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Tools. It's time to plan that big event (perhaps your wedding) and you're wondering how to make it different--how to stand out in a world of luxurious parties.


At Preston Bailey, it’s all about design. What better way to make a dramatic statement than to find the right color palette for your event? The steps are easy: Step 1: Start by selecting one of our signature color swatches. Preston advises clients to make a selection by picking their favorite color or a shade that sparks their imagination. If you're not sure what to pick, you can always choose the "random" button to have us pick it for you.

Step 2: Tell us about your event. Step 3: Choose a Preston factor. Step 4: Your results! Get started by choosing your main color to the right. Stephen Westland. Basic Color Theory by Kandinsky. Corn, Dark I (1924 – Georgia O’Keeffe) I was reading a book about Georgia O’Keeffe, when I studied that Georgia, Stieglitz and his friends were strongly influenced by Kandinsky’s theories and paintings.

Basic Color Theory by Kandinsky

I was very curious to find out what is it so special about it. I would like to go over with you the main points of the theory. Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky /kænˈdɪnski/ (Russian: Васи́лий Васи́льевич Канди́нский, Vasilij Vasil’evič Kandinskij, Russian pronunciation: [vaˈsʲilʲɪj kɐnˈdʲinskʲɪj]; 16 December [O.S. 4 December] 1866 – 13 December 1944) was an influential Russian painter and art theorist.

He is credited with painting the first purely abstract works. Before doing a research about Wassily Wassilyevich I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Yellow – “warm,” “cheeky and exciting,” “disturbing for people,” attack, madness Green – peace, stillness, passive, mix of yellow and blue. Red - restless, glowing, alive, “manly maturity” Middle Red – evokes feeling of stability and passion. Choosing and Using Solids. I LOOOOOOOVE SOLIDS.

Choosing and Using Solids

All Caps and lots of O’s love them. The right combination can make the pattern stand out and the print fabrics pop. What mascara does for your eyes…solids can do for your quilt. They can also be overwhelming…there are 303 Kona Cotton colors to choose from and that’s just one manufacturer! Choosing the right colors can be a pain, especially if your shopping online…so color cards can be a lifesaver. The safest bet is to choose colors based on print fabrics I love. Contrast and Value Continued » Academy of Quilting. Creating Depth and Dimension In quilts where traditional blocks are set against a background, it is important that there be contrast between all the colors in the design and the background color.

Contrast and Value Continued » Academy of Quilting

Often, people make the mistake of picking a background fabric which perfectly matches some color in their print fabric. What happens is that whenever that color is on the edge of a piece, it blends into the background and the definition of line is lost. Choose a color that is several values less or more than the color in the main design pieces. Bad value choices and poor color placements make this block less satisfying than it should be When I came across this block, it was not very appealing. I played with the block in EQ, changing to a blue palette and incorporating some blue-violet and touches of green in the print. Playing with color and value In the picture at left, the center is pieced with different fabrics from the long pointed sections.

Fun with stripes- Quilting Tutorial. Coral and Grey Baby Quilt 36 x 51 triangle by SunshineKwilts. Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making Series: Principles of Color. Susanne Woods, publisher with Lucky Spool Media, compiled the Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making as an all-inclusive guide.

Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making Series: Principles of Color

Through the guide’s 10 workshop chapters, expert quilters teach you modern quilt making design principles, providing support as you practice a variety of piecing techniques, play with negative space and enjoy 16 new patterns. In Color Order: Art of Choosing. Hand Dyed Quilts. Oct 20 Saving my pennies for one of these.

Hand Dyed Quilts

So incredibly gorgeous. via Freshly Picked. Working on my rainbow. Quilts and Color. On Friday May 2, 2014, DH and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts for the much-promoted exhibit Quilts and Color, on view from April 6 through July 27, 2014.

Quilts and Color

The MFA offered a number of color theory-related events as well this spring, such as a lecture by Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. All quilts are from the collection of Gerald Roy and his late partner, Paul Pilgrim; they began collecting in 1974. The curatorial theme of the exhibit is color theory as exemplified in the work of quilters, and the show is divided into sections, such as "Harmonies" and "Contrast. " In addition to the quilts in each section, there is at least one work by a contemporary artist, such as Sol LeWitt or Bridget Riley, or the king of color theory himself, Josef Albers. So this exhibit is meant to appeal to two audiences - quilt and textile fans, and students of color theory to whom "quilt" might still mean bed-covering.