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Finding Travel Companions for Over 50s - Silversurfers. Sometimes, a holiday can be a wonderful chance to escape alone with your own thoughts, dreams and desires.

Finding Travel Companions for Over 50s - Silversurfers

Other times, there’s nothing better than sharing your experiences with a friend or new acquaintance. If you’re fed up with travelling solo and you’d like to meet other like minded people, check out some great online resources for finding travelling companions. Get ready to start your next holiday adventure with a new friend in tow. Finding someone to share your travels with Lonely is the last way you want to feel on your holiday, and luckily there are plenty of ways to make sure that you don’t have to. Sign up to My Travel Companions – also known as myTC – and you’ll have the chance to meet hundreds of people over 50 who’re keen to find a travelling companion.

You can also sign up to social networking sites such as Travel Buddies, although you’ll find a much higher proportion of young travellers looking for friends there. Making the most of your holidays. Travel magazine for women. Women on the Road - Start Here. Home :: Start Here Do you ever feel the urge to leave it all behind and start your life over - at least for a little while?

Women on the Road - Start Here

That feeling hit me at 43 in what turned out to be a mid-life crisis the size of a city. There wasn't anything terribly wrong with my life, but there wasn't anything hugely right, either. Adventures in lady travel. So you've decided.

adventures in lady travel

You're going to travel the world. But none of your friends have the time (or money or inclination) to join you. Fear not! It's totally, totally doable to traverse the globe on your own. I know how - I've done it five times. For $15 you get 12,000 words, 9 worksheets, a 60-minute podcast.


Independent Traveler. Solo Traveler Blog. Welcome to Solo Traveler.

Solo Traveler Blog

To receive the monthly Newsletter and the mid-month Solo Travel Advisory of deals, please subscribe on your right. Thanks for visiting! This is the second in a series of posts specifically for women solo travelers. Solo camping: tent or RV pros and cons. Welcome to Solo Traveler.

Solo camping: tent or RV pros and cons.

To receive the monthly Newsletter and the mid-month Solo Travel Advisory of deals, please subscribe on your right. Thanks for visiting! Beautiful Mazinaw Lake. I love camping! This year, I’ve gone camping two ways. Tips on Traveling Solo. Photo Credit: Emery Jane Kempis Daigle Traveling solo can be rewarding or can be daunting.

Tips on Traveling Solo

The luxury of being the authority of oneself and is in full charge to what you do and go. Buying a single ticket to Europe and making your own discoveries can be challenging especially if you are still a newbie. But for some this is the ultimate challenge. Any recommendations for places to live for singles 50+? A Crash Course In Solo Travel For The Single Girl. Boldly Go Solo. Toronto, Canada, is full of food, fun and adventure.

Boldly Go Solo

Who knew? I was bowled over by my recent visit to Toronto. Single Traveler. Advertise on info here Single Traveler 50plus Expeditions is an adventure travel company specializing in active trips to exotic destinations for travelers 50 and over.

Single Traveler

Adventure Life is a company of travelers with a passion for sharing the world with others. Offers a roommate matching service. RVing women - Roaming Times. Solo RVing for Women. SoloWomanRV. Women RVers. Rvs Offer Women Travelers Freedom, Flexibility & Fun : Road & Travel Magazine. Last summer, when my five sisters and I needed a break from our husbands, kids, babies, work-heck, we needed a break from our lives -- we took off for a long weekend in an RV, driving it to a family camping resort near the seashore.

Rvs Offer Women Travelers Freedom, Flexibility & Fun : Road & Travel Magazine

Our "Girls-Only Weekend," which featured lots of laid-back fun and laughter, was one of the most successful trips we've ever had. The RV provided a relaxing, easy way for us to be together. How To Road Trip Solo. From February 15th to March 18th, I put almost 4,000 miles on my little Ford Focus, roadtripping from St.

