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Overlooked Horror Movies 2000 - Present: Part 1. There were a couple of reasons I wanted to do this article.

Overlooked Horror Movies 2000 - Present: Part 1

For one, the home video and VOD market is wide; lots of films come out and sometimes people just happen to miss them. Another is that sometimes the genre fans just don’t show up to the theater (even though they scream and holler for new original films) and they really miss out. But the primary reason for this list is this: It’s for the casual fan, the people that only know about the mainstream horror movies of yesterday and today.

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About Inception That I May or May Not Have Dreamt. By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | November 21, 2011 | Comments (0 View Anticipated more than a precious drop of ketchup, praised and panned before it was ever seen and declared both brilliantly original and forced and over-thought (not unlike this sentence), Inception was at the very least, a feast for the eyes.

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About Inception That I May or May Not Have Dreamt

Because director Christopher Nolan prefers physical magic to green screens and computers, his apt crew found creative and interesting ways to bring Nolan's ideas to life. The Best Mystery Movies. Top Mystery Movies Sort by: Here I consider a wide variety of movies.

The Best Mystery Movies

As long as there is a mysterious situation that is gradually revealed in the movie, which is not obvious to guess, and the ending is not the usual obvious Hollywood ending. The 50 Best Asian Horror Films of the New Millennium’s First Decade » Articles » Cult Reviews. (Click on all images to enlarge) Introduction The opening decade of the 21st century has proven to be a memorable one for the East Asian horror industry, which has emerged as one of the best (if not the best) sources of horror in the world in terms of both quality and creativity.

The 50 Best Asian Horror Films of the New Millennium’s First Decade » Articles » Cult Reviews

16 Best (Legal) Websites for Free Horror Movies Online - Top Free Online Horror Movie Sites. There are plenty of torrent websites out there with the latest horror movies to download, but: 1) they're illegally infringing on copyrights, and you could get in trouble, 2) the picture and audio quality might not be good, and 3) who knows what you're actually downloading?

16 Best (Legal) Websites for Free Horror Movies Online - Top Free Online Horror Movie Sites

Virus scan, anyone? Here are 16 safer alternatives, websites where you can watch horror movies online legally and for free. 16. Movies - Movie Download - Watch Online - Jaman. Paju watchlist sign in Sign in to save your preferences AboutBlogTermsFeedbackYou are viewing a demo.

Movies - Movie Download - Watch Online - Jaman

Return to the Jaman site. Download & Streaming : Moving Image Archive : Internet Archive. Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule: 13 FAVORITE UNDERRATED HORROR MOVIES. There really is no excuse for horror fans looking for new cinematic experiences to go wanting when they have Rupert Pupkin to turn to.

Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule: 13 FAVORITE UNDERRATED HORROR MOVIES

Rupert (or at least an incarnation of him who is much more gregarious and pleasant than the one seen in Scorsese’s The King of Comedy) has rounded up an epic cast and asked them to contribute a list of their most underrated horror films, and Rupert’s pals have come through in a big way that will make hunting and gathering for chills on your Netflix queue this weekend a much more enjoyable experience. Contributors to this gargantuan project include Rupert himself (List One and List Two), plus: the Alamo Drafthouse’s Zack CarlsonJeremy RicheyPeter PeelThe Lightning Bug’s LairSleestakCinema du MeepCathie Horlick (aka the Cat)Evan Husney (Severin Films)Mike EnsleyMarc Edward HeuckMarty McKeeDeath RattleThe Back of Forest Whitaker’s NeckShiftlessBrian KelleyHal Hornand a fella by the name of Joe Dante.

Rupert was kind enough to ask me to contribute too. 6 Films to Keep You Awake. If you remain unmoved by the recent airings of the diluted MASTERS OF HORROR series entitled FEAR ITSELF, 6 FILMS TO KEEP YOU AWAKE, the Spanish language equivalent, may be just what the mad doctor ordered.

6 Films to Keep You Awake

All the tales hold something of interest and happily the lion’s share boast themes of a truly Kindertraumatic nature. On a technical level, 6 FILMS consistently impresses by constantly delivering a too rare, rich theatrical vibe to the small screen. A bit of patience may be required with the more subtle and psychological of the stories, but all in all this half dozen set of variant views of the dark side provides the chills. BLAME Doctor Ana Torres does the old bait and switch on pal Gloria when she offers her and her young daughter room and board in exchange for Gloria’s aid at her in-home medical practice. Gloria soon learns that not only is Ana carrying a torch for her, but that she also wants her to assist in providing secret abortions to boot. The 50 Greatest American Independent Movies | Features | Empire. The 33 Greatest Movie Trilogies | 33. The Jersey Trilogy | Empire |

The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema | 51. Akira | Empire | Veehd - Stream and Download Videos. Movies | Movie Trailers | Reviews. 10 Mystery or Suspense Movies You Must See. Movies and TV These films, for the most part, aren’t at all obscure—some of them are downright classics, and many of you may have seen some of them.

10 Mystery or Suspense Movies You Must See

But they aren’t the films that leap immediately to mind when the average person walks into the video store and heads for the “Suspense” section. Still, there’s some true gems here that deserve to be seen and remembered. So next time you stroll into Blockbuster or send away to Netflix and have an urge to see a mystery or thriller, skip the contemporary stuff just once, and try one of these. The Last of Sheila. Empire Features. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Empire Magazine | Film Reviews, Movie News and Interviews.