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Pedagogisk litteratur

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Youtube. Eduardo Briceño: How to get better at the things you care about. David Didau. Reading List. Obviously I’d be a fool not to recommend my own books, but these are some of the works which have inspired me to become a more thoughtful teacher: Philip Adey & Justin Dillon (ed) Bad Education: Debunking Myths in Education Kathryn Asbury & Robert Plomin G is for Genes: The Impact of Genetics on Education and Achievement Isabelle Beck, Margaret G.

McKeown and Linda Kucan Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction Tom Bennett Teacher Proof: Why research in education doesn’t always mean what it claims, and what you can do about it Ron Berger An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students Brown, Roediger and McDaniel Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning (Covers important content but is appalingly badly written.) Pedro De Bruyckere & Paul A. Benedict Carey How We Learn: The Surprising Truth about When, Where, and Why It Happens Daisy Christodoulou Seven Myths About Education Carol Dweck Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential Teaching that Sticks. Amazon. Tänk om allt du vet om utbildning är fel?

Lärare. Utmanande återkoppling. Utmanande tankesätt. Skapa optimala förutsättningar för lärande. Motivation och lärande.