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Uke Lesson 33 – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Twoandthreechordsongs.pdf (application/pdf Object) Herb Ohta, Jr.'s Instructional Books.


Uke Scales - Three Notes Per String Method. Hey guys!

Uke Scales - Three Notes Per String Method

I come from a guitar background and was taught to play scales using the "Three Notes Per String" method. I've been searching around the web but can't seem to find a complete guide on ukulele scales using this method. So I figure I would try to start my own.Here is what I've come up with so far. Below are JPG's showing the Major, Natural Minor, Major Pentatonic, and Minor Pentatonic scales (in standard C ukulele tuning). I tried to write all in the key of C, but written the Natural Minor scale in the key of A.

Best iPhone Apps: Learn how to play the ukulele with these iPhone apps by jenniferbeese. Check out, because your kids deserve the very best educational apps!

Best iPhone Apps: Learn how to play the ukulele with these iPhone apps by jenniferbeese

Jenniferbeese says: Having just become a proud owner of a hand-me-down ukulele, I am excited to start learning how to play it. Since I can't afford lessons, I turned to the Internet. YouTube and Google are full of tutorials, but the iPhone is a great teacher too! Jenniferbeese's picks UkeChords Learning how to play the ukulele? Major Scales for Ukulele. Acoustic Monster's - Ukulele Clubhouse. Clickable List of Tabs and Chords. I Afreeka - Ukulele by Rob MacKillop. Fingerstyle Uke - ukulele lessons - arpeggios.

Creative Right Hand Arpeggios Most of the music we play and hear is in 4/4 timing, which means there are four basic beats to each bar: One Two Three Four It might seem useful to assign the thumb (T) to the fourth string, the index (i) to the third, the middle (m) to the second and the ring (r) finger to the first: --------------a---------- ----------m------------- -------i------------------ ---T--------------------- However, the standard ukulele tuning has the third string as the lowest note, and often it is good practice to use the thumb on that string.

Fingerstyle Uke - ukulele lessons - arpeggios

--------------m-------- -----------i------------- -------T---------------- ---T-------------------- These four beats can be subdivided: One and Two and Three and Four and So, if you want to play arpeggios over all of these beats, you might use the following: Kamoa ES Soprano. Uke Minutes 92 – Diminished Run Exercise. The Ukulizer. Jazzukes - Ukulele Fake Book Project. Uke Crazy Bitches. Richard Gillmann's Free Ukulele Tab Links. These tabs are for high G (gCEA) tuned ukes, unless otherwise noted.

Richard Gillmann's Free Ukulele Tab Links

Some give full tablature, others just the chords and lyrics. All are free downloads, unless otherwise noted. Charts 808 Uke Jams (Maui) - ChristmasAlex W.'s Tabulaturen - in German, ADF#B tuning, La Vie En Rose, Tico TicoBasikUke - songs and riffsBerkeley Ukulele Club - Friend of the Devil, etc.Betty Lou's - rock, pop, oldies, etc.Mike Bonnice - HawaiianBrook Adams, Ukulaneys, Eugene, ORBeatles - fancy web site! Uke Tab :Patti Smith - Dancing Barefoot. Uke Tab : OMD - Enola Gay. Free sheet music - Ukulele tabs. Yuichi Tateno / GD-Tab-Ukulele-0.01. Strawberry Fields Forever" "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles.

Strawberry Fields Forever"

Eightdaysaweek. Ukulele Beatles Fun! Johann Strauss - The Blue Danube (Ukulele) Fake Strums Tutorial. The fake strum is a simple technique that I use a lot in my arrangements.

Fake Strums Tutorial

So it’s about time I gave it a post of its own. It’s used in fingerpicking pieces to play full chords. It sounds like a strum but it’s just done by picking individual strings in sequence. Here it is played twice slowly then up to speed. Why bother? Instead of doing this, you could just strum the strings and get the same effect. Here’s a quick video combining picking and fake strums. In Tab There isn’t any established tab for this as far as I know. Play Ukulele by Ear: Jim D’Ville Interview. Jim D’Ville recently released a DVD teaching you how to Play Ukulele By Ear and has been blogging helpful hints and interviews with ukers from the hugely knowledgeable to the clueless but handsome.

Play Ukulele by Ear: Jim D’Ville Interview

So I turned the tables on him and coaxed a few my tips out of him. What does ‘playing by ear’ mean? To me, playing by ear means listening to what a song is doing and being able to recognize what is going on and then playing along with it. Many genres of music have a certain form which simply repeats itself. For example, if you familiarize your ears with the sound of the 12-bar blues chord progression every time you hear it you’ll know how to play along with it without thinking about it.

Circle of fifths. Circle of fifths showing major and minor keys Nikolay Diletsky's circle of fifths in Idea grammatiki musikiyskoy (Moscow, 1679) In music theory, the circle of fifths (or circle of fourths) is a visual representation of the relationships among the 12 tones of the chromatic scale, their corresponding key signatures, and the associated major and minor keys.

Circle of fifths

More specifically, it is a geometrical representation of relationships among the 12 pitch classes of the chromatic scale in pitch class space. Definition[edit] Structure and use[edit] Pitches within the chromatic scale are related not only by the number of semitones between them within the chromatic scale, but also related harmonically within the circle of fifths. Octaves (7 × 1200 = 8400) versus fifths (12 × 700 = 8400), depicted as with Cuisenaire rods (red (2) is used for 1200, black (7) is used for 700). The Circle: Diminished Chords Are Square! Play Ukulele By Ear. Welcome to Hana Lima 'Ia.