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11 Chrome Extensions, For Starters. Google promised that Chrome would be fast to launch and fast to load web pages, but people predicted it would fail with the arrival of its extensions.

11 Chrome Extensions, For Starters

Well, the extensions are here (at least for some of us) and surprisingly they do not affect the browser’s performance. 5 Reasons To Never Tweet Drunk. I know this one person on Twitter who is a well-regarded ’social media maven’. I won’t say his name. Let’s call him Randy. Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites. Roscoe P. Dunwoody (Skookum86) Tim Wilson's Profile. The Science of Retweets on Twitter. InShare64 Source: Young Go Getter Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with “Viral Marketing Scientist” Dan Zarrella on special projects related to Twitter.

The Science of Retweets on Twitter

His focus on social science and psychology as it relates to new media and online interaction and behavior is in line with my philosophy and approach to understanding and documenting socialized media. Zarrella recently debuted TweetPsych, a sophisticated system that uses two linguistic analysis algorithms (RID and LIWC) to build a psychological profile of a person based on the content of their tweets. He also adapted the service to analyze a site URL and the content on that page to create a list of the 50 Twitter users who’s profiles are psychologically aligned with the site you provided.

One of the most actively discussed aspects of Twitter is the art and science of retweets. He published the results in a 22-page report, which you can download here. Links are the Currency of Twitter Choosing Words Carefully 1. 1. Screenshots Of The New Upcoming Twitter Feature. 16 December '09, 08:03pm Follow A large hat tip to Mashable and Starbucks for getting and publishing some amazing new pictures of the coming Twitter Contributer API.

Screenshots Of The New Upcoming Twitter Feature

The Contributer API is the first of a coming string of updates to allow businesses to better manage their corporate accounts. This of course puts pressure on the current players in that market, such as CoTweet. My Essential Twitter Tools. Find me at jowyang on Twitter Many conversations are shifting to Twitter, this post proves it (network with others, by adding those in the comments). Twitter is extensible, and many third-party developers are creating tools around the simple data being exported for a variety of unique applications.

If you’re using Twitter for personal, corporate use, or to manage the brand of a client, you’ll need the right tools to find and engage the discussions. Twictionary / How to Contribute. About this Project The goal is simply to maintain the definitive vocabulary of terms used in the Twittersphere.

twictionary / How to Contribute

Term defintiions can be serious, funny, ribald, or goofy. For now, Twictionary is going to be one big wiki page. Please add entries below as you discover or invent them. Who can contribute Anyone with a Pbwiki account who requests access from the administrator. Atlanta Twitter Tweets and Conversations on Monday, November 2, Atlanta, GA, is a hub of energy, home to many unique events and attractions.

Atlanta Twitter Tweets and Conversations on Monday, November 2,

Atlanta, GA, sports teams include the Atlanta Braves baseball team, the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Thrashers and the Atlanta Falcons. While in Atlanta, GA, don’t forget to visit the Atlanta History Museum, the Center for Puppery Arts or the Federal Reserve Monetary Museum. LocaFollow – Find Your Future Tweets By Location and Bio Info., a simple url shortener., a simple url shortener. Twitter, Traffic, Trends And More: The 9 Coolest Social Media Ma. Official Website. Start Sending Powerful Twitter Promos! Share photos on Twitter. Twitter Lists.

Twitter API Wiki / FrontPage. Listorious: Discover the Best Twitter Lists. SocialToo - Your Companion to the Social Web! TweetBookz - print high quality books of tweets from any Twitter. Free Wifi At McDonald's: No Fee Or Time Limit In 2010. PORTLAND, Ore.

Free Wifi At McDonald's: No Fee Or Time Limit In 2010

McDonald's Corp. said Monday that it will soon offer free wireless Internet access at most of its U.S. fast-food restaurants as it tries to broaden its appeal still further. "We're not just about hamburgers," said Dave Grooms, chief information officer for McDonald's USA. "We are about convenience and all kinds of value. " The company, the world's largest fast-food chain, has offered Internet access for about five years. In mid-January, it will lift the $2.95 fee it has charged for two hours of Internet access at 11,000 of its 14,000 U.S. locations. "McDonald's is about value – value in our food, value in our services," Grooms said.

