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Benefytt keeps an aging population covered with Adobe Sign. Benefytt helps people find the right Medicare and life insurance plans for them and makes it easy to enroll. Its customers are among the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. – and a moving target in terms of technology. “People who are 65 today didn’t grow up with the internet, so their digital skills vary. In 10 years, however, 65-year-olds will have spent most of their adult lives around digital technology,” says Travis Conley, CTO at Benefytt. Benefytt streamlines health insurance customer enrollment. Trust and engagement through e-signatures Security is a top priority for Benefytt, and Adobe Sign’s security and authentication capabilities help the company protect the privacy of its customers.

Benefytt streamlines health insurance customer enrollment

“Security and technology are the core focus for the whole company. Artificial Intelligence in Insurance. The insurance industry is seeing a welcome disruption via artificial intelligence (AI), but only a few companies might benefit from this breakthrough.

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance

Most organizations lack cognitive technologies to process insight, and this makes the data almost useless. But insurtech companies can connect the potential of the AI data streams available. In this complete introduction to artificial intelligence, you’ll be learning: Big Data in the Insurance Industry.

The digital technology revolution has transformed the professional world in significant ways.

Big Data in the Insurance Industry

And it’s no surprise that big data technology has gained popularity, especially with the amount of insightful data that’s available to organizations. In this article, we’ll cover: Definition: What is big data anyway? Characteristics of big data (The 4 “V’s”)The importance of big dataHow does big data work? Healthcare Technology and Coronavirus [Survey] - Benefytt Technologies. Certain U.S. cities are allowing residents to head back to work, dine at their favorite restaurants, and somewhat return to a sense of normalcy.

Healthcare Technology and Coronavirus [Survey] - Benefytt Technologies

But we aren’t out of the (coronavirus) woods yet. Benefytt Technologies Inc. What is InsurTech?

Benefytt Technologies Inc.

InsurTech is the combination of insurance and technology solutions for enrollment, insurance claims processing, underwriting, policy administration, data insights, fraud detection and more. InsurTech is disrupting the insurance industry by providing cost saving solutions and better customer experience for insurance companies. Let’s dive deeper. Insurance is an old business spanning back centuries: In fact, Ben Franklin founded the first insurance company in the United States.

6 Medical Technology Trends During the Coronavirus Pandemic. Instacart deliveries, Zoom happy hours, and chatbot interactions: It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has changed how we work and play each day.

6 Medical Technology Trends During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If anything, pandemic technology has made us more resilient during an era of social distancing and quarantines. Extensive COVID-19 Survey Reveals Interesting Findings., Benefytt’s direct-to-consumer private insurance and Medicare website, is getting a solid pulse on the reactions and concerns of Americans throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Extensive COVID-19 Survey Reveals Interesting Findings

The brand recently launched a series of COVID-19 surveys, which gathered insights from 1,000+ respondents of all ages. The most recent survey was the most comprehensive one yet, covering COVID-19 topics such as testing and vaccines, social distancing and mental health, economic impacts, and more. Coronavirus Updates Feed.

Novel Coronavirus has undoubtedly changed the world.

Coronavirus Updates Feed

And the economic impacts from the virus are highly visible on a global scale: The stock market has declined, small businesses have shut down, millions of people have lost their jobs, and unfortunately, many of those who were diagnosed with Coronavirus disease have lost their battle. To track the developments of this global pandemic, our direct-to-consumer website, launched a news feed to consolidate and recap global news pieces and highlights about Coronavirus.

The topics covered range from day to day, focusing on both positive and negative impacts. Topics have included: Coronavirus statistics: Updates on number of reported and confirmed cases, COVID-19 deaths, mortality rates, and patient recovery data. Visit’s live feed for Coronavirus updates. HIIQ Changes Its Name to Benefytt Technologies Inc.

Company acquires major direct-to-consumer website as part of growth strategy On March 6, 2020, Health Insurance Innovations, Inc., announced that its corporate name changed to Benefytt Technologies, Inc.

HIIQ Changes Its Name to Benefytt Technologies Inc.

The name change signifies the company’s go-forward strategy to be a premier health insurance technology company that offers self-guided plan comparison tools and technology solutions surrounding a range of Medicare, private health insurance, and life insurance products to meet the evolving needs of its customers. A convenient resource for consumers Benefytt also acquired a direct-to-consumer site,, which offers powerful online comparison tools and educational resources to Medicare-eligible consumers, giving site visitors the ability to view available plan options in their areas and the option to enroll in a Medicare plan directly from the site. Stock Price to Surpass $60: Citron Research Predicts. Citron Research, one of the longest-running stock commentary websites, recently noted that the Coronavirus pandemic is the moment that will make telemedicine mainstream.

Stock Price to Surpass $60: Citron Research Predicts

And Benefytt Technologies (BFYT) is at “the forefront of this megatrend,” according to Citron. As a result, Citron predicts that Benefytt’s stock will surpass $60 by the end of this year. Citron’s full report came on the heels of a recent White House briefing to the country in which the need for more telemedicine offerings for seniors emerged as a key theme. HHS Secretary of Healthcare, Alex Azar, especially noted telemedicine to be “the future of healthcare.”

