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6 .htaccess Tricks for Better WordPress SEO & Security. Here are that will help improve the security and SEO quality of your WordPress-powered site. We do this using .htaccess to establish for key peripheral files, such as your robots.txt , favicon.ico , and sitemap.xml files. Canonicalization keeps legitimate bots on track, eliminates malicious behavior, and ensures a better user-experience for everyone. On the menu: Canonical robots.txt Canonical Favicons. 5 Fun and Practical Htaccess Solutions. Today we will go over some practical uses of htaccess files that you can use in your web applications.

5 Fun and Practical Htaccess Solutions

Requirements Htaccess files are plain-text configuration files used by the Apache HTTP web server. 16 Useful .htaccess Tricks and Hacks For Web Developers. The .htaccess files (Hypertext Access file) is a very powerful configuration tool on Apache web server. The Apache web server has a number of configuration options that are available to the server administrator. The .htaccess is a simple ASCII text file placed in your website root directory. You can create and edit an .htaccess file using a text editor like notepad. Stupid htaccess Tricks. Welcome to Perishable Press!

Stupid htaccess Tricks

This article, Stupid htaccess Tricks, covers just about every htaccess “trick” in the book, and is easily the site’s most popular offering. In addition to this htaccess article, you may also want to explore the rapidly expanding htaccess tag archive. 21 very useful htaccess tips & tricks. htaccess tips tricks. Following are few very useful htaccess tricks. 1. Custom Directory Index Files DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.htm You can change a default index file of directory by using above snippet in your htaccess file. If a user request , Apache will serve up , or whatever file you specify. The Definitive Guide to htaccess Techniques: Do’s and Don’ts - Noupe Design Blog. Aug 10 2009 Of all the elements of web design and coding, htaccess can be one of the most intimidating.

The Definitive Guide to htaccess Techniques: Do’s and Don’ts - Noupe Design Blog

After all, it’s an incredibly powerful tool and one that has the potential to completely break your site if you’re not careful.