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Airline Tickets and Flights to Worldwide Destinations - Delta Air Lines. Shows You How to Find Hidden City Fares for Yourself. So you just want to book a flight from City A to City B, but the cost of that flight is more expensive than booking a flight from City A to City B to City C. Shows You How to Find Hidden City Fares for Yourself

Though it seems nuts, it can potentially be cheaper to book the longer flight (A to B to C), get off at City B, and throw away the remaining portion of the ticket to City C. This crazy scheme is called hidden city ticketing, and boy do the airlines frown on it. Here’s an example from FlyShortcut of a particular case where this practice comes into play: the one-way fare from San Francisco to New York is $505.

But then you see San Francisco to New York to Aruba is just $261. The temptation to book the latter option is clear, however, there are risks involved. While websites like FlyShortcut and Skiplagged assisted travelers in finding these hidden city options, there is one website that is stepping up and giving consumers actual instructions on how to find such flights on our own. Step One: Go to Step Two: Click the “One-Way” tab.

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All about flexible travel date searches. All about flexible travel date airfare searches When the staff of is researching airfares, we always start with a flexible travel date search.

All about flexible travel date searches

Travelers can often save money if they adjust their travel dates to take advantage of the lowest possible fare between any two cities. Oddly, however, statistics show that most airfare buyers ignore flexible searches. That's probably because the majority of travelers, such as those going on a cruise or attending a meeting or wedding, need to travel on set dates. But we believe that it's also because many airfare buyers simply aren't aware that flexible search options exist, or don't appreciate the savings that can be achieved by being flexible.

Here are your options when performing a flexible fare search: For now, Cheapair is the only game in town when it comes to searching up to 330 days ahead. Update: Travelocity used to have a very useful 330-day flexible travel date search. Round the world tickets and flights specialists. Airfarewatchdog. Hipmunk. KAYAK. Cheap Air - Search for Cheap Air Fare at Allegiant. Expedia. Cheap flights to Bentonville, Arkansas (XNA) - Skiplagged. Feezing. Get airport statuses, arrivals, departures, non-stop destinations, terminal maps, image gallery and more! Track arriving or departing flights, get flight maps, 3D seat maps, image gallery and more! North America Airport Delays. About Welcome to, the flight comparison website that provides all types of flights, such as cheap flights, charter flights and last minute flights. can offer you a flight with over 750 airlines to choose from including: A variety of scheduled flights from various airlinesCheap flight tickets from low cost airlinesLast minute and charter flightsLow cost flights and easy bookingDomestic and international flight routes Since we are constantly updating our flight deals, you will always have access to the latest and best prices available. With you can sit back, relax and comfortably find the right flight to suit your needs in the comfort of your own home. We'd also like to hear about your experiences and opinions. Flights Directly compare flights and book today! Are you searching online for a flight to London for your next holiday, or a flight to New York to attend some important business meetings? Airlines Find the best airline for your next flight here.