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Digital Makerspaces- An introduction. Makerspaces - Digital Pedagogy - A Guide for Librarians, Faculty, and Students - Research guides at University of Toronto. Indiana Connected Educators - Heather Lister- Digital Making: Turn Any Device Into a Makerspace. Episode #8: Framework for Maker Education with Dr. Jackie Gerstein. Rethinking Learning Episode #8 Dr.

Episode #8: Framework for Maker Education with Dr. Jackie Gerstein

Jackie Gerstein has been teaching in-person and online for several decades. Currently, she teaches master’s level online courses in educational technology for Boise State, Walden, and Western Governors’ Universities as well as gifted elementary education where she focuses on STEM, STEAM, and Maker Education. 4 Tips to Create a Virtual Makerspace, from Shannon Miller. At Kodable, we’ve been thinking about how schools will continue to foster collaboration and creativity in the new age of remote learning.

4 Tips to Create a Virtual Makerspace, from Shannon Miller

Remote learning in elementary school has its own set of challenges. So when I came across Shannon McClintock Miller’s Virtual Makerspace, I had a lot of questions. Expanding. Steam. If You Build it They Will Come. Our Virtual Makerspace Is Open! Welcome to Our Virtual Makerspace where you can create, imagine, read, learn, discover and more.

Our Virtual Makerspace Is Open!

And one of the best parts...It's open all day long! Have fun, friends. Our students love all of the special things Makerspaces bring to them within libraries, classrooms and school communities. With the summer here, I wanted to create a virtual Makerspace where they could experience art, building, coding, designing, engineering, music, reading and more. Virtual Makerspace. Virtual Makerspace - FRC Learning Commons Virtual Library. Makerspace Videos. Webinar - Digital Media Labs & Makerspaces for Small & Rural Libraries - 2014-02-26.

WEBINAR: Making the Most out of MakerSpaces. Top Podcasts for Makers and Creators. Top Podcasts for Makers and Creators Jennay Horn Jennay is the Content Director at We Edit Podcasts Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest.

Top Podcasts for Makers and Creators

School Librarians United with Amy Hermon: 84 Virtual Makerspace. Best MakerSpace Podcasts (2021) Home Page - Maker Camp. STEM Activities for Distance Learning — Vivify STEM. Looking for an activity to promote communication and collaboration?

STEM Activities for Distance Learning — Vivify STEM

We love using this intro to coding activity through virtual platforms or when students require physical distancing in the classroom. Activity Set-up: There has been an emergency on the International Space Station! A special tool is required to make repairs, but only Robonaut (a robotic astronaut) can build this tool. NASA’s Mission Control must send commands to tell Robonaut exactly how to build the tool to save the astronauts on the ISS. Virtual MakerSpace - Discovering the Remarkable. Digital Resources for School Makerspaces. STEM Activities for Distance Learning — Vivify STEM.

Smithsonian Science for Makerspaces. Smithsonian Science for Makerspaces is a series of free engineering design challenges for students to engage with emerging technologies through hands-on learning.

Smithsonian Science for Makerspaces

Inspired by Smithsonian Science for the Classroom, these activities bridge formal science education and the makerspace movement by helping educators and teachers engage with digital and physical technologies within the context of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) by asking them to make something new. Smithsonian Science for Makerspaces include 3-D models and thoughtfully designed lesson plans that will guide educators and students throughout the engineering design process by observing, making, designing and testing solutions to a problem. Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning. Deadline: February 1 Overview AASL’s Best Digital Tools are recognized for fostering qualities of: Innovation/Creativity Active Participation Collaboration User-Friendly Encourages Exploration Information/Reference As well as their display of one or more of the AASL Standards Shared Foundations: Inquire Include Collaborate Curate Explore Engage.

Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning

Print Resources - Makerspace for Education. Makerspace and Digital Media Lab Resources. Best of the Web - Makerspace for Education. STEM & Maker Space - Virtual ​Library. STEM & MakerSpace Share on Facebook and Twitter MakerSpaces are founded on the Constructivist philosophy of student-centred, discovery-learning and supports stronger STEM and critical thinking outcomes.

STEM & Maker Space - Virtual ​Library

Its interdiscipinary, cross-curricular, project-based nature provides opportunities for students to identify problems, collaborate and communicate ideas to design and create solutions through trial and error. MakerSpaces embed fun into making and learning to increase engagement, joy, innovation, entrepreneurial focus, creativity and enterprise skills to promote ownership of learning. Digital Technologies Hub. Maker spaces are creative, self-directed learning spaces where students can create, invent and learn.

Digital Technologies Hub

Sylvia Martinez states: 'The Maker Movement is a revolutionary global collaboration of people learning to solve problems with modern tools and technology'. In a maker environment, students have the opportunity to become involved with collaborative hands-on projects that promote multidisciplinary thinking and learning. Students can tinker, explore, discover and create new things using a variety of tools and materials.

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