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Subtle Energy

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Dreamhill Research. In the early 1980's I was honored to have as a dear friend and work with the late Dr.

Dreamhill Research

Marcel Vogel who founded Psychic Research Inc. Although my background is in traditionally taught electronics and communications, I have always felt that the laws that govern these sciences have a profound basis that goes far beyond that which scientists can presently measure. An experience in my life that triggered my interest in sacred geometry is what lead me into seeking out the one person on the planet that was scientifically linking consciousness with geometrical forms as exemplified in crystals, Dr.

Marcel Vogel. In 1983 he asked me to join him as a research associate. Few basic fundamentals about the energies of Mind from the Research Marcel had a genius of an inquisitive mind, that once he discovered for himself that the energies of mind could effect matter, he then went into serious scientific research. Marcel Joseph Vogel You may read more about the life of Marcel from this PDF Document. The Gift.


Dowsing. Radionics. Orgonite. Arcturan_technologies : Messages : 115-144 of 144. A grassroot movement fighting tyranny with orgonite devices. Slim Spurling's rings. Update March '09: This toxic operation was shut down long ago.

Slim Spurling's rings

The agents have moved on to other endeavors. I understand that the products are now being manufactured by non-Satanists. Slim is deceased. And so, apparently, are the Enochian and Goetic demons, pretty much. Update March '10: It has recently come to my attention that the stuff being sold now under the Light-Life name is INERT. Slim Spurling is a great (even greater than myself, if you can imagine that) wire-twister who makes powerful and proven-effective devices. Here are some directions for a Spurling ring I edited from a thread #7869 at Backgound info:Any length of wire, a pencil, a stick etc. has a negative and positive end. Have I tried this yet? This was very easy to make, and feels rather good.

I made one like this in a 17" length, and it felt a lot better. I cast the little depicted one into an orgonite unit, and was not real impressed. OTB 9. The squared-off G symbol is handy for filling in little gaps.


Writing should be in capital letters. One should write/draw on both sides of the foil without regard to the indentations sticking up from the other side. If you want to direct energy toward the front when marking on the rear, put the symbols/words in mirror-image-wise. Energy issues out the face of the words or symbols, unless they are made mirror-image-wise. Also, it issues out the faces of the labyrinths, etc., which is why I place these face down if I want energy to pack into something.

I find the best energy results from having GOD FORCE and the Reiki symbol dominant, but also including GOLDEN C CRYSTAL and the OM symbol, and even other little symbols I like. One can also write CLEAN SKY on them, along with the other stuff, and stuff them in one's CB pipes. After one is done engraving on them with a ball-point pen, one should write on them with markers in various colors.


Crystals. Radionics Subtle Energy and Vibrational Medicine. ෴ ORMUS. Luminous World - Baron Karl von Reichenbach - Od Energy. Chapter 1 "Luminous World" Baron Karl von Reichenbach "Lost Science" by Gerry Vassilatos Limited permission granted to use this material in other presentations.

Luminous World - Baron Karl von Reichenbach - Od Energy

ISBN 0-932813-75-5 © 1999 One chapter in forgotten science history introduces one of the greatest researchers of all time, whose investigation of basic life-related energies stands paramount in the history of qualitative science. His name forgotten and ignored by modernists, the life and work of Baron Karl von Reichenbach stands as a monument. He is a true scientific legend, a giant, a reminder that the world is more marvelous than we are led to believe by those who misalign our perceptions and misdirect our views. Our story begins in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg. After a stormy youth as a chief conspirator against the Napoleonic occupation in Germany, Karl emerged as a scholar of high merit. Reichenbach discovered paraffin in 1830, one practical result of his own research with coal tar and coal tar derivatives.