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A sheep with a bowtie. Salamispots asked: "Awahahhh first saw your art on spitpaint and glad you posted your tumblr link because everything's so cute and gorgeous!

A sheep with a bowtie

<3" A sheep with a bowtie. Kim Salt. S Portfolio - New Stuff. Joanna N. キノコの世界. Janet Sung // Illustration. Arielle Jovellanos. Anoosha syed. Tally-art.tumblr. Frannerdwork.tumblr. Zoeandfran.tumblr. Lysergic Bliss. Yelena bryksenkova. Anna Cattish. Opsci. JOY ANG. Babananas. Coloring style inspired by Mazo Publicaciones Some fast character designs.


Guess What? Guess what? Nicolas Rix - Illustrator, Character Designer, Comic Book Artist. Dragon Mage / Witches & Wizards Art Show The Wizard Quarterly / Witches & Wizards Art Show The Skull Brothers / Witches & Wizards Art Show The Guardian of Treasure / Spirits & Totem Animals : Light Grey Art Lab.

Nicolas Rix - Illustrator, Character Designer, Comic Book Artist

Nicolas Rix. The Wizard QuarterlyThe Magazine of Wizardry, Alchemy, Cauldron Reviews, Potions and Dragon Upgrades 12 x 17 inch Giclée Print on Hahnemühle 350gsm Paper $35 / Limited to 30 Prints / Print on demand only email: to place order.

Nicolas Rix

Price excludes shipping. Abby's art. 'Among Spirits' My piece for an animal rescue benefit show called “Animystics” held by Light Grey Art Lab.

Abby's art

Lady version of Dream from the 2nd issue of “The Sandman Overture”. she needs to have her own comic. also started an FB page to put my future artworks and WIPs. Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. Annette marnat. How Are You I'm Fine Thanks. JJ Harrison ♥ Illustrator. Wendi Chen Art Tumblr. Babs draws. K A L I   C I E S E M I E R. Hey everybody!

K A L I   C I E S E M I E R

FIRST I've got some big news! I'm psyched to be a part of the Picture Book Report! Please take a look! We're a group of illustrators, each choosing a book of our choice, which we will create illustrations for throughout the year. That's 12 illustrations per illustrator (once a month), with 15 talented illustrators participating! The bookplates and info for Meg Hunt, Will Bryant, and Sam Bosma are currently up on the site. Visit again at the end of the week to see the full thing! And now for the bonus prize: THE TRIUMPH OF OPTIMISM! Kali Ciesemier. SLAM BLOGSMA.

MAIKE PLENZKE. Photo 835 Notes Thinking about making this dress… Link 64 Notes Featured Artist: Interview with Maike Plenzke YouTheDesigner has the amazing opportunity to interview freelance illustrator, Maike Plenzke.Hey guys, here is an interview, if you’re into this kind of stuff.


It might also explain a tiny bit, why there aren’t so many illustrations on this blog lately. (Short answer: no time, no time!) ELLIOT ALFREDIUS. Emily Carroll. Illustration. Natalie In the Wild - - a Blog. Angela an. Leslie hung. Elsa (A Sketch Blog) Victoria Ying's Art. Entering the heads of your characters A week ago, I was privileged enough to attend a conference by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Victoria Ying's Art

One of the keynote speakers was Judy Schachner, author of many character driven books including “Skippyjon Jones.” She talked about her process of thinking about her characters and coming up with great stories and one of them was very familiar to me and really intriguing. Steven Crewniverse Behind-The-Scenes Universe: A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven... FABIEN MENSE. Sasha Mutch. Lily Williams. Lulu's art blog. Jakeharvanim asked: Hey Laura!

lulu's art blog

I've recently found your blog and I gotta say, after looking through your archive, the improvement you've made in the last year is amazing! I do have one question; you always seem very motivated with your personal projects, and for me, I struggle to choose what to do as a project as there are so many things to do! What are the key things that help you decide a project? Is it a skill you want to improve? Or something you want to add to your portfolio? Sketchbloop. A #SPIDERGWEN for fun.

Pancake pancake pancake. Sketchblog of Mingjue Helen Chen. Lemon Pie. L'iconoclaste. Nicola Sammarco Artworks. I said, "Good Day!" I apologize if this comes off as disrespectful to Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin. Or their families. Or YOU, the reader. I’m not about that. That’s not why I drew this.I am just really freaked out that 40% of Americans (and 47% of White Americans) do not think that the killings and violence in Ferguson ‘raise any racial issues.’ Fellow White Persons, this is our chance to learn. Thank you, Jake. We’re going to say some stupid things—me especially—as we learn how to talk about race with respect and honesty. Snarkies. Mingjue & Me. By Jesper Ejsing & Mingjue Helen Chen I was skipping through Facebook updates one day, when an image by MingJue Helen Chen immediately caught my eye. It was a simple little illustration of a girl in sneakers with a backpack and a sad expression.

There was nothing “special” about this drawing, no bright colors or digital color dodge effects, no sparkle and crazy angles or anything; but the specialty of it was that it was an incredible solid drawing filled to the brim of the outline with craftsmanship. I joyed over the small tilt to the foot, that allowed me to see the bottom of the shoe, the believable way the hair fell over the forehead and around the ears, and then I clapped my hands at the dryness of the colored strokes, that made it look like an almost flat gouache illustration.

So I immediately clicked the link to the artists blog, and got blown away by the rest of her artwork. Steven Sugar. Cameron Stewart Illustration. Brendenfletcher: Orders for October comics are due in at your local comic book shop! That means time is quickly running out to guarantee you’re able to get your own copies of BATGIRL #35 and GOTHAM ACADEMY #1.To be sure you don’t miss out, bring the above codes in to your retailer when you head in to pick up your new books today. It’s super important to get those orders in immediately. WANGELA WRONG. Violent-pink.tumblr. Line.T. BOYA SUN. Jensine Eckwall. The Work of Timothy J. Reynolds. Extra-Extracurricular Activities. Over the past weekend, I was lucky enough to be gifted a wonderful trip to CAMP by Mike. Extra-extra curricular activities. Rémi salmon. Ca y est, c’est fait! Un blog tout neuf, un site tout neuf, enfin! Pour des raisons pratiques le site était déjà en ligne depuis un moment, pendant sa construction, mais ce billet fera office de lancement officiel!

Ceux qui me connaissent en entendent parler depuis longtemps, très longtemps, mais avec le travail et il faut le dire, la flemme l’idée n’avait encore jamais abouti. C’est chose faite et j’en profite pour remercier grandement Sophie, Mathieu et Clem pour leur aide et leur patience. Emmy Cicierega. Soya sauce.