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How to Knit * Entrelac in Rows without Turns & Purls. Renewal pattern by Jessica Miles. Thanks for bearing with me as this is the first pattern I’ve put up and my self-editing skills are not nearly up to snuff yet.

Renewal pattern by Jessica Miles

I have corrected a few errors in the most current version and made the chart more clear (hopefully), but please do PM me if you find any defects in the current version. Renewal is a large shawl that can be worked in either lace-weight or light fingering weight yarn. The blue shawl shown was worked in lace-weight in a single color, and the gold and brown shawl was worked in light fingering in two colors of yarn. A photo towards the end of the list shows the shawls on top of each other, so you can see the comparative size difference due to gauge. The shawl begins with a garter tab and is worked top-down in a triangle shape, then is worked in a crescent shape throughout the lace section of the body. Updated 4-13 to include written instructions as well as charts for the lace sections. Yarn Requirements: • To make a 2-color version, you will need: Casting On In Knitting-Twisted German Cast On. Learn To Knit Casting On: Twisted German Cast On This cast on method has a very elastic and neat edge.

Casting On In Knitting-Twisted German Cast On

It makes a great cast on technique for socks. You will only be using one color of yarn; two colors of yarn to make the steps easier to follow. Start with the traditional long tail cast on method. The pink yarn goes to the free end; the blue strand goes to the ball of yarn. Insert your needle under both loops of the pink yarn, pointing toward the index finger. Now come backwards into the pink loop with the needle pointing toward you.

Design a knit lace

Frog Knitting. 1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book. O! Jolly! Crafting Fashion. Наталья Некрасова. Norene's sedona thread lace wrap. Exclusive Yarns - Designs and Patterns. For DESIGN Numbers with the PREFIX 'M' the pattern is available for MACHINE KNITTING on standard gauge machines, with the PREFIX 'H' a separate pattern is available for HAND KNITTING All Patterns consist of comprehensive written instructions as well as diagrams.

Exclusive Yarns - Designs and Patterns

Included with the diagrams are measurements, number of rows and amount of stitches at any particular stage of the knitting; this allows an easy overview and to see important and relevant details at a glance. Most patterns are in the four standard knitwear sizes - small, medium, large and extra large Design M79 Design M75 Design M74 CLICK ON PICTURE for FULL PATTERN and YARN DETAILS HOVER OVER PICTURE for QUICK DESIGN/PATTERN Reference Pattern M 64 and H 64 includes.

Forside: "At klæde sig på" KnitAlongCafe - Video Channel. O! Jolly! Crafting Fashion: Introduction: Paradigm Shift. I have always loved and appreciated fully fashioned knitwear, the style of knitted garment where none of the yarn is wasted.

O! Jolly! Crafting Fashion: Introduction: Paradigm Shift

Each individual piece of the garment is knitted to the exact shape required. This is the way hand knitted garments are made. If a garment piece needs to be tapered, for instance, the knitter executes one of several styles of decrease. The most advanced models of industrial knitting machines also do full fashioning, increasing and decreasing where necessary, sometimes creating whole garments, seamlessly. As a person who's worked professionally as a stitch pattern designer, I never really considered the method used to reproduce my stitches and create the end product. But there is another way of working with knits that's used frequently. --- When I returned to machine knitting at the beginning of 2011, after an extended hiatus, I considered cut and sew seriously. En stickmanikers loggbok. Ripple Stitch. TECHknitting. Kim Hargreaves. The Walker Treasury Project. Knittingharpy.wordpress.

Записи в рубрике Спицами. В копилку: двухцветный узор спицами Количество петель кратно 4 +3 для симметрии +2 кромочные.

Записи в рубрике Спицами

Число петель увеличивается в рядах 1 и 5 и уменьшается в рядах 3 и 7. Knitty: god. Knitting-Twitter. Knitting in the fastlane. Machine Knit Fern Lace Demo by Diana Sullivan.

More earrings | Flickr : partage de photos !

Diana natters on... about machine knitting. Knitnatters. Gudde maskinstrik. Ludmilla's Blog. Roni Knutson's Machine Knitting Page. Miss Knitting. Diana Sullivan. Cables and twists « I live in the East Coast of the United States.

Cables and twists «

In the 80s there used to be a yearly machine knitting seminar that was fairly well attended. There were droves of machine knitting publications. Susan Lazear, founder of Cochenille, was just beginning to develop her knit design software ideas on the Amiga Computers, and a fellow Californian, who happened to be Japanese, used to travel here with he Pandora box of foreign knit magazines. At the time translating knits from one language to another amounted to guess work and some leaflets. Subsequently there were fliers, then articles, and even books on translating from Japanese to English and one on multiple language translations for knits and crochet. One year there was a “guess how this was done and you get a prize contest” for a technique appearing on a sweater with only Japanese instructions. Here is one method for this “horizontal cable” created by short rowing across the width of the fabric. 4.knit 10 rows over the 6 stitches, ending COR.

Lace Knitting Stitches.