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Teaching Writing With Wikipedia

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For Instructors | Wiki Education Foundation. Help us close Wikipedia’s gender gap | Wiki Education Foundation. Around 9 out of 10 of the editors on Wikipedia are male. What this means is that articles are shaped by one voice, and missing the diversity of content that different perspectives bring. Wikipedia articles on women are more likely to be missing than Wikipedia articles on men (compared to other encyclopedias). It’s natural: When all content is written by volunteers, and your volunteer base is almost all one gender, the topics they write on will be those they’re interested in. On a large scale, this means things like military history, video games, and pop culture topics are well developed on Wikipedia, while arts, languages, and social science coverage often lags behind, creating content gaps. We’re trying to change that, by working with university student editors to close content gaps on Wikipedia.

Here’s how it works. Just as these Wikipedia assignments help students grow, students and instructors are also helping Wikipedia grow by filling those content gaps. The Wikipedia Frontier | Wiki Education Foundation. When BC senior Marie Pellissier was asked to identify figures associated with the “West,” she had a few ideas.

“Most of the class, myself included, listed men like Buffalo Bill Cody or Sam Houston,” she said. The imagination of the American West, it seemed, had been largely shaped by men. Marie Pellissier “So,” Marie explained, “when [Prof. Johnson] handed around a list of possible Wikipedia topics, I wanted to focus on a strong woman who was able to influence life in the West.” She found her kindred spirit in Susan LaFlesche Picotte. She was a “strong character,” Marie said. To develop Picotte’s article, Marie worked to find books and journal articles in the Boston College Library. “I didn’t have any experience with editing Wikipedia before beginning this project,” she told us. There were some challenges, however.

“It was very difficult to change my thinking from an analytical frame to a more encyclopedic one, and I found myself wanting to add analysis where it was unnecessary,” she said. Wiki Education Foundation | Wiki Education Foundation. File:Msu sp2012 writ101 strategies handout.pdf - Outreach Wiki. File:Msu sp2012 syllabus WikipediaAssignmentAnnotated.pdf - Outreach Wiki. Education/Case Studies/Extend A Stub - Outreach Wiki. Edis Kittrell English Adjunct Faculty Montana State University USA Course name Writing 101 Course level (undergraduate/graduate) Undergraduate, Freshman Learning objectives Writing Skills Development Media and Information Literacy Critical Thinking and Research Skills Collaboration Wiki Technical and Communication Skills Discipline of course English Class size 3-sections, 25 students each Individual or group assignment Individual (with Group Option) Duration of assignment 3 weeks, final project ResourcesSyllabus (final project)Handout: “Templates, Markup, Citations”Handout: “Strategies for Finding Information” Textbook: Writing and Revising: A Portable Guide (2006), X.

Assignment Strengthen writing ability to develop and organize a significant body of information by choosing from a list of incomplete Wikipedia article "stubs" and making it more complete for the purpose of informing the reader as well as improving the Information Literacy skills of the student. Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia. Training/For educators/Resources. Wikipedia Training For educators Menu Click Back on your browser to return to the orientation. Assignment design Course pages If this is your first time using the course page system, you should begin by going through the orientation for educators, which covers best practices for Wikipedia assignments and also walks you through the process of drafting an assignment plan and requesting the course instructor user right.If you already you have the course instructor user right and you would like to set up a new course page visit the Assignment Design Wizard. Helping students get started Printable guides These printable PDF documents have instructions related to the basics of Wikipedia.

On-wiki tutorials Writing articles Article-writing tutorial videos Places for general Wikipedia help Other ways to get help Discussions in the right places Article talk pages – The talk pages of articles are typically where discussions about the content of articles take place. Static help Interactive help Other problems. Wikipedia:Training/For educators/Copyright and plagiarism. Wikipedia:Training/For educators/Verifiability. File:Sample Syllabus for Wikipedia assignment.pdf. Education/Case Studies. Brochure in PDF format, collecting these case studies, published June 2012. (direct download) Since Wikipedia began in 2001, educators around the world have integrated the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit into their curriculum. In 2010, the Wikimedia Foundation started the Wikipedia Education Program to provide more support for educators who are interested in using Wikipedia as a teaching tool.

In the following pages, educators will explain Wikipedia assignments they’ve used to meet learning objectives for their courses. They will also explain how they assessed or graded these assignments. These case studies can help you form a plan for how you can use Wikipedia as a teaching tool in your class. Case Studies: Assignments[edit] Copyediting, Adrianne Wadewitz, United StatesDefinitions, James M.

Case Studies: Grading[edit] Add your own case study[edit] File:Instructor Basics How to Use Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool.pdf. Wikipedia:Training/For educators. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia Training For educators Menu This orientation for educators using Wikipedia editing as a class assignment consists of a short introduction and four main modules: Welcome, a short introduction;The Core, an overview of Wikipedia's core principles;Editing, a tutorial on the basic mechanics of editing pages and communicating with others; andClassroom, a walkthrough of best practices and examples for using Wikipedia assignments in the classroom.

In total, the four modules should take about one to one-and-a-half hours to complete.Course pages, instructions for requesting user rights, setting up course pages, and using them. Start the training. Welcome The Core Editing Medical topics General topic advice Classroom Course pages.