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Shelly Kagan

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18. The badness of death, Part III; Immortality, Part I. Yale Philosophy Lecture. Join the increasing number of students enrolling in online college courses and start earning credits towards your degree.

Yale Philosophy Lecture

One in every four students now take at least one class online, and during the fall 2014 term, 5.8 million college students were taking some of their classes — if not all of them — through distance learning. To keep up with increasing demand for online options, more and more schools are offering a variety of courses that can be completed remotely, allowing you more flexibility in learning. Arguments for the Existence of the Soul, Part I. How to Live Given the Certainty of Death. Yale Philosophy Lecture. Personal Identity, Part I: Identity Across Space and Time and the Soul Theory.

The Nature of Persons: Dualism vs. Physicalism.