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Find out about how to do DIY Braided Hairstyles for Summer. By kenziepoo | Do you love the look of all of the amazing braids out there, but just don’t know how to do it?

Find out about how to do DIY Braided Hairstyles for Summer

We have found a few of our favorite braided hairstyles for summer, and have included a tutorial video to show you how to DIY and get the look. Keep reading after the jump to view the tutorial video’s on Braided Hairstyles! Nggallery id=’121289′ Side French Braid Updo Try this and make a statement! Alexander Wang Side Braid Try this Alexander Wang braid for a casual look or an evening out! Messy Rope Braids You can wear this look up in a bun or down. Side French Braid Updo image via here Alexander Wang Side Braid image via here To Watch the Video on the Alexander Wang Side Braid here Messy Rope Braids Image via here.

IN A RUSH? FORGET THE BRUSH! - Photos: Angela Kohler + post designed by kristin ess In a world where we can’t stop running late, the fun bun is probably the quickest way from A to Chic.


This look comes in über-handy when you wake up late and you’re rushing out the door (or even if you have plenty of time). It’s such a high-brow/low-brow look. Meaning it can be paired with anything from jeans and a tank to a chiffon tiered dress. It’s amazing for the summer because some days when it’s really hot outside, all we want is to get that hair off our neck + shoulders! Step 1: If your hair is straight, use a 1″ curling iron to curl everything under. Step 2: Flip your hair over and gather everything into a ponytail on top of you head, securing it with an elastic ponytail holder. Step 3: On the last time around with the ponytail holder, only pull the ponytail through half way. Step 4: Take the loop you’ve created and spread it out. Step 5: Take the tail end and wrap it around the ponytail base. 4 Pin-Up Girl Hair Tutorials for Medium to Short Hair. I love "old" hair.

4 Pin-Up Girl Hair Tutorials for Medium to Short Hair

No, not the hair that you find in the bottom of your shower drain that has been there for months, I mean hair right out of a pin-up girl calendar. Beautiful hairstyles with a vintage flair. I think these styles work especially well for fall when you won't mind the hair being down on your neck or across your forehead.

Having short to medium length hair though, it is not always easy to find pin-up girl hairstyles that work. This hairstyle is adorable and looks pretty simple. 2. This is a little more advanced than the tutorial above, but I love the look and if I can pull it of with my hair being a little longer than hers, I think it will look fabulous! 3. I love the look of victory rolls and if I had known they were so easy to do, I would have tried them out a long time ago. 4. This one would be easier for someone with medium to short hair that is at least below the ears.

Kathleen Bunn. Find out about Braids: Our Top 7 Picks. By kenziepoo | It’s so hard to believe that fall will be upon us soon.

Find out about Braids: Our Top 7 Picks

If you are like me you will be in desperate need of what’s in for hair this fall. I have news for you braids will be so in. We have picked out a few of our favorite braids for fall. Keep reading after the jump to view our favorite Braids! Nggallery id=’121177′ Milkmaid Braid You can't go wrong with a Dutch Milkmaid Braid Tucked Braid Try this pretty tucked braid for an evening out. French Braid-Cascading hair One of my favorites is the Partial French Braid w/ Cascading Hair. Double Knot Fast and easy: Try the Double Knot...tie a single knot in much the same way you would tie any knot, placing one section of parted hair over the other, then looping that section though the created hole, pulling the two parts tightly.

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