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(above, the lovely melinda) sometimes it feels like tiptoeing barefoot on broken glass deep down inside, delicate and deadly. but that is beside the point. DancingMermaid DancingMermaid
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Here’s Group 5. Beauty abounds. Note: Because submissions picked up throughout the week, I did not get to see all of them! There were just too many good ones that kept me busy along the way. Pioneer Woman Photography - Ree Drummond Pioneer Woman Photography - Ree Drummond
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Good morning!! How was everyone's weekend? I'm moving a little slower than usual after yesterday's big football game and a few to many glasses of sangria (oops), but that isn't stopping me from sharing with you this alternative dessert idea from The Knot blog. When entertaining, I am always looking for new ways to go about dessert (you can only serve so many cupcakes), so I can't wait to try out this individual pie idea at next Sunday's game! I think it will be a hit! Love. Obsess. Inspire. Love. Obsess. Inspire.
simple blueprint simple blueprint Today I want to share a lovely story with you, a heart warming story. I fell in love with the dress above (even blogged about it here), but since I snoozed for a minute it was sold out by the time I went to buy it. I was frustrated and I just could not shake the dress. Finally I emailed Zadig & Voltaire to see if maybe maybe they had one somewhere.
One Night Stanzas At the end of 2012, I wrote, “it’s been a great year. I feel I am a million miles away from the place I was in this time last year — phew! I am also extremely excited about 2013 and all that it holds for me. One Night Stanzas
How About Orange How About Orange My 2014 Oscar ballot and bingo game are done! Get set to enjoy Sunday's Academy Awards with friends. It doesn't matter if they watch movies or know who the actors are; anyone can play bingo and it's a good excuse for a party. Download the Oscar ballot PDFDownload the Oscar bingo PDF Save the PDFs to your computer, open them in Adobe Reader, and print.
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one year today is the one-year anniversary of my etsy shop. i hope it's not overdramatic or strange to say that i'm finding it almost as difficult to reflect back on the last year as i found it to reflect back on my son's first year of life. so much happens and changes in a year. our orientations toward things and events and life itself change. we move. we rethink. some things we wish we could redo. some things we wish we could relive. suffice it to say that it has been a good year and i'm really proud of my work. i'm continually astounded by how much i enjoy doing this. so this week is going to be a little bit of a celebratory week. i've got freebies lined up for each day of the week, starting today. as you'll see, all of the freebies are etsy orange. i thought it seemed appropriate. today's download is a pillowbox. the illustration is actually something i drew by hand for the new desk calendars and then digitized for printing. one year
Eat Drink Chic » Archives The cold weather is well and truly settling in and I'm getting very 'nesty' again. In the evenings, I've found myself adopting all those Wintertime clichés - reading a good book (or flicking through mags) curled up on the sofa under a blanket... candlelight softly flickering in my peripheral vision... dog curled up at my feet. Well, there's nothing like the classics, right? As a result, I've become increasingly obsessed with scented candles. Yes, I'm one of 'those' people now. Eat Drink Chic » Archives
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fresh picked whimsy Hi THERE! I'm just a girl who loves being a mom and wife. I am also a freelance illustrator who loves to paint, draw and craft. fresh picked whimsy: Free Downloads fresh picked whimsy: Free Downloads
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joy ever after :: details that make life loveable :: - Journal - joy ever after :: details that make life loveable :: - Journal - …by giving them muffins! //UPDATE The muffin boxes were purchased from The Container Store. You can find the recipe here.
online FPO (For Print Only) / Celebrating the reality that print is not dead by showcasing the most compelling printed projects. Art of the Menu / Cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus from around the world. Quipsologies / Chronicling the most curious, creative, and notable projects, stories, and events of the graphic design industry on a daily basis. Speak Up (2002 – 2009) / Discussing, and looking for, what is relevant in, and the relevance of, graphic design. Archives Only. Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work