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French All Your Seams. After posting my navy lace scout tee I got a few questions asking how I french seamed my armholes.

French All Your Seams

It can seem a little confusing at first but, as with apparently all of my tutorials, I promise it really is very easy. I’m first going to do a run through of the french seam and then will show you how to apply it to the armhole. Pip-squeak tablier. Davantal/Apron on Pinterest. Sewing tutorials. Square Dance Sewing Home Page.


Style ideas. Projects. Sew tips. Patterns. Sew Many Ways... Male pattern boldness. Gertie's New Blog. Sew Serendipity: Making Bags: What in the heck is buckram? When I started working on bag designs last year, I thought about what makes a bag useful.

Sew Serendipity: Making Bags: What in the heck is buckram?

One of my biggest pet peeves is a bag that simply doesn't stand up for itself! No wimpy bags for this chick! So, of course, that brings me to the topic of today's post which is buckram. "Buckram? ", you say, "What on earth is that? " TaylorTailor. Closet Case Files. Sew4Home - Transform your space. Home Decor. Today's agenda. Oonaballoona. C Sews - Sewing, fabric, fashion, hats, design & making lovely things with a needle and thread. All Fabric, All the Time » Blog Archive » Daily Swatch: Barkcloth Week.