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The Five C's of Human Capital with a Dash of Technology. Rochelle Gesoff Krombolz, SVP & CHRO, Tekni-Plex, Inc.

The Five C's of Human Capital with a Dash of Technology

For a multi-divisional, global company, such as Tekni-Plex, Inc., technology is critical for sharing best practices across business units and geographies. It allows us to engage and connect employees on different continents to optimize investments into culture, training, innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, etc. so that both individual and corporate goals are met.

One way to organize the issues facing HR today and how technology can be an asset is to take a “Five Cs” (capability, capacity, culture, change and compliance) approach. Capability. HR plays a key role in facilitating a clear understanding of which capabilities are critical to executing business strategies. Capacity. "Don’t underestimate your ability to act as a “connector” between functions and initiatives by virtue of your role working across multiple teams" Culture/Communications.

Change Management. Compliance. Technology in support of the 5 C’s. The Nuances of Migration to Cloud. Dirk Altgassen, Group CIO, Etex Information Technology The Starting point In 2015, Etex was a dispersed Group of around 100 legal entities in 42 countries around the world that supported global IT services through an IT entity in Belgium, while every company had its local IT department.

The Nuances of Migration to Cloud

Employee Engagement across the World. Diana Croitoru, Chief Human Resources Officer, LifeStyles Healthcare Employee Engagement is one of the top “hot topics” in building business success today.

Employee Engagement across the World

It is a winning strategy for companies who are looking beyond traditional success drivers to add value and conquer the marketplace. Driving Employee Engagement Through Tech. Jason Borstal, Chief Information Officer, SThree [LON: STHR] As the demands of employees continue to evolve, new and emerging technologies are driving the way businesses engage with the workforce.

Driving Employee Engagement Through Tech

From on-boarding to collaborating, analysing high performers’ characteristics, and communicating, the way we engage with our employees is changing at a fast pace. Historically when people went into companies, there were stacks of documents to read, sign, and hand over to the HR department as part of their on-boarding process. But that is all changing, and businesses are now facilitating the whole on-boarding process through new technologies. It is now possible to give new employees the most up-to-date policies and receive their documents back with a digital signature even before they physically start work. Driving Engagement in a High Growth, Mission-Driven Business. Katherine FitzGerald, People Director, Spektrix A Mission to Keep Talent Competition for talent across the tech industry is huge.

Driving Engagement in a High Growth, Mission-Driven Business

The best way to attract and retain talented people, and have them do their best work, is for them to learn, develop their skill set, and build their careers. Aligning this growth with the needs of the organization builds huge efficiencies as your organization achieves more by people becoming more skilled. Team members enjoy their roles and are more productive because they are engaged and learning and you do not lose time to recruitment and onboarding because you are holding onto the great people you already have. Spektrix was established 12 years ago but still has a startup feel to it. Employee Engagement: The Meaningful Data We All Have Access to.

Andrew Armes, Head of Talent Acquisition, Roche Product Ltd [SWX: ROG] I remember being given the chance to work at my dad’s company in 1988 when I was fifteen..

Employee Engagement: The Meaningful Data We All Have Access to

The company essentially created a yearly compendium of all companies in the UK that worked for, in, or were connected to the construction industry. That was tens of thousands of companies at the time. Some of these companies paid to advertise in this compendium as well, and this 1600 page (printed) catalog was seen as an essential purchase every year if you worked in or had anything to do with the construction industry. A big massive red catalog printed on thin rice paper so that it could be printed in one volume. Employee Engagement - Taking your survey from Tick box to... James Hampton, Head of Development and Engagement, Seasalt Limited Until recently, getting feedback was an incredibly lengthy process.

Employee Engagement - Taking your survey from Tick box to...

Designing questions, encouraging employees to answer (usually on paper) and collecting in their responses so that an even more lengthy process of analysis could begin. 6 months later the board gets the report unable to apply any action because so much would have passed in between the results would be so out of date and useless. Tips for Employee Engagement: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Francis Goss, Chief Commercial Officer, Communications Consultancy AHC & A Member of the Advisory Board of Engage for Success Employee Engagement is now recognised as a key driver of organisational success.

Tips for Employee Engagement: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

The “Nailing the Evidence” Report published by the UK’s Employee Engagement Taskforce presents compelling evidence for the benefits of an engaged workforce, from increased innovation and productivity to reduced absenteeism and disputes in the workplace. AI as a game-changer in CPM. By CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Performance management is now a subject of debate in the HR function with the shifting dynamics of business models, macroeconomic trends, and digital disruption.

AI as a game-changer in CPM

While most of the organizations have re-modeled their overall performance measurement approach, some are currently thinking of following the trend in the industry, and few could continue with their current approach and may introduce small changes in the coming times. Management performance enabled by technology is much more comprehensive and holistic.

It focuses on maximizing the development of people, improving individual performance and the organization as a whole. Traditional strategies for performance management can never be maintained as they are not tailored to the goals of individuals. Gamification for Increased Employee Productivity. By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 05, 2019 In the era of tight schedules and achieving deadlines, the work culture of the organizations revolves around the clock.

