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Basics of Bookmarks on the Samsung Galaxy S 5. 6 gotta-know sound settings for Android and iOS. There's a lot more to the sounds on your Android phone or iPhone than the volume rocker on the side of your handset.

6 gotta-know sound settings for Android and iOS

You can tinker with dozens of sounds settings—everything from whether you want your onscreen keys to "click" when you tap them to which ringtone sounds when a specific loved one calls. You can also tweak your music equalizer (yes, your device has one), turn down your music volume without quieting your alarm, and even silence the "lock" sound your device makes when you put it to sleep. Read on for six Android and iOS sound settings you need to know, starting with... (Note: The following tips apply to Android phones running on Lollipop and iPhones and iPads with iOS 8.4.) 1. Adding some feedback in the form of a little "click!

" Stop Wasting Money on Device Specific Car Chargers and Start Using a Universal USB Charger. It’s a tale as old as mobile technology time: buy a new phone or gadget, buy a new 12v car charger for it, repeat again next year.

Stop Wasting Money on Device Specific Car Chargers and Start Using a Universal USB Charger

We’re here to give you some simple advice. Stop it. The days of device specific car chargers are over. Read on as we outline why you should switch and what products we recommend. Device Specific Chargers Are an Expensive Waste If you’ve been around the mobile gadget block a time or two you know the drill. NeweggBusiness - Electronics, Cell Phones & Cell Phone Accessories, Chargers & Cables, car charger usb ac. NeweggBusiness - WAGAN 2107-6 Smart AC 80 USB. Fosmon Dual USB Car and Travel / Wall / AC Charger Adapter for Devices Using USB Charging Cables: Cell Phones & Accessories.

How USB charging works, or how to avoid blowing up your smartphone. The tech world has finally coalesced around a charging standard, after years of proprietary adapters and ugly wall wart power supplies.

How USB charging works, or how to avoid blowing up your smartphone

Well, sort of: We’re already seeing some fragmentation in terms of the new USB-C connector, which could eventually replace USB, as well as what is thankfully turning out to be a short-lived obsession Samsung had with larger USB Micro-B connectors for its Galaxy line. But aside from that, and with the obvious exception of Apple’s Lightning connector, micro USB has destroyed the industry’s penchant for custom ports.

Ten years ago, you always had to make sure you had the correct power supply for each of your gadgets. Usually, that power supply wasn’t even labeled. Today, you can charge your phone at your friend’s house, plug your ebook reader into any computer, and download photos from a digital camera directly to your TV, all thanks to a standardized connector. New specifications Okay, now the numbers. Charging: USB and AC differences. 5 tips for keeping your phone and tablet data usage in check. With a smartphone or tablet, you can watch your favorite YouTube™ videos or stream the perfect playlist from pretty much wherever, whenever.

5 tips for keeping your phone and tablet data usage in check

But all that enjoyment can quickly gobble up the amount of data you’re allotted each month under your plan, and no one wants to pay overage charges. Android: Enable or Disable Background Data. As you install more and more apps on your Android, you may become concerned with the data that some apps may share while running in the background.

Android: Enable or Disable Background Data

The more syncing and sending of data that happens in the background, the more rapidly your battery gets depleted. How to Cut Down On Your Mobile Data Usage on Android. Unless you're still taking advantage of an unlimited data plan, it's important to track and manage your data usage.

How to Cut Down On Your Mobile Data Usage on Android

Cutting down on data has other advantages including saving on battery life, avoiding overage charges, and reducing the time spent staring at a smartphone screen. 6 ways to cut back on Android data usage - CNET. Whether your wireless plan allows for 2GB or 10GB of data per month, the last thing you want to do is get a message you're about to go over.

6 ways to cut back on Android data usage - CNET

Take a few minutes to adjust some system settings and customize apps to minimize unnecessary data use. Chrome Data Saver Google's Chrome browser features a data saver feature that takes two seconds to activate. Once turned on, Chrome will reduce the overall size of images and websites viewed on your mobile device. Enable it by opening Chrome, then going to Settings > Data Saver. Enlarge Image Reduce streaming quality Netflix, Google Play Music, Snapchat each offer an option to reduce mobile data usage. The option to restrict preloading content or lower the overall streaming quality isn't limited to these three apps; make sure to look through the Settings section of apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for similar options.

Ditch the Facebook app Speaking of Facebook, maybe it's time you ditch the dedicated app altogether. Manage synced services. Keep Streaming Audio From Chewing Through Data Plan. Pandora and Spotify default to a lower-fidelity setting when their apps detect you are streaming through cellular data.

Keep Streaming Audio From Chewing Through Data Plan

While that means you're using less data, you're also listening to something that sounds like a transistor radio inside a 32-gallon trash bin. But both apps allow you to crank the streaming settings to a higher-quality sound, which also means more data streaming to your phone. In Pandora’s case, neither the base audio setting nor the upgraded setting will burn through a single gigabyte of data, unless you are listening for weeks at a stretch while driving. So it’s well within the parameters of most cell phone data plans. However, even at the upgraded 64Kbps, the quality of Pandora mobile streaming is fairly weak—well below that of a clear FM signal, and far thinner sounding than the top quality of an Apple iTunes song file. Does this matter? Spotify, by contrast, offers far higher-quality streaming, up to 320Kbps—although it also has lower-res 96 and 160Kbps settings.