How To Road Trip Solo

Paul, Minnesota to Lafayette, Louisiana to Crested Butte, Colorado and then all the way back home. I listened to a million podcasts, ate a million bags of Combos and stopped at a million McDonald's to use wifi. And I did all that roadtripping by myself. CSTN: Friends in Travel. Classifieds - Women-friendly Tours with Co-ed Opportunities. MeetWays. Women Welcome Women. Tours for Women. Travelers Helpline - Travel Partners. GRRRL TRAVELER. Long-term solo travel. I wouldn’t call it easy. Being homeless and living on the road is hard work! By my sixth month, my travel enthusiasm began fluctuating. I was still thrilled by the unending travel adventure I was living; but also, starting to feel run down from shouldering the constant responsibility of it.

Her Packing List. Solo Female Travel Experience. The Frugal Traveler recently wrote a column on travel myths and revelations about travel and the gender gap. In it, he revealed that some female readers took issue with certain advice, specifically that recommendations of $4 a night places or accepting lunches with locals would not be wise counsel for women. As anyone who has read this site knows, I don’t agree. Women's Travel. Speaker's Corner: All this week, four accomplished travelers -- Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Liz Sinclair, Terry Ward and Catherine Watson -- talk about the rewards and perils of hitting the road alone as a woman.

More e-mails: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. Going it alone - tips for the solo female traveller. Kristina Wegscheider is a world traveller who has visited all seven continents and over 50 countries, many with Gecko’s Adventures. She is also the co-founder of Do It While You’re Young, a travel website for young women interested in travelling, working, studying and volunteering abroad: I have been travelling extensively since I was 19 years old and I’ve taken most of those journeys by myself.

In the early years, I would tell people my plans and they would almost always say, "You’re going by yourself? " Women Travel. Solo Traveler. Wanderlust and Lipstick. 50 Women Travelers - Eat Your Heart Out 'Eat, Pray Love' Women on the Road: Solo Travel for Women. Women's Adventure Magazine.

For Women Who (Want to) Travel Alone. It was 108 degrees and I had been wandering all day. I was alone, starving, and had no idea how to get back to my campsite. My passport, phone, cash, and credit cards were gone. I’d just been robbed at Kumbh Mela – ironically, an occasion for pilgrims to bathe away their sins in the holy river at the foothills of the Himalayas. Kumbh Mela, which takes place every twelve years, has been dubbed “the largest human gathering on the planet.” Pilgrims come from all over to meet their guru, smoke ritual charras, chant holy mantras, and eat prasad (blessed food). The last photo I took before realizing I had been robbed at Kumbh Mela. The final bathing day is the most important day of the festival and I was anxious to photograph as many areas as possible. Amidst the chaos, I held my camera over my head to protect it from being smashed. I knew all the safety issues, yet I was still in shock that this had happened to me, a seasoned world traveler.

Volunteer teaching English in Thailand. Solo Fear and Diving: How to Cope with Age and Birthdays on a Lonely Road. Scuba Diving Fears and Coping with Age and Birthdays when you Travel The water was flooding panic into my goggles and stinging my eyes. Journey Woman. Almost Fearless Life. Recently, an American woman was found dead in Turkey. Womens Kayaking and Yoga Retreats. Girls At Play Community Blog - White Water Kayaking Tours, Trips and Classes on How to Kayak for Women. Quest for Balance – A Yoga and Kayak Retreat - Travel with a Purpose. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! My Quest for Balance began one early fall morning when I stepped out of Toronto’s Fairmont Hotel and just across the street boarded the Ontario Northlander train, part of the VIA Rail Canada system. I’m a huge fan of train travel, and settling in on the Northlander, I noted right away the generous proportions of the train car!

Kayaking Adventures for Women, Hiking and Appalachian WeekendTouch the Earth Adventures: Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina. CLICK HERE to see the 2013 Schedule The 2013 Schedule Details will be listed here soon! Listed below are the 2012 Schedule details. Singles Travel. Best Singles Travel. New River Gorge, West Virginia July 1 - July 4 2011 Great adventure for both the experienced rafter and beginners. Bond with singles, solo travelers and friends as you ride the rapids and explore the beautiful gorge. After a fun day on the river enjoy fireworks under the sky in West Virginia. Singles Travel Company. Solo Travel Over 50. Travelling solo as a Woman over 50. Article by Fabafterfifty. Senior Travel Forum: Senior solo female independent traveller.

6. Solo travel websites for mature travelers.