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Mental Health

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Why do i keep hitting my head when i'm angry. Self Injury Forum - hitting myself when angry. Ive written about this before..

Self Injury Forum - hitting myself when angry

(previous title is 'hitting myself') this time it gets worse and worse.. yesterday i felt so angry at my boyfriend so i hit myself.. i smacked and punched my legs till i have bruises.. and i cried like mad.. its not because of the fight, but usually i cry because i hate myself for doing this.. now my legs are covered with bruises.. after the fights, instead of making things better, i blame and start punching myself.. when i hit myself, it feels better.. just for a while.. and i'll feel all horrible and depressed.. i hide behind my smiles, nobody knows i am struggling with this.. people see me as this happy girl.. i am, but when the point gets low, i'll become a total monster.. im not so tired of injuring myself.. im so tired of hiding..

Mindnz. Mental Health. Welcome to the Mental Health Foundation, the UK charity for everyones mental health. Emergence. Samaritans. Befriender's Worldwide - Samaritans. SANE. Mind. Advice lines. Confidentiality Our helplines provide a confidential service.

Advice lines

Telephone calls are recorded but for training purposes only. We only release details in very exceptional circumstances eg suspected terrorism or other threats to the safety of others. We can send you printed information using unmarked envelopes. If you contact us by email we will be able to see your email address. Anonymised details of queries, such as age and query topic, are kept to help us develop the service and raise funds to keep it going. Access Hearing or speech impaired callers may contact us using the main helpline numbers or choose to use RNID textphone services to contact us. We can arrange an interpreting service using Language Line services. Cost Phone calls from UK landlines are charged at local rates. Donations to our work Our helplines are dependent on donations to remain open.

Students We can't help you with essays or research projects, as our staff do not have the capacity. Quality assurance. Mind, For better mental health. Self-harm. Self-harm is when you hurt yourself as a way of dealing with very difficult feelings, old memories, or overwhelming situations and experiences. The ways you hurt yourself can be physical, such as cutting yourself. They can also be less obvious, such as putting yourself in risky situations, or not looking after your own physical or emotional needs. Ways of self-harming can include: • cutting yourself • poisoning yourself • over-eating or under-eating • burning your skin • inserting objects into your body • hitting yourself or walls • overdosing • exercising excessively • scratching and hair pulling. After self-harming, you might feel better and more able to cope for a while. If you self-harm, you may feel embarrassed or ashamed about it.

Why do people harm themselves? There are no fixed rules about why people self-harm. Any difficult experience can cause someone to self-harm. Rethink. Mental Health. Mental Health. Dealing with Anger. Anger is one of the most powerful emotions that we have and it is a response to a certain situation that causes it.

Dealing with Anger

Many things can make us angry, in our work place, at home, out and about and even at the TV. The most common form of anger is in reaction to something someone has said to us that we feel is unfair, often it involves bullying or verbal slander, or it can be something that has made us disappointed in that person or organization. Controlling your anger in a calm way is something a lot of us strive to do and the majority of people are able to work well on this but there is a portion of the population that do have anger issues which need to be addressed before they get out of hand and gets someone hurt or in trouble. So how do you control anger? There are many ways to do this and it depends on which route you decide to use. Take Some Time – This is the first and most important thing to do as soon as you feel your temper beginning to rise. Related Articles. How to De-Stress Your Life.