The first half of the Citron report addresses Benefytt’s role in Medicare Advantage and Telemedicine. Telemedicine During Coronavirus Pandemic [ Survey] The cost of healthcare still remains a factor for many Americans during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent survey by, our direct-to-consumer website. The survey found that 39% of respondents would think twice about seeking Coronavirus medical care due to cost. COVID-19 Economic Impact [ Survey] The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting our economy and unemployment rate in unprecedented ways, with 17 million unemployment claims filed over the past two weeks alone. That’s why our direct-to-consumer website,, recently launched a survey to gauge the concerns and feelings of more than 1,000 respondents about COVID-19 and its economic impact. focused on topics like medical costs, unemployment, health insurance options and the use of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Joins Coronavirus Feed the Frontlines Movement. Insurtech company, Benefytt Technologies, Inc., has teamed up with Feeding Tampa Bay to feed 4,000 Tampa healthcare workers on the frontlines during the Coronavirus pandemic. Benefytt’s community involvement stems from a grassroots #FeedTheER effort in the Tampa Bay area, where Benefytt is headquartered. Benefytt saw an opportunity to help expand the effort’s reach to local healthcare heroes, so the company joined the movement. The donated meals come from local restaurants, which further supports the local restaurant industry and our community in meaningful ways. Some of our recent feed the frontlines activities include: Health Insurance Innovations Summer Food Drive - Metropolitan Ministries.

HIIQ is joining Metropolitan Ministries this Summer to help feed those in need and make a positive impact in the Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk and Pasco county communities. Health Insurance Innovations is collecting non-perishable food items including canned foods and dried goods to donate to Metropolitan Ministries’ food pantry as they stock up for back to school and this year’s approaching holiday season.

Metropolitan Ministries is a non-profit organization that partners with donors and volunteers to lend a helping hand and bring hope to the homeless and families at risk of becoming homeless. Since 1972, they have been supplying food, providing shelter and offering services like education and life skills programs to nearly 32,000 families every year. Last year, HIIQ was able to assist Metropolitan Ministries with a Thanksgiving Food Drive and the company is always looking to give back to the community by supporting local charities.

Metropolitan Ministries Thrift Store 2101 N. Glosario de Términos de Seguro Médico - Aseguranza Medica Barata. 4 Reasons Healthcare Consumers Use to Choose Their Provider - Insurance Reviews Guide. Health Insurance Innovations Inc Class A (HIIQ) Quote. Health Insurance Innovations acquires TogetherHealth. 4 Innovaciones Tecnológicas de Salud en el 2019 y el Consumerismo. En los últimos años hemos alcanzado increíbles avances tecnológicos, entre ellos están, los robots que realizan funciones humanas en el hogar como el iRobot Roomba que es un robot de limpieza avanzado, las neveras inteligentes que detectan la caducidad de los alimentos y se pueden manejar desde el celular, los autos que se manejan solos, las impresoras 3D, con las que se pueden imprimir casas, carros y hasta alimentos y el internet de las cosas, que es lo que permite que los aparatos tecnológicos puedan conectarse unos a los otros y sean accesibles con facilidad y plenitud.

Estos son simplemente algunos de los avances tecnológicos recientes, existe un gran número de tecnologías nuevas que cada día se van explorando y descubriendo. Get Affordable Health Insurance Quotes for Individuals and Families in Florida. If you are an individual in Florida with a family or business looking to find affordable health insurance coverage to bridge the gap until the next ACA open enrollment, you have many options to consider. Get Affordable Health Insurance Quotes for Individuals and Families in Texas. Individuals in Texas with a family or business looking to buy affordable health insurance coverage online to bridge the temporary gap until the next ACA healthcare exchange open enrollment period have many insurance options at their disposal. Opciones de Atención y Seguro Médico para Indocumentados - Ahorre en Gastos de Salud con Estas Alternativas al Seguro COBRA.

Agile Health Insurance Review - Insurance Reviews Guide. Finding the right health insurance plan for you can be a daunting task. Consumidores Pagan Demasiado por Aseguranza Médica Obama Care. Los pros y los contras de los diferentes tipos de seguro de salud.

¿Cómo obtener Aseguranza Médica Barata? Las Normativas Gubernamentales Revolucionando el Mundo de la Salud. 8 Mitos sobre el Seguro de Salud a Corto Plazo. Seguro Médico para Trabajador Independiente. 5 Riesgos de no Tener Seguro Médico. ¿Qué Considerar al Comprar un Seguro Médico?

El Futuro de la Atención Médica: La Revolución Robótica en Medicina [6 Beneficios] Salud del Hombre: Cómo Ayudar a Papá a que Viva una Vida Más Sana. Opciones de Atención y Seguro Médico para Indocumentados - Seguro Médico [Guía Informativa] Quiénes Somos [Servicios & Misión] Contáctenos. Centro de Información sobre Seguros de Salud. Preguntas Frecuentes [FAQ] Seguro Médico en Florida. Seguro Médico en Texas. Aseguranza Medica Barata - Compare Planes con Cotización Gratis.