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SAPs. Our Food, Our Health, Our Planet. Chris Anderson (TED): Questions no one knows the answers to. Triple Science Maths support. Expert Subject Advisory Group - Science. Films for Science Teachers - Alom Shaha. I believe that online video is an excellent medium through which to provide teacher CPD.

Films for Science Teachers - Alom Shaha

Below are a selection of videos I’ve developed and produced to help science teachers with the effective use of demonstrations and practical work as part of their lessons. All the films were made with my friend Jonathan Sanderson of StoryCog. Making effective use of practical work Demo films, Practical Work Making effective use of practical workDemo films, Practical WorkShort film on how to get the most out of practical work in school science lessons.details Photosynthesis with Cabomba Demo films, Practical Work Photosynthesis with CabombaDemo films, Practical WorkShort film showing how cabomba pondweed can be used to investigate or demonstrate photosynthesis.

Pluck Dissection Demo films Pluck DissectionDemo filmsHow to carry out a pluck dissection in Biology lessons.details. Droso4schools: bringing Drosophila back into classrooms. BBC iWonder. Online support materials for schools. Engaging Science. Science. You are here: Home Secondary.


Wall-Size Periodic Table. I’ve produced a printable periodic table (one page per element) that will cover most of a wall in my classroom.

Wall-Size Periodic Table

I thought other teachers might wish to do the same, so I’m making it available here. This is how it looks in my classroom. The data is mostly based on the information in the element data base downloaded from Central High School’s website in St. Paul, MN, with a few corrections and additions from and The Periodic Table Here are the printable versions: Periodic Table – Merged (MS Word .doc) Periodic Table – Merged (PDF) UPDATE: I’ve since created a version with two elements to a page so it’s not quite as huge.

Merged-half-page (MS Word .docx) Source Files These files were used to produce the periodic table using MS Word’s mail merge capabilities. PT Element Data Base (MS Excel .xls) PT Mail Merge Template (MS Word .doc) PT Mail Merge Template – half page (MS Word .doc) SPT Energy topic for teachers of 11-14 physics.


Measurement & Scale. Facts and figures - ESRC Social Science for Schools. Where would social science be without maths?

Facts and figures - ESRC Social Science for Schools

‘Where would social science be without maths?’ Is a poster for teachers to use within the classroom. On the front is a timeline featuring prominent figures in maths, with accompanying teachers’ notes on the back. If you would like a copy of this poster then please email with your address and the number of copies you would like. Hayley T blog. I have worked as an AST for 6 years now.

Hayley T blog

As part of my outreach work has been to work with other Science Faculties to help them to embed APP and formative assessment into SoW. Whilst I know that not everyone is a fan of APP, I have found that in my experience it can, and has had positive impacts on progress. Using APP has also lead to a dramatic improvement in the written and verbal feedback that our students recieved. It helped to focus targets and also made them more specific and varied rather than “include more scientific words in your answers”. In my faculty we have managed to successfully weave formative assessments into our bespoke curriculum that was adapted based on WIKID Update Science. Doing sci V scientist.

National Curriculum

Misconceptions. Misconceptions. Girls in physics. Girls are under-represented in physics post-16 across the UK.

Girls in physics

For more than 25 years, only around 20% of students progressing on to A-level physics have been girls, despite about equal success between the genders in GCSE physics and science. The issue is one that the Institute has been seeking to understand and address for a number of years, both by supporting research and helping individual teachers of physics become aware of the issues and amend their classroom practice. Research has shown that: Students’ interest in science declines as they progress through school and the decline appears to become steeper after age 14, particularly for girls and particularly in physics.Girls, more than boys, experience a difference between their personal goals for learning and the learning objectives of the physics curriculum.

As a consequence they are less inclined to opt for physics, even if they achieve high grades and enjoy the subject.


Why is science important? - A collection of thoughts from leading scientists, public figures, ...and you. Science Teaching Resource Collections. Comment:Last Updated:1 April, 2013Section:Resources What’s new in TES Science TES Science is always looking for the best editable teaching and interactive resources, worksheets, games, videos, lesson plans and schemes of work for teachers of Science at both Primary and Secondary level.

Science Teaching Resource Collections

All materials in this area are reviewed and collected by subject specialists and, as an online resource, TES Science’s collection of teaching resources and materials is ever-expanding. Bookmark this page and check it regularly for new exciting and outstanding collections of resources. Science Collections for all phases This section features great Science collections for all key stages. Revision Activities Collections.


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