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DIY Chadeliers.

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Paper Starburst Pendant Light. So I had a different project that I was going to post today, an update version of my Book Pages Pendant Lantern from Project 19, but then I started working on this light idea, and I am so excited by the results I just couldn’t wait to show you guys!

Paper Starburst Pendant Light

My inspiration and guide was this light from Design*Sponge, that I spotted on Pinterest. I really liked the idea, and I had a roll of white vellum lying around left over from college that I thought would look beautiful. So I started cutting triangles. And then I started glueing. And cutting more and glueing more. The roll of vellum that I was using was 24 inches long. I think I glued the pieces on much closer than they did in the Design*Sponge tutorial, but I wanted a really full look. All in all I think the light is pretty awesome, and I can’t wait to post it on Etsy, though I’m a little bit worried about shipping. Ciao, Allison Like this: Like Loading...

DIY Lightshade. Freshly Picked: How to Make a Chandelier. DIY Capiz Shell Chandeliers -Cant believe they're faux! To make a capiz shell chandelier is time consuming, but so worth the effort!

DIY Capiz Shell Chandeliers -Cant believe they're faux!

Just take a look at these examples and find out how to make a show stopping faux capiz shell chandelier for as little as $9! This is the very popular West Elm Capiz Shell Chandelier installed in the bedroom at Vintage Mint. And an even dreamier version! This one had been on Susan’s wish list for a long time, but it was out of her price range. Then a tutorial popped up in the blogsphere. A DIY Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier posted on Design Sponge. You can find the full tutorial on Susan’s blog here.

Then, her husband installed hooks to the ceiling and hung the capiz chandelier. Here it is with the light on. And this is Amy's faux capiz shell chandelier, one of Susan's friends. And another masterpiece here! DIY Fabric Chandelier. D.I.Y. Oversized Fabric Garland Chandelier. Make a statement piece in your home out of supplies you already have on hand!

D.I.Y. Oversized Fabric Garland Chandelier

I designed my oversized fabric garland chandelier to fit over our table but you could also use it in a corner that needs a little more excitement, above a reading nook in a child's bedroom, or as the backdrop for your next holiday party. You'll need: 1 wire cooling rack, 2-3 yards of fabric in different shades, 1 strand of twinkle lights, 1 white extension cord, lace, chenille, embroidery thread, a needle, two hooks that screw into a wall, a drill. 1. cut strips of fabric in varying widths (1/2" - 2") for depth. 2. create texture with strips by stitching loosely through them with embroidery thread and then bunching them up before tying a knot.

Spread them out evenly along your thread and leave enough string at the end to tie it to the cooling rack. 3. 5. 7. 9. Drill a pilot hole in your ceiling and hang a strong hook where you'd like to hang your chandelier.