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Khanacademy. TLE Nov13 Article. Flipped Learning. Course: Foundations of Flipped Learning / Course. Foundations of Flipped Learning™ Looking for a 16-20 hour course on flipped learning?

Course: Foundations of Flipped Learning / Course

This blended course has four self-paced online modules, an all-day onsite training, followed by two remote mentoring sessions. Launched in May, 2013, numerous cohorts of teachers from schools, departments and districts throughout the US have gone through the program. This is the only PD course developed and written by FLN Cadre members and Pearson. This training jointly produced and offered by the Flipped Learning Network and Pearson. Registration fee includes all training materials including online and onsite trainer/coach. For a current discussion about the myths and realities of online professional services, click here. Sample videos from the course: The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P™

The flipped classroom: six myths. What is the flipped classroom?

The flipped classroom: six myths

According to many in the educational technology business, it’s using online video to deliver lectures to students and personalize the learning process. However, if you read the work of education researchers, the flipped class model is more about promoting active learning in class, in pursuit of higher-level, critical thinking skills. So which is it? I’d rather not get into the business of erecting fences and proclaiming who is in and who is out. However, it is important to correct misinformation and expose marketing claims masquerading as pedagogical philosophy, so that thoughtful teachers can make wise choices as we plan for the upcoming academic year.

Following are six common misconceptions about the flipped classroom, and my attempts to correct them based on peer-reviewed research and several years’ experience flipping my own classes. Most teachers who make video lectures for their students post them to a streaming video site. Flipped Classroom. Our Flipped Classroom Adventures. SlideBoom, para pasar de PPT a HTML5. ¿Sabías que puedes flippear tu clase con la Pizarra Digital? 8 cosas que debes saber para crear tus libros interactivos multimedia.

Sigil, Atlantis, iBooks Author, eCub, Jutoh, Adobe in Design…se están convirtiendo en unas herramientas habituales entre muchos profesores para diseñar, producir y distribuir contenido educativo bajo el prisma de metodologías inductivas y del modelo Flipped Classroom.

8 cosas que debes saber para crear tus libros interactivos multimedia

Si vas a utilizar cualquiera de estas herramientas, aquí van 8 consejos: Utiliza el espacio adecuadamente. No estás diseñando un libro de papel. El diseño debe añadir a la finalidad y debe hacer que el contenido sea más fácil de entender.Haz que la información oculta sea visible. Las imágenes que “tienen “pop ups” pueden agrandarse, pueden ser secuencias de varias…, pero los estudiantes de no sabrán que hay información adicional si no lo señalas de alguna manera.Emplea iconos vectoriales. Un ejemplo de ficha para planificar nuestra clase inversa. Research: Collaboration Is Key for Teacher Quality. Research Research: Collaboration Is Key for Teacher Quality Teachers get better when they work together.

Research: Collaboration Is Key for Teacher Quality

That's the simple conclusion of a massive study on how teachers collaborate with one another and why they do it. University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University professors, led by Assistant Professor Matthew Ronfeldt of Michigan, looked at data from and surveyed 9,000 teachers at 336 schools in the Miami-Dade County Public School System, one of the largest school districts in the United States. Almost 90 percent of the teachers surveyed said that the collaboration they find in working as instructional teams was helpful in improving student learning, according to the survey's conclusions.

"Growing research evidence suggests that a teacher's quality is not fixed and depends a great deal upon a school's working environment and climate, and the quality of colleagues around her," said Ronfeldt. About the Author. Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding. Steve Chabon: Here at the College Preparatory School in Oakland, California, collaborative learning is one of the most important ways our students learn and grow.

Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding

Harrison: In math we work in groups every day, asking each other questions before we ask the teacher. Maya: In English, we lead our own round table discussions to deepen our understanding of the books we read. David Markus: College Prep is one of the top private high schools in the country and a terrific model for collaborative learning. The good news, their practices are both replicable and affordable. Take a look at what they do for their students. Preparing a Classroom Culture for Deeper Learning. After reading an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence, students form a circle to engage in conversation about liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Preparing a Classroom Culture for Deeper Learning

The inquiry circle begins with two questions posed by the teacher: What is more important, liberty or the pursuit of happiness? Are liberty and the pursuit of happiness inalienable rights? To begin, some students argue that liberty and the pursuit of happiness are only open to the people who follow rules within a society. Others argue that while they agree to the rule of law, the argument might have exceptions. This leads to a conversation about the nature of happiness. While the conversation was rich and rooted in deeper learning and understanding, the inquiry-based discussion did not end within the classroom. La Innovación educativa - What is the Flipped Classroom. El Flipped Classroom (FC) es un modelo pedagógico que transfiere el trabajo de determinados procesos de aprendizaje fuera del aula y utiliza el tiempo de clase, junto con la experiencia del docente, para facilitar y potenciar otros procesos de adquisición y práctica de conocimientos dentro del aula.

La Innovación educativa - What is the Flipped Classroom

Sin embargo, “flippear” una clase es mucho más que la edición y distribución de un video. FlippedClassroomSpanish.jpg (JPEG Image, 799 × 2163 pixels) - Scaled (46%) FlippedClassroomSpanish.jpg (JPEG Image, 799 × 2163 pixels) - Scaled (46%) Our Flipped Classroom Adventures. Flippedclassroom-explore.pdf. The Flipped Classroom #infografia. ¿Le damos la vuelta al aula…? The Flipped Classroom. Proyecto flipped classroom final. Uniamérica Vestibular 2015 - Inscrições abertas.