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Summify: Gather Trending Articles From Your Feeds and Networks Summify: Gather Trending Articles From Your Feeds and Networks Most of you have accounts on Facebook as well as Twitter. You use these accounts to stay in touch with friends and learn what your favorite celebrities are up to. And then you have an additional account on Google Reader to stay up-to-date on what your favorite websites have to offer. Logging into these accounts separately daily and checking out their material can be a time-consuming process – partly because you are jumping from site to site and partly because there is a lot of content to view every day.
Instant Previews for Ads In November of last year we took Instant to a new level on with Instant Previews. Instant Previews provides a graphic overview of a search result and highlights the most relevant sections, making finding the right page as quick and easy as flipping through a magazine. Now, we’re bringing the same benefit to ads with Instant Previews for Ads. Starting today, the Instant Previews icon will appear next to ads on allowing users to preview the ad’s landing page. With Instant Previews, your customers are able to quickly preview a page to see if its content matches what they’re searching for. By allowing potential customers to preview your site before they arrive, Instant Previews helps you get even more highly-qualified traffic to your site. Instant Previews for Ads
The Tools We Use to Track Online Buzz - TNW Europe During TNW2011 we will be monitoring what people say about the event online. We always do that and have been doing it since we did our first conference, when Twitter didn’t even exist yet, in 2006. This year we use two tools and take a more professional approach. Professional, but not impersonal! Tracebuzz One of our new tools is called Tracebuzz. It tracks the online buzz around the conference on Twitter and a few social networks. The Tools We Use to Track Online Buzz - TNW Europe
Giving a presentation? Presenter Display is the one feature you need & can’t be without - TNW Europe Giving a presentation? Presenter Display is the one feature you need & can’t be without - TNW Europe With our upcoming conference only days away I thought I’d share some tips on how to produce better keynote. Yesterday I wrote a post on how to auto-tweet during your presentations and today I want to talk a bit about Presenter Display. Most people put together a presentation, use a few cool (not really) transitions, and that’s that. One of the most awesome and often forgotten tools you can use is the ‘Presenter Display’ in Keynote and newer versions of Powerpoint: As you can see in the above screenshot this mode show your normal slides on the external screen and a dashboard of what you are doing on your other screen.
as many people have said, dropboxes 'deduplication' methods may render this useless. basically, there is only one copy of any given file on dropbox ever. when you upload a file, dropbox checks (most likely via some hashing method) the file against their database, and - if there is a match - does not upload the file, but rather...notes that you have the file. this way they save lots of money on data storage, and to the end user, the difference is invisible. however, what i'd like to know is, does dropbox keep these deleted files, just 'unlinked' from your account for a 'just-in-case' circumstance (i.e. so that if down the road someone uploads it they won't have to upload it again), or is it truly deleted. and, if the file already exists elsewhere, do they remove the record of the file ever being on your account, or is there still a history. How to Permanently Delete Old Files from Dropbox How to Permanently Delete Old Files from Dropbox
How To Add a Second Layer of Encryption to Dropbox How To Add a Second Layer of Encryption to Dropbox If recent security and privacy concerns about Dropbox make you think twice about using the popular file storage and syncing tool, there's an easy way to further protect your sensitive files stored on Dropbox: yes, we're talking about encryption. TrueCrypt is our go-to data encryption tool and no doubt you know we have a thing for Dropbox, but although we've briefly mentioned using TrueCrypt as one of the clever ways to use Dropbox, we've never fully married the two. It's about time. What's All the Fuss?
Sometimes, you need to send sensitive information—say, a password—over the internet, but don't want to use email. Free service QuickForget lets you store messages temporarily, so you can send sensitive information and have it delete itself once it's been seen. The problem with using, say, email or IM to send sensitive messages is that they'll likely be stored forever for anyone to see that might eventually gain access. To avoid this, QuickForget destroys your messages after a set number of viewings or set amount of time. QuickForget Sends Secret, Self-Destructing Messages Over Email QuickForget Sends Secret, Self-Destructing Messages Over Email
Free and Easy Email Reminders with FollowUpThen - TNW Apps FollowUpThen is an email reminder service that notifies you when a task is due. To remember things, most of us might be using a task management app. But what if you forget to check the todo app at all (happens all the time)? Setting automated alerts is the right way to go. Free and Easy Email Reminders with FollowUpThen - TNW Apps
New Tools for Viewing, Editing and Sharing Your Business Cards New Tools for Viewing, Editing and Sharing Your Business Cards The Shoeboxed Development Team has done it again with new tools for viewing, editing and sharing your business cards! Yesterday they released a new and improved view/edit pane for business cards that makes it even easier to review business card images and change contact details. The functionality of the new business card viewer is based on the receipt viewer.
If you've ever wanted to make Gmail look just so for your personal tastes, today is your lucky day: Gmail has added a new "Create your own theme" option and tool where you can select background images and then choose your theme's colors. You'll find the new option in the Themes tab in Settings. Clicking on it brings up an easy palette chooser for text, link, and background colors. You can also select a Picasa image or upload a new one for the background. Both the main body and the footer images are customizable. Gmail Themes Now Fully Customizable with Your Own Backgrounds Gmail Themes Now Fully Customizable with Your Own Backgrounds
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Separate out mobile campaigns for improved performance With searches on mobile devices with full Internet browsers growing 4x over the past year, the opportunity to reach users on the go is big and growing. Are your campaigns optimized for mobile? Creating mobile specific campaigns that are separate from desktop campaigns is a best practice advertisers can use to drive better performance on mobile. We’ve seen that advertisers experience an 11.5% average increase in mobile CTR when they run and optimize a separate mobile campaign, compared to their mobile CTR on a combined mobile+desktop campaign. Earlier we shared how Roy’s Restaurants achieved an impressive 800% ROI on their advertising by employing a separate mobile campaigns strategy. Why create separate mobile specific campaigns? is the world’s largest online community for sharing presentations with more than 50 million monthly visitors, helping to make it rank amongst the 250 most visited websites in the world. But, it is more than just a simple presentation sharing portal, with a number of additional features including video hosting and virtual meeting software also on offer. In fact, SlideShare have even made premium channels available to users / organisations, bringing a YouTube feel to the site (check out the Dell Enterprise channel as a good example). To help you work out if you are getting the most out of SlideShare, we’ve pulled together the following ‘how to’ guide. Account options How to get the most out of SlideShare - TNW Lifehacks
Adobe’s Creative Suite gets monthly subscription option - TNW Apps For those of us who don’t rely on the Adobe Creative Suite to do our jobs, the pricing is absolutely insane. For those of you who do, it’s still insane, but at least it’s a necessary amount of insanity. However, there have been numerous times that I’d have loved to have had access to Photoshop, Premiere or something else from CS if only for a few weeks. Fortunately, Adobe has finally answered the call of people like me, with the introduction of monthly subscriptions for the Creative Suite apps. By way of comparison, “renting” the use of the app for a year will cost you around 60% of what it would to buy the retail version. Though you can save some cash by doing a full year of subscription, instead of a month-to-month plan.
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