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Road Safety

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Test Your Tired Self. Crash and casualty statistics - NSW general view - Interactive crash statistics - Statistics - NSW Centre for Road Safety. Key Statistics « Young Driver Factbase. Injury is the single biggest killer of Australian youth; more than all other causes combined45 per cent of all young Australian injury deaths are due to road traffic crashesThe injury death rate for Indigenous youth is 5 times greater than for non-Indigenous youthOf all hospitalisations of young Australians, almost half are drivers involved in a road traffic crash and another quarter are passengersYoung drivers (17 – 25 years) represent one-quarter of all Australian road deaths, but are only 10 – 15% of the licensed driver populationA 17 year old driver with a P1 licence is four times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a driver over 26 yearsThe biggest killer of young drivers is speeding and around 80 per cent of those killed are maleOne-third of all speeding drivers and rider in fatal crashes are males aged 17 – 25; 6 per cent are females aged 17 – 25 References Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2007).

Young Australians: their health and wellbeing. Cat. no. Teen Driving: Driving Safety | Progressive Australia. Teen drivers have the highest fatal crash risk of any age group. Per kilometre travelled, they have the highest involvement rates in all types of crashes, from those involving only property damage to those that are fatal. The problem is worst among 17-18 year-olds, who have the most limited driving experience that often results in risk-taking behind the wheel. Learn what parents can do to educate a teenage driver. Parent of a new teen driver? Consider using the Progressive Teen Driver Term Sheet to set clear boundaries and expectations for your teen's driving habits.

Key Statistics for Youth Drivers Reference: Crash Risk Factors Driver error Compared with crashes of older drivers, those of teenagers more often involve driver error. Home - NSW Centre for Road Safety. On the move | Secondary School Road Safety Education. Resources. Transport For NSW. The two-day ‘Future Transport’ summit will be held in Sydney on 18-19 April, featuring the brightest minds in tech and transport, with representatives from emerging start-ups and some of the world's leading technology and transport companies. Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance chatted with futurist Chris Riddell.

Mr Constance says the future is clearly being driven by technology and the government is not prepared to sit around waiting to see what that means for transport customers. “We’ve got big data happening, Opal, ridesharing and the advent of the driverless car around the corner – I want to work with those in-the-know to get a better grasp of what's coming next and how we can adapt,” Mr Constance said. “The summit is a way to start thinking about how we’re going to get people in towns and cities across NSW from point A to point B using the latest advances in technology from around the world. Statistics On Teenage Car Accidents and Teen Deaths. Recent Statistics on teenage car accidents and fatal crashes for teen drivers are staggering. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety ( gathers tons of information about the causes of teen car accidents and the number of teen deaths every year.

The statistics on car accidents involving teenagers are truly terrifying. What are the Facts about Teenage Car Accidents? Teen car accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths in America.Over 68,000 teenage drivers have died in auto accidents the past 10 years.Almost 4,000 teen drivers died in vehicle crashes in 2008.Teenagers were 10% of the US population in 2008 and were 11% of fatal auto crashes.

In fact, automobile accident statistics show that auto crashes cause cause more teen deaths than both suicide and homicide combined. Thirty-three percent of the deaths were because of bad car accidents. So who is more at risk according to the automobile accident statistics? Statistics On Male and Female Teenage Drivers Bottom Line: