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Free Printables, Interactives, Custom Documents, Clip Art, and Games. This much I know: Jacqueline Wilson. Jacqueline Wilson: 'My biggest fear is sharks.

This much I know: Jacqueline Wilson

I once tried to cure myself by standing in front of the shark tank at the London Aquarium.' Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Observer My job is not just to write about what I think will interest children, but to touch on tricky subjects they may have to confront in their lives. Over the years people have implied that I'm not responsible in the way I write, that I'm deliberately going round upsetting children, but my responsibility is to help to gently open their minds.

My phobia is fish. I get up very early to write. There's a difference between solitary and lonely. I didn't intend to have an only child myself. When something hits you out of the blue, like the breakdown of your marriage, you either decide it's going to stay with you for the rest of your life or you're going to turn it into some sort of benefit.

I like being known as the writer who wears lots of rings. I have bookshelves in every room. I hate cooking. Interactive Whiteboard Resources. Kindergarten Nana. In my old district, the school year will be half over at the end of January!

Kindergarten Nana

I always thought the second half of the year went much faster than the beginning of the year. This is the time of year when you can really see the children who are moving along, and those who might be struggling with basic concepts. I think full day kindergarten has made a big difference with this, most of my class recognized letters, matched letters and sounds, and named numerals by mid-year. But we did not have paraprofessionals to give extra support, so when I had concerns about a child, and spoke to his/her parents, I wanted to be able to give them specific ideas of ways to help their child at home.

I developed a take home packet that had materials and directions for different activities that parents, or older siblings, or babysitters, could do with the children. Here are the directions for different activities that I included in the packet. Activity suggestions cover I included upper and lower case letters. Early Years Experience songs for children - Food theme - other themes include action, transport, food, nursery rhymes, animals, weather. Speech Room News. St. Patrick's Day Songs and Fingerplays. St.

St. Patrick's Day Songs and Fingerplays

Patrick's Day Songs Contact_FullName: Miss Lizzie Contact_Email: Area: St. Patrick's Day- song Idea: To the tune of Dreidel Dreidel To Find a Four Leaf Clover To find a four leaf clover Go looking in the yard Ya look around all over Keep looking very hard It doesn't cost a penny It doesn't cost a buck But when you finally find one It's sure to bring you LUCK oh, Little four leaf clover It's sure to bring good luck Little four leaf clover It's sure to bring good luck Contact_FullName: Annie Contact_Email: Area: St.

Idea: Tune of “We are the Dinosaurs” We are the Leprechauns, dancing, dancing. And when we’re feeling bold, we stop and look for gold, We stop and look for gold, at the end of the rainbow. Joseph's song. Teddy Bear Activity Theme. Kids Corner. Teddy Bear Unit Theme - lessons, printables, links, & more... Woodlands Literacy Zone - Interactive English Games - Goldilocks & the 3 Bears: Book companion. Songs and Poems.

Easter Craft: Easy Easter Decorations. Goldilocks And The 3 Bears. When Goldilocks Went To The House Of The Bears - Tea Party Song. Themes and Topics Index - Pete's Power Point Station - A Collection of FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Games & Interactives for Kids. Easter - Free Holiday Games. Introduction. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks and the three bears - Kids Stories - LearnEnglish Kids British Council.

CLEAN-UP ROBOT- Song by: Mark D. Pencil. HIGH Quality Primary School Teaching Resources. Mrs. Jones - Sing Along: Line Up Songs. Preschool Education Music & Songs : Circle Time > Line Up. Introduction. AngliaCampus : Weather Teddy Index. Teaching Resources, Classroom Resources & Lesson Plans - TES Resources. Home - Imovesdance. Clothes. Heritage Explorer - Home. Home. Seomra Ranga — Resources for the Primary School Teacher.

Pre-school Library: What Will Bella Wear?