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Multicolumn Text on the Fly with New AS3 TLF Text Classes in Flash CS5. We show how to use the new AS3 text layout classes: TextFlow, ContainerController, TextLayoutFormat, and properties like TextFlow.flowComposer to lay out and format text programmatically.

Multicolumn Text on the Fly with New AS3 TLF Text Classes in Flash CS5

In our example, the number of columns in the layout can be changed on the fly by dragging a slider. Click the screenshot to open Flash movie. Download. FlexLayouts. Spark layouts with Flex 4. As with most other features of the new Spark architecture, the new layouts are in fact based on the already powerful MX layout system. Flex 3 developers will feel at home with the general execution flow, APIs, and layout logic. However, there are also a number of additions and changes that are driven by the Spark goal of more modular design. Common characteristics. Flex Layout – Types de Containers (Canvas, Form, Box, Grid …) Flex 4 and the Text Layout Framework. One of my favorite things about Flex 4 is that it now includes the Text Layout Framework (TLF) as the basis of many Spark text components such as RichText, RichEditableText, TextArea, and TextInput as well as any other components that utilize any of these as part of another component, such as the ComboBox, which includes a TextInput control for example.

Flex 4 and the Text Layout Framework

You now have fine-grained control over text and text flow and can do some really amazing things with your UIs. This framework is extensive and I recently took some time to go through it all while building samples for Tour de Flex. I’d like to share some information I gathered while doing so. The Text Layout Framework is included in Flex 4 via the textLayout.swc.

This swc contains three combined SWC’s including: • textLayout_core • textLayout_conversion • textLayout_edit.