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Eli Pariser: “O problema é que damos todo o poder para plataformas como Google e Facebook” São tempos agitados em ambos os lados do Atlântico, entre o naufrágio do Brexit e a ascensão de Donald Trump à Casa Branca.

Eli Pariser: “O problema é que damos todo o poder para plataformas como Google e Facebook”

Embora a maioria tenha mergulhado em um estado de choque com tais resultados das urnas, Eli Pariser (Maine, 1980) manteve a calma: ele já previa tudo isso.


Digital Literacy. LAB.DOC – ARQUIVO VIVO - blog bienal. O ano de 2014 vai terminando com um novo e importante projeto do Arquivo saindo do forno: LAB.DOC – ARQUIVO VIVO é um trabalho interdisciplinar de pesquisa, preservação e comunicação do Arquivo Histórico Wanda Svevo da Fundação Bienal de São Paulo (Arquivo Bienal) que propõe transformar o modo tradicional de disponibilizar acervos.

LAB.DOC – ARQUIVO VIVO - blog bienal

Welcome To The New Age Of Curation. I’m guessing that a lot of you think that now – right now – is a golden age of creation.

Welcome To The New Age Of Curation

And in many ways, it is. It’s never been a better time to make art of all kinds, from video games – my own art of choice – through books to filmed entertainment and beyond. Sure, the massive media disintermediation spawned by the Internet has spawned a golden age for creators, at least for touching audiences directly. But finding great, sometimes underappreciated art is the thing we consumers need the most help on right now – especially because there’s so much of it out there, and so much of it that can be easily accessed.

That’s why, in many ways, this is the ‘Age Of Curation’, not the age of creation. 1. Why do we curate? What Makes A Great Curator Great? How To Distinguish High-Value Curation From Generic Republishing. Today content curation is "sold", promoted and marketed as the latest and trendiest approach to content production, SEO visibility, reputation and traffic building.

What Makes A Great Curator Great? How To Distinguish High-Value Curation From Generic Republishing

But is it really so? Is it really true that by aggregating many content sources and picking and republishing those news and stories that you deem great is really going to benefit you and your readers in the long run? Curation - The Third Web Frontier. Posted by Guest Writer - January 8, 2011 Here is a guest article by Partice Lamothe - CEO of Pearltrees (Pearltrees is a consulting client of SVW.)

Curation - The Third Web Frontier

This is a lightly edited version of "La troisième frontière du Web" that appeared in the magazine OWNI - Digital Journalism - March 2010. Twitter and the Anti-Playstation Effect on War Coverage. As I follow the remarkable political transformations ongoing in the Middle East and North Africa through social media, I’m struck by the depth of the difference between news curation and anchoring on Twitter versus Television.

Twitter and the Anti-Playstation Effect on War Coverage

The 5 Models Of Content Curation. Curation has always been an underrated form of creation.

The 5 Models Of Content Curation

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of the most frequently visited museums in America – and started as a private art collection from one man (J. Paul Getty) who had a passion for art. Aside from a few well known examples like this one, however, the term curation has rarely been used outside of the world of art … until now. 4 Promising Curation Tools That Help Make Sense of the Web. Steven Rosenbaum is a curator, author, filmmaker and entrepreneur.

4 Promising Curation Tools That Help Make Sense of the Web

He is the CEO of, a real-time video curation engine for publishers, brands, and websites. His book Curation Nation is slated to be published this spring by McGrawHill Business. As the volume of content swirling around the web continues to grow, we're finding ourselves drowning in a deluge of data. Where is the relevant material? Where are the best columns and content offerings? The solution on the horizon is curation. In the past 90 days alone, there has been an explosion of new software offerings that are the early leaders in the curation tools category. 1. Storify co-founder Burt Herman worked as a reporter for the Associated Press during a 12-year career, six of those in news management as a bureau chief and supervising correspondent.

At the AP, editors sending messages to reporters asking them to do a story would regularly write, “Can u pls storify?” Storify is currently invite only. 2. 3. 4. Conclusion. Content Curation for Teachers. Have you ever felt that there is simply too much interesting, educational content on the web? Fortunately, there are also some great, free products that help learners curate all of the many things they can read, watch, hear etc. on the web. The beauty of taking control of your content by saving and organizing links is that you can quickly find, revisit or share content with others. By curating the web, one can essentially build up a library of data in the cloud for free.

I know personally as a history teacher, I spend a lot of time surfing the web when I prepare lessons. In addition, through my own exploration of the web and thanks in large part due to services like Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, and YouTube, I come across things that I want to teach my students in the future. The content curation tools that I have found most useful are Pearltrees, Diigo and Evernote. 1. 2. 3. Personal Use: Evernote is a slightly different service than the previously noted applications. Nate Green.