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Angus Hyland and his team have completed a redesign of the French men’s magazine, Upstreet. Hyland’s redesign refreshes Upstreet’s original editorial design, now in its 76th issue, placing a greater emphasis on the pace and rhythm of the magazine. A new approach to imagery and the introduction of Upstreet’s masthead typeface for headlines brings the magazine up to date whilst making the most of the familiar elements of the previous design. New Work: ‘Upstreet’ New Work: ‘Upstreet’
Méribel - Courchevel - Val Thorens - 3 Vallées Direction artistique : Johann Milani & Yasmina Madi / pepscom.com Style & Coiffures : Yasmina Madi / Maquillage : Manale Smane Photos : Johann Milani & Jonathan Garcia / pepscom.com Modèles : Noémie Palenzuela & Arnaud Fénix Remerciements : Jean-Paul Barbier & Claudine Mizon {locaux} / Pierre & Lucienne Boyer {accessoires} Jean-Marie & Edith Choffel {accessoires} / Bernard, Myriam, Lucie Milani {décors & accessoires} Evelyne Cespedes {accessoires} Magazine Design and Editorial Inspiration: Schuss n°77Magazine Magazine Design and Editorial Inspiration: Schuss n°77Magazine
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GD // Grid / Food Magazine Editorial Design
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