Gamification for Increased Employee Productivity

Enterprises have noticed that this tedious cycle is one of the reasons behind reduced motivation toward work hampering the overall productivity. Lack of employee engagement leads to the failure of business transformation efforts. Therefore, global businesses are adopting gamification techniques to enhance employee engagement within the organization to improve work productivity. Companies are focusing primarily on employee satisfaction and introducing an abundance of technologies as gamification is the need of the hour. The quality and efficiency of the training are increased with the application of gamification technique which uses game elements and mechanics as motivators in learning programs to affect behavior. Check out: Top Performance Management Solution Providers. AI as a game-changer in CPM. Know Which Employer Branding Metrics are Useful for Measuring Success.

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 09, 2019 Optimistic employer branding helps to attract and retain quality employees that are critical for business success and development. FREMONT, CA: Having a strong employer brand sets an organization apart from the competition. The brand reflects the business culture and beliefs, as the current and former employees see it. Based on their experience, the candidates can see and react to it if it is genuine. In today's job market dominated by applicants, creating a highly successful employer brand is essential for a company to recruit the best-skilled people and retain existing staff. Employer Branding Goals • Creating an Employer's Good Reputation: One of the main aims is to build a reputation as an employer for businesses focused on workplace branding efforts.

. • Attract High-Quality Applicants: It is a well-known fact that employers will try to attract high-quality applicants, and that is a great way for company branding. Here Are Five Ways to Monitor Performance with Employee Training... By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 17, 2019 In the wake of launching the web-based preparing program, the following stage is assessing its viability. Users generally need to monitor whether the procedure was effective or not. FREMONT, CA: With the rapid growth of technology, even the impossible seems possible now. Online training is a valuable and cost-effective way for employees to obtain new and continuing education. Now with the advancement of online training, the audience can learn any subject any time from any place without any loss of time. Here are some easy ways to monitor performance with employee training software: 1. Can You Reshape Your Leadership Development Approach? Jan Rijken, Director of Learning Institute, CrossKnowledge Organizations today face numerous challenges to operate efficiently and maintain a competitive advantage in times of change.

Change requires new behaviors, routines, methods, customers, perspectives, and new technology. It is upon company leadership to provide the proper direction to help their teams and employees navigate these challenges and adapt appropriately. Improving alignment between the achievement of business goals and leaders’ skills starts with the creation of a business strategy, followed by a leadership strategy, followed by a leadership development strategy.

Leadership today is not delivering on board level expectations: 71% say their leaders are not ready to lead for the future; only 25% confirm they had a ready successor identified for one out of 10 critical leader positions; 81% indicate that their company’s leaders are not effective at developing leaders. Industry Insights on Employee Recognition. Natalie Stute, Chief HR Officer, Consilio LLC Over the last three years, Consilio has grown from 50 employees to over 3,000 largely due to significant M&A activity. When you experience that amount of growth, there are a number of things that are important to keep in mind as you evolve and grow your culture. The primary focus during such time of significant change is that ‘Culture is king!’ The Nuances of Migration to Cloud. Organizational Effectiveness: Are You Staying Ahead of the Curve? Kelly Angell, MAPD, CLC As leaders, our ability to recognize, respond to, and stay ahead of cultural shifts is key to maintaining organizational effectiveness.

You’re likely already hearing increased talk about corporate culture and fit, coping with changing workforce needs, and noticing how a values gap affects your ability to attract and retain the next generation of employees. Here’s a look at the areas of organizational assessment that will have the most significant impact on your effectiveness amid these significant challenges. Let's Get Emotional. Bridges Can Always Stretch Over Walls. There seems to be a world frenzy around walls these days – physical ones, trade ones and group thinking ones. Organizational Effectiveness: Are You Staying Ahead of the Curve? Fully Integrated HR Systems: The Key to a Compliant, Connected... 3 Effective Strategies to Build Efficient HR Teams. How Technology is Enhancing the Recruitment Capability of... By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, October 14, 2019 The advancements in recruitment technology are enabling the HR departments to streamline their processes and bring greater productivity into the organization.

FREMONT, CA: The advances in technology have made a significant impact on organizations. Metrics in Big Data and What They Implicate for HR. Know How Employees Be Influenced for Better Work Environment. Reconciling the AI-human conflict with the centaur model. ThinkHR and Mammoth HR Amalgamates. Use of Mobile HR Analytics should be Made Mandatory - Here's Why. By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, October 11, 2019 Simpler use and faster generation of quality through mobile support should complement the continuous increase in HR analytics.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile HR analytics is the ideal tool for the broadest possible audience to access data-driven insights. By using HR analytics, data and advanced insights cannot be limited to those with technical knowledge. A mobile analytics system can support workers at each level of data training in daily operations. Know How To Streamline Workflows and Save Time With HR Automation.