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Metrics issues

Prescription vs Suggestions. Its-time-industrialize-analytics from There's a lot of talk about advanced analytics these days - the use of data mining and predictive analytics is growing rapidly so lots of articles, books (like Tom Davenport's latest) and blog posts are being written.

its-time-industrialize-analytics from

One of these was by Jeff Kelly over on TechTarget on Data analytics team’s needs and, while I agree with some of what was said, I am going to take issue with the idea that analytics is a cottage industry. There is a feeling that, because what analysts do is complex and hard for others to understand they should be allowed to swan around picking their own tools while being give lots of autonomy and plenty of freedom to experiment.

This is, I believe, a very dangerous idea. Influencing the Influencer. InShare4 The competition for attention is focused on social networks as brands vie for awareness and consideration.

Influencing the Influencer

Establishing a presence in Facebook and Twitter is as necessary as it is trivial.

Brand Equity in the era of Social Media

The ROI Of Social Media Marketing: More Than Dollars And Cents. Brands are making plenty of money in social media: Dell Outlet’s Twitter account has generated millions for Dell, the Intel Channel Voice community has decreased costs by eliminating the need for expensive in-person events and P&G used media mix modeling to demonstrate that the community is several times more effective at driving sales than the brands' television ads.

The ROI Of Social Media Marketing: More Than Dollars And Cents

Many marketers can draw a straight line between investments in social media marketing and financial results, but many more cannot. This doesn’t mean social media marketing is ineffective; it just means that marketers have to recognize benefits beyond dollars and cents.