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A puppy -- any puppy -- is pretty darn cute without even trying. But a puppy that wants to really stand out has to do something pretty astoundingly cute to up the ante. This little Shiba Inu has done just that, by barking, howling and waving its paws in its sleep. puppy sleep talking puppy sleep talking
Posted on : 09-04-2010 | By : Giulia | In : Other Animals Tags: adorable, animal, animals, babies, baby, collection, cute, funny, furry, looking, odd, photography, pics, picture, pictures, sloth, sloths, small, tiny, weird Sloths are a species of medium-sized arboreal mammals that live in the rainforests of Central and South America. They are weird looking some might say but also have a cute and mild look, inviting you to hug them. weird & cute animal babies weird & cute animal babies
daily doggie fix These two things: 1) While driving in Berkeley last month we watched a woman drive towards us with her dog in the passenger seat, lean over, kiss her pooch and continue driving without missing a beat. 2) Just a few minutes ago while walking back from the beach in Santa Monica to the car, I saw an older lady walking her dog and when her dog stopped walking for a few seconds she looked around then bent down and kissed her pup. There was no one but me when she looked around so I can only guess she sensed that I would understand. daily doggie fix
cute things falling asleep cute things falling asleep CTFA has gotten a lot of attention over these past few months, and with it, a lot of reader submissions. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful for both. However, I thought it might be a good time to explain why some videos actually get posted while others languish in my inbox. This blog is called Cute Things FALLING Asleep, not Cute Things Already Sleeping.
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Just spent the last couple of hours trawling the TTMYGA inbox. We had over 100 emails of lovely cute animals. We've narrowed this down to four of the absolute bestest photos that have been sent in. Siberian Husky


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my silly dog my silly dog Cat Discipline Owning a cat, or any pet is a big responsibility. Also, it requires a lot of your patience. They can be destructive as well as vicious towards your home furniture and fixtures. There a few items that you need to give more care for as they are the … [Read More...] *bad Big Cats!!
Dismounting his faithful steed Floovis, Meownan descended into the dank, festering depths of Urph’Hurrgth — the Cave of Disgustingness. At last, he reached the sacrificial altar of the Dark Gods. Something bad happened here, he thought in the hovertext. The bones of what appeared to be street mimes lay strewn across the great stone floor, and scrawled in maple syrup upon the great marble altar was the single word: Zamboni.

cute overload

cute overload
panda therapy New panda pictures - some of the captions are great. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned... Mum? Can you come and get me down now? Betcha can't see me..... panda therapy
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