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Madigan Made { simple ideas for crafts, recipes and decor }: Beachy glass gem wall art {the water's edge} Madigan made... glass gem marbles into 'art.' Imagine you are standing on a beach at the water's edge. You look down at a wave coming into shore. The blue water and foamy bubbles sparkle in the sun as the water comes toward you. The edges of the foam stretch along the sand but can't quite swallow up your toes. Then the wave gives up and slides gently back into the sea. Madigan Made { simple ideas for crafts, recipes and decor }: Beachy glass gem wall art {the water's edge}

No-interfacing Storage Basket Tutorial

As promised, a recipe for making washable stand-up storage baskets: You'll need to cut 2 of each of these pieces (click on the pic to enlarge it to a readable size). The measurements are in centimetres because that's the way I was brought up (sorry). A seam allowance of 1cm is included in these measurements. No-interfacing Storage Basket Tutorial
Lazy Daisy Pillowcases Lazy Daisy Pillowcases I just bought some organic sheets for the girls’ beds, but wanted to add something sweet to the plain white. So I used a freezer paper stencil and some embroidery to make these cheerful daisies. I’ve been inspired a lot lately by Vera Neumann prints. Here’s what you’ll need:
Build a Stone Bath Mat
So way way back, in June, I wrote this Studio Organization post, about starting the process of organizing my studio by cleaning out the closet full of junk. Well, it's September and...let's just say the closet is a work in progress. Some of the things that are taking up space in the closet are shirts that I never wear anymore. I realized I could repurpose them into something else! Here are some tutorials for recycling shirts: Check out these t-shirt scarves!

Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts

Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts
DIY - Pearl Strand Lamp
Hello! This is Jera {} bringing you this fun weekend rug project that requires just 1 jelly roll. Make a free rug for yourself by checking out my blog for a jelly roll giveaway! Woven Jelly Roll Rug Woven Jelly Roll Rug
Burlap and ribbon seem to be a good pair — don’t ya think? I made some mini pillows to go in my little vintage wagon. I think they have a “pottery barnish” feel. So, wanna make some? You will need burlap, ribbon, and some other fabric (white cotton works). For the first rectangular version, I cut the burlap and fabric into 7×9 inch squares. * THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE (DIY, Home Decor, Crafts, Farmhouse): Burlap and Ribbon Pillows -- PBish(?) * THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE (DIY, Home Decor, Crafts, Farmhouse): Burlap and Ribbon Pillows -- PBish(?)
Cheap Metal Hooks Turn Sticks to DIY Wooden Coat Hangers Like some kind of modern green alchemy, the genius of this DIY design idea is in its extreme simplicity. It requires two objects that are easy to acquire – one you can buy for a few cents and the other you can find anywhere on the ground – and turns them into an everyday household object more unique and stylish than the mass-produced equivalent. There is nothing to explain and the non-profit design group Les Petit Reins wants no money for the idea that nor do they sell this as a product. Given how easy and obvious it is, has no real chance of becoming a copyright anyway. Cheap Metal Hooks Turn Sticks to DIY Wooden Coat Hangers
Crafty Nest To say that choosing paint colors was difficult for me would be an understatement. Each color looked completely different depending on lighting, which I found to be extremely frustrating—especially now that days are short and sunlight is limited. Two months, 22 paint samples, and multiple splotchy walls later, I finally picked the colors I want on my walls. Read more » I’m sorry to have neglected Crafty Nest for so long.

Crafty Nest

Anthro Inspired Ruffle Shower Curtain Tutorial Anthro Inspired Ruffle Shower Curtain Tutorial *This tutorial was made by Kate @ see kate sew for her win in the Dollar Store Find challenge* do YOU need a ruffle shower curtain too? I promise you’ll feel awesome every time you see it. All you’ll need is 5 cheapo vinyl shower curtains and your sewing machine. To get started, unfold your shower curtain and then refold it into eighths by folding it in half the longwise a few times. This will just make it easier to cut into strips.
Here is how I did it. Supplies -Coordinating fabrics of your choice. Yardage depends on what size pillow you are making (you will need the size of your pillow + 1 inch. and then however much you want for your pintucking accent piece. It takes a bit of fabric for the pintucking… I just kinda winged it in the measurements. Assume you will need more cause it does go through the fabric kinda quickly. Anthro Pillow Tutorial Anthro Pillow Tutorial
Anthropologie Georgina Bedding Knock-Off Tutorial *Tutorial by Bessie @ Besserina for her win of the Knock-Off challenge* I created this version of Georgina Bedding from Anthropologie to fit a toddler bed. Sort of Anthropologie meets Posh Tots! Adjust the measurements if needed for your own personal use. Materials 1 white queen size sheet set (fitted sheet, flat sheet, 2 pillowcases) 4 4XL White Jersey T-Shirts Gathering foot Quilters Pencil 24 inch zipper or buttons for closure Lots of white thread
For the home
Zipper foot attachment(These first few steps are the same as in the Wedding Decoration Tutorial.) First cut the bottom seam off your t- shirt. Now from the bottom up of your t-shirt, and using only the all white area, you are going to cut strips of 1 inch in width. Make sure you snip either end of your strips to create 2 strips each. Wedding Ring Pillow
vinyl on canvas : mini tutorial first off hello! and THANK YOU for linking up soo many wonderful things! wow! come later this week (as i finish making my rounds) i'll showcase a few of your creations here on the blog.second,the jedi many of you asked where i got the pattern...they are modified versions of this pattern. maybe i can make a tutorial for the kid's version. we'll no, to the gal who asked if i "just winged them". you don't have to hate me. ;) now lets talk about a little of what i've been working on, on top of the jedi robes. i love that at this stage in blogging i have sponsors that like to be... well my sponsors.
so it's no secret we've been spending oodles and oodles of time at the pool. i wish it was the beach, but that's too far away, so the pool it shall be.i've been asked by mique of 30 days to do a tutorial for her "funner in the summer" series. and nothing speaks more to me than a big ol nice beach/pool towel.i took one big hot pink towel from ikea and coordinated it with two light pink hand towels also from ikea and created a super cute want to show this off to everyone towel. supplies needed:* one beach size towel* two small hand towels in coordinating color.*heat 'n bond iron on adhesive spruce up your towel
winning tutorial: the snow ruffle pillow
v and co tutorial: make your own custom art
Sew Dang Cute Crafts: Full-size Duvet Cover
Anthropologie Cirrus Duvet Tutorial