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Year in Focus : sport, nature, actualité... découvrez toutes les photos primées. Captifs ebook photographe patrick dagonnot. Le site web de Patrick Dagonnot - Photographe auteur dans le Val de Marne. Photo paysage. Photographier des animaux. Regards sur la photo de rue. 10 ans nikon passion. About us » BLUR MAGAZINE - Free PDF Photo Magazine. BLUR magazine is an international e-magazine founded in 2007 with the mission to promote creative photography worldwide.

About us » BLUR MAGAZINE - Free PDF Photo Magazine

It represents a meeting place for photographers, both prominent professionals and talented amateurs yet to be discovered, and photography lovers from around 190 countries. Copyright info ©2013 Blur magazine All content and other materials on this website, including texts, graphics, pictures and other files are the proprietary property of Blur Magazine, authors, contributors or users and are protected by international copyright and other intellectual property laws. User Agreement Foundation 4 streamlines the implementation of the Foundation plugins by combining them all into a single plugin under the $ Zepto/jQuery namespace. Privacy Statement× Privacy Robert Gojević, born in 1968 in Zagreb, a professional painter, graphic and web designer. In the head section of your page add Modernizr. Ebook - Mercredi Pratique.

Chaque mercredi, sur le site Phototrend, nous publions un article synthétique pour expliquer un aspect de la photographie.

Ebook - Mercredi Pratique

Cela fait beaucoup de contenus et d’informations, et si certains d’entre vous nous suivent depuis longtemps et ont lu ces MP (Mercredi Pratique) au fur et à mesure, nous les avons tous regroupés sur cette page afin de vous aider à les retrouver simplement. Les Mercredi Pratique sont des guides à destination de tous les photographes, débutants, amateurs ou experts, qui souhaitent (re)découvrir la photo sans passer par les manuels. Le contenu fourni dans ces guides est issu de nos propres expériences, mais également de la communauté qui grandit chaque jour autour du site Phototrend, et qui nous donne l’envie de continuer à produire des articles de qualité.

MP #1 : Le format RAW, l’essayer c’est l’adopter MP #2 : De l’utilité du VR (Vibration Reduction) & du IS (Image Stabilizer) MP #3 : Quelques règles d’esthétiques en photographie MP #4 : Le fisheye. Guide 12 points cles Astuces Photo. Supplements d ames. 10 Free Ebooks for Digital Photography. I am always on the hunt for great information on photography, especially if its free!

10 Free Ebooks for Digital Photography

Today we have gathered 10 FREE ebooks for you to download and enjoy! This collection covers the basics of digital photography, lighting setups, food photography, nature photography tips and more. Going Candid: An Unorthodox Approach to Street Photography Collecting Souls: What Street Photography Means To Me Lighting 101 Vision How to Take Stunning Food Photos 13 Tips for Better Wildflower Photography National Geography Photography Guide for Beginners Good Photos in Bad Light Following the Light Introduction To External Flash Photography.

Appropriate Building Materials: a Catalogue of Potential Solutions: Examples of building systems: Bamboo houses. • The examples of bamboo houses shown on the following pages are taken from the excellently illustrated bamboo construction manual by Oscar Hidalgo Lopez (Bibl. 24.07). • All the structural components and most of the non-structural parts (floors and wall cladding) are made of bamboo.

Appropriate Building Materials: a Catalogue of Potential Solutions: Examples of building systems: Bamboo houses

Only very little timber is used and the roof covering can be of any suitable, locally available material (eg thatch, fibre concrete, ferrocement, metal sheeting, cement mortar, or even stabilized, water-resistant soil mortar). • The bamboo components are joined either by means of lashing materials, dowels, bolts or nails. A great number of possible bamboo connections is shown in the construction manual. Traditional Bamboo Floating Homes Updated. A Vietnamese architecture firm with a portfolio of modern public buildings has turned its hand to perfecting indigenous low-cost houses.

Traditional Bamboo Floating Homes Updated

In contrast to the very-low-cost housing ideas we’ve covered recently, this one relies mainly on a local material that can be grown sustainably: bamboo. It’s a modular design which they say could be mass-produced; on the other hand, individual units could also be owner-built on site. H&P Architects estimate their homes could be built for $2000. They posted their design, “Low-cost bamboo housing in Vietnam,” on Designboom, providing lots of wonderful graphics but minimal text. Two bamboo houses. The houses can be either floating—using recycled oil drums as floats—or terrestrial. The architects paid a lot of attention to air flow, as these houses will be unconditioned in a hot climate. Wall constructions details. Bamboo is a grass, botanically speaking, much larger than most grasses.