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Opinions on sewing patterns, style, wardrobes. Sleevehead. Sewing with Confidence - The Sewing Coach. How To Make An Invisible Stitch the Piece O' Cake Way! Female Pinnable Pinnable dress Form Magnetic Shoulders. Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies. I haven't blogged much in May, but it's been a busy month.

Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies

My husband was home from work for three weeks, so there was much family time and not so much sewing time. I have a few things to share with you though. I am working on a new tote pattern with some nice buckles and grommets on the handles. I've been carrying this bag for a couple of weeks now to see what changes need to be made. I originally though it was too big, but I love carrying my packages to the post office in it. I am hesitant to show you this quilt top because you may think the design is very odd, and it's a gift and I don't want it to be seen.... but I think I am safe, because I don't believe the recipient reads my blog. Yay!! We did have some family fun. They have dinosaurs and cute little boys at the zoo..... Along with tons of work finishing the basement, putting up fence posts, and shelving the garage, Mike also picked up a screened sun shade for us from Rona, complete with canvas curtains. French All Your Seams. After posting my navy lace scout tee I got a few questions asking how I french seamed my armholes.

French All Your Seams

It can seem a little confusing at first but, as with apparently all of my tutorials, I promise it really is very easy. I’m first going to do a run through of the french seam and then will show you how to apply it to the armhole. Just a few notes before we begin… 1. french seams are usually best used on light to medium weight fabric. 2. French seams require you to split your seam allowance in two parts. This tutorial is done using a 1/2″ seam allowance, but if you are working with a 5/8″ seam allowance, sew the first seam at 3/8″ and the second at 1/4″. Part 1 | French Seams on Straight Seams Step 1 | Cut your pieces from your fabric. Step 2 | Sew the sides and shoulder seams with the wrong sides of the fabric together at 1/4″ (or 3/8″ if you have a 5/8″ seam allowance) and press the seam open.

Step 3 | Grade your seam allowance down to 1/8″. Pip-squeak tablier. Davantal/Apron on Pinterest. Sewing tutorials. Square Dance Sewing Home Page.


Style ideas. Projects. Sew tips. Patterns. Sew Many Ways... Male pattern boldness. Gertie's New Blog. Sew Serendipity: Making Bags: What in the heck is buckram? When I started working on bag designs last year, I thought about what makes a bag useful.

Sew Serendipity: Making Bags: What in the heck is buckram?

One of my biggest pet peeves is a bag that simply doesn't stand up for itself! No wimpy bags for this chick! So, of course, that brings me to the topic of today's post which is buckram. "Buckram? ", you say, "What on earth is that? " "What is the story behind buckram? " Where can it be purchased? One other thing about buckram. Things to keep in mind when making bags: It is advisable that you should spray your finished bag with something like Scotchgard, as buckram should be dry cleaned only. I also use a machine needle suitable for denim when making my bags as I usually have several layers to penetrate and hate it when the needle breaks. Since buckram is not a fusible product, use a temporary spray adhesive such as Sulky's KK2000 or 505 to layer fabrics. Be sure to check out all of the bags in the Boutique Chic line that use buckram. TaylorTailor. Closet Case Files. Sew4Home - Transform your space. Home Decor.

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