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22 Easy Activities for 18 - 24 month olds! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

22 Easy Activities for 18 - 24 month olds!

Thanks for visiting! Toddlers can be the hardest to entertain. They have the attention span of a goldfish, exploring materials & the environment in short bursts of play. Play being, unrolling an entire toilet roll & putting it in the toilet, emptying their clothes draws or painting their bodies in nappy cream or makeup. We’ve all been there, no matter how much you helicopter them! I’ve put together a list of activities for 18 – 24 month olds, shared from our Instagram page! Dissecting & Exploring Flowers There’s something thrilling about dissecting things, for adults & children alike. Fruit Washing More water play fun, instilling hygiene practices with this simple fruit washing activity! Exploring Dirt Messy? Autumn Leaf Crunch Running through, jumping on & throwing crunchy Autumn leaves is an essential part of childhood! Nature Sticky Bracelets Flower Sensory Soup. This is a fun activity/recipe we did at... - yourhomebasedmom.

15 Sensory Play Ideas For Babies - I Heart Arts n Crafts. 50 Easy Process Art Activities for Kids. I have been meaning to write this post for some time and once I got started gathering ideas I couldn't stop.

50 Easy Process Art Activities for Kids

I am a huge fan of process art and wanted one spot where all of my favorite ideas were compiled. This post has 52 of the most beautiful, simple, and engaging process art ideas that I know of. This summer we plan on doing every one of these! For those of you who aren't familiar with the term process art, I like to think of it as open-ended art - where children aren't trying to make something exactly like an example product and there aren't any real directions.

Process art allows kids to explore and create freely and it is such a great way to encourage creative artists. To get the full details and directions, please click on the links below. Falsettos Act I 12/2/16 by sarah55555. Falsettos Act II 12/2/16 by sarah55555.


20 Easy Gifts Made by Kids. Discount Tickets for Broadway, Off-Broadway and off-Off Broadway Shows. "I don't want somebody to be aware of choreography.

Discount Tickets for Broadway, Off-Broadway and off-Off Broadway Shows

You're supposed to fall in love with these characters. " Inside the Broadway revival's choreography You might not think of Falsettos as a choreographer's showcase. After all, William Finn's Tony Award-winning 1992 musical is an intimate portrait of a family whose lives are upended when Marvin leaves his wife Trina for a man named Whizzer. Soon enough, Trina is remarried to Mendel, Marvin's psychiatrist, and hoping for the best. And then Whizzer gets sick. This a devastating story, but Finn tells it so specifically that the show is not a manipulative downer.

This raw emotion doesn't lend itself to dance breaks, but movement can weave through a show in other ways. Mark Blankenship: I was struck by how dance works in this production. Pine Cone Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers.


Childhood. How Getting Rid of My Stuff Saved My Motherhood – The Balanced Life. Father Of 3 Has Failed Vasectomy, Surprises Wife With Adorable Pregnancy Announcement. - InspireMore. It’s not often that a man finds out before his wife that she is pregnant, but this time the tables have turned.

Father Of 3 Has Failed Vasectomy, Surprises Wife With Adorable Pregnancy Announcement. - InspireMore

Tim and Rachel Brummel already have three young boys and decided that a vasectomy was the best option for their family moving forward. Tim noticed his wife started to act “a little bit pregnant” a few months ago. There were little hints here and there, but because of Tim’s vasectomy the couple brushed it off and assumed all was well. Tim realized that he never got the results from the office that did his procedure and after a quick phone call the results were in – a pregnancy was in fact possible. Rachel was still acting strange, so Tim came up with a sneaky idea to confirm his newfound suspicions. He disabled the toilet so that it would not flush. “She has no idea what she’s gonna find out when she gets home,” Tim tells the camera. The moment Rachel finds out they are having another child is just wonderful to watch.

Share and spread some smiles. Non Food Sensory Bin Fillers for Kids Sensory Play. Our daily schedule in preschool. 15 Summer Art Projects to Try Outside. I’m a firm believer that art can, and should, be taken outdoors throughout the year!

15 Summer Art Projects to Try Outside

Even something simple, like crayons and paper, takes on a different dimension when outside. How to turn tree stumps and logs into planters. Why I stopped asking my kids to clean up. I recently found myself in a battle situation.

Why I stopped asking my kids to clean up

Over cleaning, of all things. Not the most important thing, but here we were fighting about it nevertheless. I felt like I was always nagging the kids to clean up, with very little success. Their room was a complete disaster zone. I would eventually clean it up, only to have it looking much the same not long after, leading me to feeling angry and frustrated. As we do, my husband and I talked things over. 46 Life-Changing Baking Hacks Everyone Needs To Know - DIY Craft Projects. 18 Free, Cool Things to Add to a Backyard Play Space. Can you create a magical, exciting and engaging outdoor play space for your child for a few dollars? You bet you can! You don’t need oodles of space or fancy toys and equipment to have the best backyard on the block.

My daycare hooligans will attest to the fact that it’s the simple things that kids love best! Good, old-fashioned, simple activities and play set-ups that spark the imagination, foster creativity, challenge their physical abilities and engage their minds and their senses. Today, I’m sharing 18 simple, super-cool and FREE (or almost free) features to add to your backyard play space. ** Some of these activities have click-able links that will take you to the full post with instructions and details.

Fun Crafts: finger knitting. Slovenian ElectronicMusic. Bled lake. - The Best Language Resources for FREE. Guten jour. Thisisgoingonmyresume: This is a very basic... - Language Passion.