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Hook.js - Pull to refresh. For the web. Responsive jQuery Masonry · Osvaldas Valutis. …or Pinterest-style layout. jQuery Masonry is a jQuery-based plugin for a dynamic grid layout built by David DeSandro.

Responsive jQuery Masonry · Osvaldas Valutis

What it does is “arranges elements vertically, positioning each element in the next open spot in the grid” and what you get is “minimized vertical gaps between elements of varying height”. Sounds too higgledy-piggledy? Remember the social network you quit a while ago because of the obvious reasons, whereas your wife/girlfriend still uses it on a daily basis and you can't get her off from this? Bull's eye, that's Pinterest.

Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. jQuery.Shapeshift Demo. What is Shapeshift?

jQuery.Shapeshift Demo

Inspired heavily by the jQuery Masonry plugin, Shapeshift is a plugin which will dynamically arrange a collection of elements into a column grid system similar to Pinterest. What sets it apart is the ability to drag and drop items within the grid while still maintaining a logical index position for each item. This allows for the grid to be rendered exactly the same every time Shapeshift is used, as long as the child elements are in the correct order. Function > Form Shapeshift was designed to always render the same grid as long as the elements are in the same order. Features Column Grid System: All items flow from left to right, top to bottom.

jQuery Toggles - Simon Tabor. Sequence Theme Demo - Apple Style. Morris.js. Getting started.


Create an interactive street view with jQuery. Net magazine is the number one choice for the professional web designer and developer.

Create an interactive street view with jQuery

It's here that you find out about the latest new web trends, technologies and techniques – all in one handy package. Each issue boasts a wealth of expert tips and advice, including in-depth features and over 30 pages of advanced front and backend tutorials on subjects as diverse as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, and plenty more. net compiles the hottest new sites from around the web, and being the voice of web design, our mission is to source the best articles written by the best people in the industry and feature interviews and opinions crammed with inspiration and creative advice.

In short, If you're serious about web design and development, then net is the magazine for you. Editorial. Page Scroller: A Simple Page Scrolling Plugin. NanoScroller.js. NanoScroller.js is a jQuery plugin that offers a simplistic way of implementing Mac OS X Lion-styled scrollbars for your website.


It uses minimal HTML markup being .nano > .nano-content. The other scrollbar div elements .pane > .nano-slider are added during run time to prevent clutter in templating. The latest version utilizes native scrolling and works with the iPad, iPhone, and some Android Tablets. Downloads To start using, you need three basic things: 1. The following type of markup structure is needed to make the plugin work: <div id="about" class="nano"><div class="nano-content"> ... content here ... Copy the HTML markup. Link to the nanoscroller.css file inside your page's <head> section (...or copy the contents from it to your page's main stylesheet file). jQuery Masonry. 50 jQuery Tools for Awesome Websites. By now, everyone has heard of jQuery.

50 jQuery Tools for Awesome Websites

It’s a framework that makes JavaScript development much easier, and has become massively popular for adding JavaScript functionality to websites. In this post, we’ve picked out 50 of the best scripts we know of and talked about why they rock. They can help in just about any aspect of a website, so enjoy! Editors These first tools don’t use jQuery themselves, instead, they’re editors to help you write and edit your own jQuery scripts. 1. Aptana Studio is a tool built for making great websites and webapps. 2.

Komodo Edit is an open source editor that provides features such as auto complete, call tips (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML and XSLT), multi-language file support, syntax coloring, syntax checking, Vi emulation, Emacs key bindings and more. A jQuery Plugin That Rumbles Elements. About The Plugin jRumble is a jQuery plugin that rumbles, vibrates, shakes, and rotates any element you choose.

A jQuery Plugin That Rumbles Elements

It's great to use as a hover effect or a way to direct attention to an element. Please read this before using jRumble. Flashing and flickering objects on the web can be dangerous. The Author My name is Jack Rugile. Like the Plugin? This plugin is free to use, however, if you enjoy jRumble and want to show some support, feel free share it or make a donation. Usage Include jQuery and jRumble Include jQuery and jRumble just before your closing body tag. Initialize jRumble on a Selector and Trigger Start or Stop You can do this in a script tag within your HTML or in an external JavaScript file. // Initialize jRumble on Selector $('#rumble-element').jrumble(); // Start rumble on element $('#rumble-element').trigger('startRumble'); // Stop rumble on element $('#rumble-element').trigger('stopRumble'); Demos Ranges View Source Speeds Opacity Trigger Examples Documentation Options/Defaults Known Issues.

10 Useful jQuery Plugins for Images. We all know and love jQuery for its flexibility and many uses.

10 Useful jQuery Plugins for Images

But some of the most impressive jQuery applications are those that involve images. It really can allow you to do some useful stuff and even add a “wow” factor to your project. So here we’ve rounded up 10 jQuery plugins to help you display images in your next project. Slides Slides is a crazy simple slideshow plugin for jQuery. Moment.js - A lightweight javascript date library.