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Tony slattery interview recording. Verlass die Schatten. Untitled.

Clothing mainly inspired

Future, home + happiness. Rose rose cake. We had our first Bagel Sunday at Amazing Grains this weekend!!

rose rose cake

Robert, one of Grand Forks’ resident bagel experts came in and we spent the weekend making plain and onion bagels. He hadn’t made bagels in 19 years and I hadn’t made bagels in, well, probably 19 years too, so we hacked our way through our first couple of batches and they miraculously turned out so deliciously dense and doughy, just the way I like them. I was so pleased! We used Robert’s recipe that he used when he owned his bagel shop in boise. It doesn’t have barley malt in it, just a nice amount of brown sugar, and we made them so pleasantly plump. After Bagel Sunday we got a snowstorm and it was so cozy inside. When I wasn't shelling fava beans or rolling bagels these past few days, I was practicing my buttercream roses.

And I’ll indeed need to up my speed because I am planning to cover enough cake for 400 million people with buttercream roses for Eggsister’s wedding in July.


Personal (interest s) Personal (interest s) Art. Interesting to meditate upon. Relevantly useful I for. Pretty places and things. Progressive Struggles against Insidious Capitalist Individualism: An Interview with Angela Davis I The Hampton Institute. Artwork. 50 Easy Process Art Activities for Kids. I have been meaning to write this post for some time and once I got started gathering ideas I couldn't stop.

50 Easy Process Art Activities for Kids

I am a huge fan of process art and wanted one spot where all of my favorite ideas were compiled. This post has 52 of the most beautiful, simple, and engaging process art ideas that I know of. This summer we plan on doing every one of these! For those of you who aren't familiar with the term process art, I like to think of it as open-ended art - where children aren't trying to make something exactly like an example product and there aren't any real directions. Process art allows kids to explore and create freely and it is such a great way to encourage creative artists. To get the full details and directions, please click on the links below.

Early Chilldhood

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Theatre. Father Of 3 Has Failed Vasectomy, Surprises Wife With Adorable Pregnancy Announcement. - InspireMore. It’s not often that a man finds out before his wife that she is pregnant, but this time the tables have turned.

Father Of 3 Has Failed Vasectomy, Surprises Wife With Adorable Pregnancy Announcement. - InspireMore

Tim and Rachel Brummel already have three young boys and decided that a vasectomy was the best option for their family moving forward. Tim noticed his wife started to act “a little bit pregnant” a few months ago. There were little hints here and there, but because of Tim’s vasectomy the couple brushed it off and assumed all was well. Tim realized that he never got the results from the office that did his procedure and after a quick phone call the results were in – a pregnancy was in fact possible. Rachel was still acting strange, so Tim came up with a sneaky idea to confirm his newfound suspicions.

He disabled the toilet so that it would not flush. “She has no idea what she’s gonna find out when she gets home,” Tim tells the camera. The moment Rachel finds out they are having another child is just wonderful to watch. Share and spread some smiles. Fun Crafts: finger knitting.