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Wrap it Up! an iPad Envelope Tutorial. If you can imagine sewing a napkin and decorating it with stickers you can create this simple envelope wrap for your dearest iPad.

Wrap it Up! an iPad Envelope Tutorial

Or perhaps your Valentine’s iPad? Difficulty: Beginner. Make It: sketchy pleat clutch. Simple DIY today… Drawn with fabric markers, cut from a curved pattern, and constructed with a single pleat for a handy sized zipper clutch.

Make It: sketchy pleat clutch

Suitable for sunglasses and a few other spare parts. Finished Dimensions: 5.5 inches tall x 9 inches wide Materials: Make a modular felt trivet. Related to yesterday's coaster project, here's a template for making a larger modular felt trivet.

Make a modular felt trivet

No sewing or gluing required. Connect as many pieces as you like to make bigger projects, too--placemats, a runner, or sew two pieces together for a pillow cover. Download the pattern here. Then print out as many sheets as you need, pin them to a piece of felt, and use a rotary cutter or X-acto knife to cut the slits in each shape. Make a Pretty Pouf Ottoman. Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links » Japanese Sewing, Pattern, Craft Books and Fabrics. Pattern review: Bucket Bag. My mom, known to you guys as frequent commenter Grandma G, just finished sewing up a Bucket Bag from Keyka Lou's PDF pattern.

Pattern review: Bucket Bag

She used Skiff in Dawn from my Outside Oslo fabric collection and lined the bag with some Artee cotton duck in Turquoise. The pattern has an oval bottom, so it really is sort of like a bucket—a cute one with a big pocket on the outside and a nicely proportioned strap. Mum added a magnetic snap since a closure is always nice. And I love the button with its coordinating scallops. My niece Courtney, who creatively modeled the bag after Mum finished it, stated that the fabric looks like trimmed fingernail bits.

A Simple Kindle Fire Slip Case: kindle sewing tutorial series. I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas, it was the perfect present for me, both unexpected and practical.

A Simple Kindle Fire Slip Case: kindle sewing tutorial series

I read that Amazon sold at least 4 million of these for the holidays – so there’s a good chance you got one, too. Besides reading books and magazines on the go, Kindles can play on the Internet. Pattern review: Two Zip Hipster bag. My mum just tried out Erin Erickson's Two Zip Hipster sewing pattern and sent over the result.

Pattern review: Two Zip Hipster bag

And now we have a problem on our hands, because I love it so much I want a dozen of them in different fabrics. Is that greedy? Abernathy Crafts: Gift card holder tutorial. Satchel sewing pattern review. My mom, known to you guys as Grandma G, has made another bag!

Satchel sewing pattern review

This is the "Too Cool for School Satchel" pattern from the book A Bag for All Reasons by Lisa Lam. The fabric is my Skiff print in Dawn. How fun is this? DIY zippered pouch with gusset. Those who like to sew small, cute things (as opposed to large, ugly things?)

DIY zippered pouch with gusset

Might enjoy the zipper card pouch tutorial from Joanne at Craft Passion. My mom just tried it out and here's the result. Adorableness! Ravelry - a knit and crochet community. How to sew 9 different bags and purses. 1st Quarter Inventory and New Product. Yesterday, Emily and I spent most the afternoon trying to figure out my 1st quarter inventory....AHHHHHHHH.

1st Quarter Inventory and New Product

It was horrific! I hate this side of the business. I just like to create stuff. Anyway, we got thorough it after an afternoon break to take my dog Stan on a short walk around the block. Then, after the LOOOONG day counting inventory, we had a meeting with our web designer to set a launch date for the new website!!! P.s. I HATE blogger, I can never figure out how to post the pics in the order that I want them, so bare with me for the craziness of the layout. Some New Inventory. So, I know, I know...we haven't had the best of starts for 2011 with our blog, but with good reasons/excuses.

Some New Inventory

Sickness, tiredness, coldness, winter in general! EL BAÚL DE LAS COSTURERAS. How to Make Clothing Buttons from Shrink Plastic… This tutorial is an old one of mine that’s too good not to share again. Since posting the first time, I’ve had lots of questions about these buttons which will hopefully be answered in this revised post.

Equipment Some handy notes: 1. The Roxycraft Amigurumi Pattern Shop. Tutorial: slouchy hobo bag (the tinafish way) many of you have asked for a tutorial for this purse and i FINALLY have one!! Let me warn you though, this is my first full fledged tutorial with instructions and all. i did the best i could, but it's a very detailed bag. i took as many pictures as possible so hopefully that will help. here's the link to the other hobo slouchy purses i made.. anyway on with the show.... you will cut 2 of these for the interior and 2 for the exterior here are all the pieces. the ones on the far left are key...they will be attached to the zipper and you will start with then have the body of the purse (interior and exterior) and then you have 2 pieces (at the bottom of the photo) to create the strap for your shoulder.