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My view: New Common Core lawsuit fights for local control. Porter Davidson of Payson gathers with Common Core opponents at the State Board of Education office in Salt Lake City on in this Friday, Aug. 2, 2013 file photo.

My view: New Common Core lawsuit fights for local control

Laura Seitz, Deseret News Enlarge photo» Two weeks ago, Gov. Herbert held a press conference to announce that he’s “listening” to Common Core critics and that he has asked the Attorney General to conduct a “thorough legal review” of these untested, yet quickly adopted, education standards. Whether or not the governor is seriously concerned about Common Core’s legal implications — given re-election pressures, it’s reasonable to suggest his inquiry may be more superficial than substantive — he’s right to seek a review. Unfortunately, Herbert and others are primarily focused on the “federal entanglement” as a result of the strings attached to federal grants sought out and obtained by the Utah State Board of Education.

Most Utahns believe that local control of education is important. Common-Core-repeal-has-Oklahoma-educators-worried-5636311. OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — With the Legislature's repeal of tough, new English and math standards known as Common Core, education leaders said they're concerned Oklahoma students will fall further behind their counterparts in more than 40 state which have implemented the standards.


Until Oklahoma develops its own new standards — a process expected to take at least two years — districts were directed by the new law to return to the Priority Academic Student Skills, or PASS standards, that were in place in 2010. But many educators worry those standards aren't nearly enough to adequately prepare students for college or the workforce. Beware of Common Core ‘Lite’ On several recent occasions you may have heard pundits or public officials claim that South Carolina has gotten rid of Common Core.

Beware of Common Core ‘Lite’

The implication is that the state has retaken power from the federal government over education policy. There’s some truth in that, and it’s certainly encouraging to see some state officials moving in that direction, but to claim South Carolina has regained sovereignty over its academic standards would be — unfortunately — far from the truth. It’s true that the Legislature passed a bill that that, among other things, requires South Carolina to begin reviewing its current English and math standards — currently Common Core — by Jan. 1, 2015. Why the internet of things could destroy the welfare state. On 24 August 1965 Gloria Placente, a 34-year-old resident of Queens, New York, was driving to Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

Why the internet of things could destroy the welfare state

Clad in shorts and sunglasses, the housewife was looking forward to quiet time at the beach. But the moment she crossed the Willis Avenue bridge in her Chevrolet Corvair, Placente was surrounded by a dozen patrolmen. There were also 125 reporters, eager to witness the launch of New York police department's Operation Corral – an acronym for Computer Oriented Retrieval of Auto Larcenists. Fifteen months earlier, Placente had driven through a red light and neglected to answer the summons, an offence that Corral was going to punish with a heavy dose of techno-Kafkaesque.

It worked as follows: a police car stationed at one end of the bridge radioed the licence plates of oncoming cars to a teletypist miles away, who fed them to a Univac 490 computer, an expensive $500,000 toy ($3.5m in today's dollars) on loan from the Sperry Rand Corporation. What, then, is to be done? Common Core accused of leaving special-needs students behind. There are 6.5 million special-education students in the U.S. today, and most are falling further behind their peers under Common Core standards.

Common Core accused of leaving special-needs students behind

“The latest government figures show that the dropout rate for students with disabilities is twice that for non-disabled students,” NPR’s Claudio Sanchez reported. “Two-thirds of students with disabilities are performing well below grade level in reading and math. New York Students Opting Out of Common Core Testing Told To “Sit And Stare”… Written By : Tiffiny RuegnerApril 2, 2014 Perhaps I have lived in a box most of my life but I can attest that I had not really heard the word ‘rigor’ until Common Core Standards started to surface.

New York Students Opting Out of Common Core Testing Told To “Sit And Stare”…

Rigor is about helping students learn at higher levels. Ironically, a friend of mine met a Russian girl at the mall yesterday who said in Russia she was learning in 5th grade what American kids are learning in college. Joanne Yatvin: The Common Core Standards May Be Harmful to Children. The following article was written by Dr.

Joanne Yatvin: The Common Core Standards May Be Harmful to Children

Joanne Yatvin, who does a great job of pointing out problems with specific standards, and how easy it is to tell that the Common Core Standards were not created by educators or child learning specialists. Such specialists, such as Dr. Common Core panel says limit time teaching to test. New Evidence Common Core Was a Waste. School Choice Weekly #30 A new set of data analyses provides more evidence Common Core is likely a massive waste of time and money.

New Evidence Common Core Was a Waste

Here’s the conclusion of the Common Core portion of the Brookings Institution’s 2014 Brown Center report: It is doubtful that even the most ardent Common Core supporter will be satisfied if the best CCSS can offer--after all of the debate, the costs in tax revenue, and blood, sweat, and tears going into implementation--is a three point NAEP gain.The 2012 Brown Center Report predicted, based on an empirical analysis of the effects of state standards, that the CCSS will have little to no impact on student achievement. Supporters of the Common Core argue that strong, effective implementation of the standards will sweep away such skepticism by producing lasting, significant gains in student learning. Common Core Dates Back to the Marxist-Socialist Paradigm of UN Charter. [This article is co-authored by Bonnie O'Neil] The United Nations Agenda 21 has quietly changed the makeup of our cities and rural areas through highly questionable tactics, clothed in lofty adjectives such as ”smart growth” and “sustainability,” as we’ve written previously.

Common Core Dates Back to the Marxist-Socialist Paradigm of UN Charter

Agenda 21 activists have quietly initiated laws that allowed the government to confiscate our land, water, private property, and wilderness areas. To Think For Themselves, Students Must See Themselves. The First Step In Teaching Students To Think For Themselves The first step in helping students think for themselves just might be to help them see who they are and where they are.

To Think For Themselves, Students Must See Themselves

If we truly want students to adapt their thinking, design their thinking, and diverge their thinking, it (the thinking) has to start and stop somewhere. Generally, this means beginning with the learning target a teacher establishes, and ending with an evaluation of how the student “did.” But thinking has nothing to do with content. Thinking is a strategy to learn content, but they are otherwise distinct. Examining A Self-Directed Learning Framework Last year, we created a framework to guide students in self-directed learning. Leaked Letter: Panicked Common Core Creators Want Documentary Discredited –or Not Seen. A revealing CCSSO letter, leaked to the public, reveals Common Core investors’ collective panic about Ian Reid’s new film, Building the Machine.

Missouri Education Watchdog and Breitbart News reported that CCSSO deputy executive director Carissa Miller’s letter shows top Common Core moneymaking / grant-receiving businesses are combining to discredit the Common Core documentary. What hath Common Core wrought? I received an email the other day from a substitute teacher who travels around and has kept track of the things she’s seen and heard. It’s mind numbing. After her stories, there is a story out of California as well. After reading the stories, check out this article showing even more issues.

Common Core math education intentionally designed to make America’s children mentally Oak, Here are the few things I actually documented. Some math problems I’ve encountered: 6th Grade Class: The math aide was flustered about the lesson she was teaching regarding volume. 6th Grade Class: I have 34 candy bars. 29 got stolen. 3rd Grade Class: Kya jumped rope 77 times in a row. 3rd Grade Class: This took the class the entire math period. Klein: 'Everyone agrees' on Common Core moratorium. ALBANY—Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeffrey Klein said Tuesday that Governor Andrew Cuomo and other top lawmakers plan to institute a moratorium on implementation of the Common Core standards, for “at least three years.” Klein, who co-leads the Senate majority and is therefore one of the four men in the room for budget negotiations, said Common Core changes will "probably" be part of the state budget, as well as a provision to end the state's relationship with a controversial data company.