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Pema chodron

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Becoming pema. ANDREA MILLER on the life and spiritual journey of one Deirdre Blomfield-Brown.

becoming pema

Pema Chödrön was born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown in New York City in 1936. She has said that she had a pleasant childhood with her Catholic family, but that her spiritual life didn’t begin until she attended boarding school, where her intellectual curiosity was cultivated. At age twenty-one, Pema got married. Shambhala - pema. Pema videos. Pema website. Talking to ourselves. Shambhala Mountain Center, 8.19.03 And the helpful hint is when you're feeling uncomfortable, first of all, you can guarantee there's shenpa involved, and you could contemplate the truth or untruth of whether or not it's because you're bubble of security has just been popped.

talking to ourselves

But the real core instruction is, whenever you're feeling uncomfortable, don't believe what you're saying to yourself. Right then is the time to not believe what you're saying to yourself. And what we're saying to ourselves at those times are really old habits.