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NEF upper-int unit 4

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(11) Allison Janney - In Character: Actors Acting. Future - What not to do in a disaster. “I’ll never forget the sound.

Future - What not to do in a disaster

The sound of metal crunching,” says George Larson, a passenger on Indian Airlines Flight 440 from Chennai (Madras) to New Delhi in 1973. It was 22:30 – pitch black outside. A storm was raging, and the plane was flying low. The rear end slammed into the ground first. Larson was thrown from his seat. The next thing Larson knew he was awake, lying on his back on some wreckage. As debris rained down all around him, Larson realised he’d have to save himself. Larson was actually extraordinarily lucky. However, after the crash, Larson also had the quick thinking and grit to claw himself to safety before the fire spread. Surprisingly, plenty of other people in deadly scenarios don’t act fast enough to save their own lives. Footage of the Japanese earthquake in 2011 showed people risking their lives while rushing to save bottles of alcohol from smashing in a supermarket. So, if faced with a life-threatening scenario, what behaviours should you do your best to avoid?

32 Facts about Body Language - mental_floss List Show Ep. 402. So you're lost in the wilderness – these tips could save your life. The recent discovery of the body of Geraldine Largay, a 66-year-old backpacker who got lost on the Appalachian Trail in Maine and survived 26 days before succumbing to exposure and starvation, marks the beginning of another summer season of hikers losing their way and sometimes paying for it with their lives.

So you're lost in the wilderness – these tips could save your life

You might think that with the remarkable popularity of TV survival shows, everyone would already know all they need to know to live through getting lost. Alas, the eternal quest for higher ratings means these shows foolishly focus on the bizarre, the ridiculous and the idiotic. Why would you spend days constructing a laughable structure that can’t even keep out the rain? What happened to the regular old raincoat? I once spent a week with a survivalist for a story. People who get lost and die in the wilderness often have all they need in their backpack to survive. Not getting lost starts long before getting to the trailhead. Get an alpine start. Take pictures, lots of them. Culture - The dark side of the city. What is it about Hopper?

Culture - The dark side of the city

Every once in a while an artist comes along who articulates an experience, not necessarily consciously or willingly, but with such prescience and intensity that the association becomes indelible. He never much liked the idea that his paintings could be pinned down, or that loneliness was his metier, his central theme. "The loneliness thing is overdone," he once told his friend Brian O’Doherty, in one of the very few long interviews to which he submitted. Why, then, do we persist in ascribing loneliness to his work? The obvious answer is that his paintings tend to be populated by people alone, or in uneasy, uncommunicative groupings of twos and threes, fastened into poses that seem indicative of distress. What Hopper’s urban scenes replicate is one of the central experiences of being lonely: the way a feeling of separation, of being walled off or penned in, combines with a sense of near unbearable exposure There’s something odd, too, about the vantage point.

Emotional Intelligence Quiz. What should you do in an attack? Image copyright Rex Features Attacks of the magnitude of those that took place in Paris, killing 129 people and injuring more than 400, are extremely rare.

What should you do in an attack?

The authorities do prepare for these emergencies but what advice is there for ordinary people? Be prepared Many survivors of the Paris attacks have said that they mistook the first gunshots for fireworks. This is typical, says John Leach, survival psychologist and military survival instructor. People who are not expecting gunshots will assume that they are something else because it does not fit in with their expectations. Image copyright AFP/Getty Images The time it can take to understand what is happening can be lethal. It's easy to sit in a restaurant or cinema without paying any attention to the emergency exits. React quickly Image copyright Getty Images The vast majority of people will be too confused to do anything during an attack. Acting decisively might make survival more likely. Make yourself a smaller target Fighting back.

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