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Tiwanda Lovelace

I have been asking for help for over 30 years but due to entities involved, I have received no assistance. I am commonly referred to as a pet, slave and worse for decades. Supporting docs at: and I am seeking assistance regarding allegations of deliberate, willful neglect by officials ‘acting under color of law, 'obstruction of justice' and misconduct. The compilation of documents demonstrates that there is questionable behavior, obstruction of justice and misconduct that has been facilitated in three states, which includes - Nevada, Michigan and Georgia. I find it hard to accept that it is a coincidence that the enforcement of laws doesn’t seem to be applicable to me. My father is currently serving a life sentence for allegedly killing a police officer, Stanley Rapaski and Cass Czerwinski. (See Attached News clippings). The DOJ, FBI, and other agencies empowered to enforce the laws has blatantly shown willful and deliberate neglect to perform duties or to address multiple claims allegations of corruption. Although I do not live in each horrible moment, I have already been subjected to continued loss of enjoyment of life, loss of employment, loss of residences, physical pain, mental suffering, grief, anxiety, humiliation, rape, and emotional distress. Under Color of Law, this is how it continues. These people are lying and covering up atrocities. These decisions made or conclusions reached by others without direct communication cannot possibly be made in good faith. There is no reason in hell why i would still be ignored after providing documentation in support of allegations.

UpdatedGenReq1 3with3images. All docs for letter for AG NV but recent doj and envelope. Sample INVISIBLE Part II COM (3) Request for Review of Petition Stamped (1) SAMPLE MBIADG START MIDDLE END combinepdf. Sample MMM. Nonviolent Communication. Anti Bullying. Fight Bullying! Unethical Behavior Comic Strip by Ne Ne Lovelace jpeg. Bullies Block Courthouse Comic Strip By Ne Ne Lovelace. A POOR DEFENSE COMIC STRIP BY NE NE LOVELACE. DOUBLE DEALING CONTRACT COMIC STRIP PAINT 1400 x 1400.