - The Lucifer Rising Suite (The Ajna Offensive, 2009) "Robert Kenneth Beausoleil was born under the sign of the scorpion on November 6th, 1947 in Santa Barbara, California.

Ghostcapital. Digging for Diamonds in Mountains of Mediocrity. Coming Together by Bobby Cuevas. Nioka Workman. Jamaican Ginger Cake by Sephirot. Quietasamouse's Drum. ‪Jack DeJohnette & Foday Musa Suso - Sunjatta Keita - Philips Music World Festival - 2004‬‏ Disco Delicious. Scrootable Labs, Inc. Woojii's sounds. Lucent Steps: this is my remix of... Warning" - Barry Cleveland's Hologramatron w/The Artist General‬‏ Maywa Denki "Tsukuba Series"

American Clavé. Jazz Reviews: AscensionHarriet Tubman — By Bill Milkowski. For this special edition of Harriet Tubman, the regular longstanding power trio of bassist Melvin Gibbs, guitarist Brandon Ross and drummer JT Lewis is augmented by trumpeter Ron Miles (a member of Bill Frisell’s quintet) and turntablists DJ Logic and DJ Singe. Together they turn in a scintillating, white-hot cauldron of slamming funk-rock, audacious skronking and ambient textures, with Miles’ plaintive trumpet, Ross’ searing, distortion-laced guitar lines and the DJs’ wildly creative impulses flying over the dense mix with subversive impunity.