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Office365. Recently, there have been a number of tech tools that have been created to help enhance teacher productivity and improve assignment workflows in the classroom.


Take, for example, the excellent OneNote Class Notebook Creator. It is an ideal app for Office 365 schools who want to quickly distribute materials to a whole class, have students work in a paperless environment, while also providing a collaboration space for the whole class to work in. Google Apps schools are flocking to Google Classroom – a management tool for teachers who are looking to consolidate and simplify the flow of electronic files. It lets you make a copy of an individual document and distribute it to students with permissions configured automatically so that only the student and the teacher can see the document. There is also a discussion feed for students to communicate inside your Google Classroom.

Then there are the many learning management systems that were created to take your classroom to the cloud. Like this: Mobile Learning with Google Apps - Connect University 2014. 5 Tips for Using Google Apps on the iPad. Google Apps for the iPad - iPadpalooza 2014 Presentation. Watch?v=yUW8SX5dI84&feature=youtu. HowTo - Google Docs & Sheets Apps. Using Google Drive on iPad and iPhone (iOS) Tutorial 2013. Google Drive Tutorial 2014 - Quick Start. How to open files in Edmodo/iPad. Edmodo - Integrating content, technology and pedagogy. How to submit a file from an ipad to edmodo. Edmodo iPad App - Google Doc Assignment Submission. iPads and Edmodo. Edmodo iPad App - Google Doc Assignment Submission. Excellent Visual on Paperless Class Using iPad. 23 iPad Google Apps Every Teacher Should Know about. September 2, 2014 Google has several officially released apps that teachers (and anyone else) can use on their iPads.

23 iPad Google Apps Every Teacher Should Know about

All of these apps are available for free download from the iTunes app store. Recently, Shake Up Learning published this wonderful infographic where she featured some useful Google apps for iPad. As is the case with all the visuals she shares, this graphic sums up the most essential Google apps every teacher should be aware of. These apps are arranged into 7 main categories: 1- Productivity apps 2- Google Drive Apps3-Social Apps4- Geography Apps5- Multimedia Apps6- Photography Apps7- Other Apps This graphic is available for free download in both PDF and PNG format from this page. How to Use Comments on the Google Drive iPad App.

I’ve spent a few days playing with a great new addition to the Google Drive iPad app – comments!

How to Use Comments on the Google Drive iPad App

They can be used to share ideas with other collaborators or as a way of grading student work. So, if you haven’t had time to try them out yet, here’s how they work. Are you using Google Drive on your Android phone or tablet? If so, you’ll be glad to know that comments work there too and you should be able to follow the instructions above to get them to work almost exactly the same way on those devices. Like this: Like Loading... Google Classroom Guide: Help and Support for Educators. Classroom: The Story So Far Google Classroom officially launches in August 2014, but educators like me who have been lucky enough to get access to it ahead of its public unveiling have largely been very impressed.

Google Classroom Guide: Help and Support for Educators

Are there features missing that we would love to see? Sure, but they will no doubt come in time. So, if you are curious as to what it looks like right now, take a look at this step-by-step help guide for Google Classroom. Ten Ways to Use Video in the Classroom. The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs. An iPad Workflow for the Classroom Using Google Drive & Pages, Keynote or Numbers.