It's also a good fit with the company's growing coffee business, which has upped the chain's competition with Starbucks Corp., which also offers free wireless access. "We don't mind at all if people step in take advantage of the Wi-Fi and linger a bit," Grooms said. TwittProfileDesigner/COLOURlovers. 20 Twitter Badges to Show Off Your Tweets. There are a number of ways to promote your Twitter account.

20 Twitter Badges to Show Off Your Tweets

You can add yourself to one of the many growing Twitter directories, advertise your brand, or, as I'll discuss in this post, feature a badge with your Twitter information on your website, blog, or even in your email. Here are 20 embeddable badges and widgets that you can customize to include your tweets and, in some cases, those of your friends. Have another badge or widget to add to the list? Tell us about it in the comments. Welcome to HootSuite - The Professional Twitter Client. Gowalla. TweetDeck. The Best Twitter Tools and Twitter Apps - oneforty. 3-d tweet. Almost a decade out of political office, Al Gore is still a very big fish: an environmentally conscious, tech-savvy, social networking fish.

3-d tweet

Thanks to a Lausanne-based firm, the former United States vice president and Nobel laureate remains in the spotlight – tracked by tens of thousands – as though he were living his life in a big fishbowl. Most days, he floats around effortlessly, occasionally adjusting his vector with a tail wiggle.The colourful specimen lives in Minsh, an online world that is the brainchild of computer scientists working on the campus of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.Its founders hope it will become the three dimensional, real-time representation of the internet's collective consciousness.

"Minsh is an underwater virtual world where each fish represents a Twitter user," says Barbara Yersin, the co-founder of Minsh, in reference to the phenomenally popular micro-blogging platform. Schools of thoughts Fishy business Money business. Twitter to Launch User Created Follow Lists. Lists Coming For Everyone – What To Do With Them. 29 October '09, 10:07pm Follow Twitter is in the process of opening the lists functionality to everyone at the moment.

Lists Coming For Everyone – What To Do With Them

Government Agencies (GOVsites) Free Twitter Backgrounds and Custom Twitt. What is #followfriday on Twitter? Follow Friday, which is better known as #followfriday or #ff is a hashtag used on Twitter set to happen every FRIDAY (duh.. otherwise why is it called Follow Friday?).

What is #followfriday on Twitter?

It was started by Micah Baldwin to encourage people to suggest great tweeple that they think others should follow as well. To make a hashtag on Twitter, you would need the # symbol. The symbol is recognised and tracked by Twitter search. Coup De Twitter - Join The Twinja Army. How To Use Twitter To Effect Social Change Video. Lists Coming For Everyone – What To Do With Them. 5 Twitter Newbie Mistakes To Avoid And Get You on More Twitter L. Twitter List Etiquette « The Seldom Seen Kid. By now, Twitter Lists should be available to pretty much everyone and will soon be coming to a third party app near you. There are mixed views on Twitter lists, many say they are a good thing and help to organise your feed, and others who say they are nothing more than a popularity contest. So what does the new feature mean for Twitter users and the way they interact with each other? There are two strands of Twitter List Etiquette as I see it, when you’ve been added and when you’re doing the adding.

When You’ve Been Added. 6.5 Million Twitter Lists Created So Far. 1 November '09, 07:49am Follow Just, it seems, a few hours into the full release of Twitter lists, some 6.5 million Twitter lists have been created. Just ask Google, it will tell you. This must count as a stunning success thus far for Twitter. It so rarely builds new features, that indeed to see the first one in seemingly ages succeed bodes well for the company. Get Organized With Twitter’s Lists Feature. Twitter has finally implemented Lists, a much-needed feature. Assuming you have Lists enabled (and Twitter is still rolling it out, so some folks won’t have access to it yet) there is now a Lists button on every person’s page; its really easy to use. You might think of “Lists” as a way to sort the people you follow into common groups, making it easier to find them in the noisy Twitter stream. I’ve created four lists: Marketing, PRmedia (public relations pros and others who work with media), WEP (writer, editor and publisher) and DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth).

They’re all public, so anyone can see them. You can also create private lists for your eyes only. You can check out my lists to see who’s in them, and “Follow the list.” A simple way to experience the social web. Guide to Twitter - The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter. Twitter isn’t just a cute way for keeping in instant touch with friends on mobile phones anymore. It has ramped up quickly to be the search engine of choice for some with its human driven results.

Applications galore allow you to find friends all over the world with similar interests and keep up with them in real time. Twittown Blog - The Apps and Widgets Community and Forums.