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A Guide to the Media Industry - Media Decoder Blog

Photographs by Will SandersTop row, from left: Umberto Pasti, Mickey Raymond, Laure Welfing, “Gipi” de Richemont Salvy, Jonathan Dawson. Bottom row, from left: Lawrence Mynott, Anthea Mynott, Christopher Gibbs, Francisco de Corcuera Gandarillas, Blanca Hamri. For the legendary expats of Tangier, a life devoted to beauty reaches full flower in this North African hothouse of history and hedonism. In a shrinking world, Tangier is a place where eccentricity is celebrated, where fiscal nomads and expatriates thrive in the midday sun, where light filters through the palms and makes an atmosphere of dreaming. With its bright colors and whiff of old scandal, it is a place of the mind, stranded perfectly at a gathering point of sweet-scented opposites. It is a high meeting place of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Europe and Africa, sanctity and sin, where men and women have long set out to find themselves between the devil and the deep blue sea. Fashion and Design - T Magazine Blog

Fashion and Design - T Magazine Blog

The New York Times Magazine - The 6th Floor Blog From Luke SteynLuke Steyn, who will compete in the slalom events in Sochi. In this week’s One-Page Magazine, I make note of Luke Steyn, an Alpine skier who will become the first athlete ever to represent the tropical African nation of Zimbabwe in the Winter Olympics next month in Sochi, Russia. In an email exchange over the holidays, Steyn said he knew that his nationality will make him something of a curiosity among competitors and the media. Steyn was born in Harare, the nation’s capital, but his family moved to Switzerland when he was 2. The New York Times Magazine - The 6th Floor Blog
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