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Photography, Digital Camera & Lightroom Tips — FroKnowsPhoto » Edit this RAW File Week 20. Last week we asked you for some RAW files with Planes, Trains and automobiles and this file came in for us to edit.

Photography, Digital Camera & Lightroom Tips — FroKnowsPhoto » Edit this RAW File Week 20

This is exactly what we are looking for when we ask for RAW files. Files that need some work more than just one little tweak. This was an interesting image to edit as the exposure was not really on and some extra tweaking was needed. I decided to CROP the image as well as go black and white. Greg stuck with the original composition and decided to stay color. How would you EDIT THIS FILE, click the link to download the RAW file to try your hand. People Photography Training Workshop: Artistic Nude (5 days) Credit Card Merchant Login Yukon - Canada's Untamed Wilderness Discuss this workshop.

People Photography Training Workshop: Artistic Nude (5 days)

Overloaded And Overcrowded. Call it crazy, dangerous, nuts, efficient or what you will, but one thing we can agree upon is that things seems to be a little bit overloaded and overcrowded in these images. 101.

Overloaded And Overcrowded

People hang onto an entrance of a commuter train which will transport them to Jakarta, in Depok, Indonesia's West Java province May 31, 2010. According to PT Kereta Api Indonesia, their trains operate 300 cars each day to serve about 500,000 commuters in Jakarta. Vector Icons and Pictograms. Photography Made Easy: Inverse Square Law. There always seems to be two camps when it comes to photography: those who go by feel and those who go by technique.

Photography Made Easy: Inverse Square Law

Neither one is necessarily a wrong approach but knowing the technical stuff definitely helps when you are faced with problems or unexpected results. In this video Mark Wallace explains the inverse square law and how it affects light falloff. I’ll admit, not having gone to school for photography, it did take me a while to completely grasp this idea when I first started shooting. Once you understand this concept, you should be able to not only light your scenes better but also become more versatile when giving a single light double duty lighting both your subject and the background. Related How To Make Money In Photography Often when it comes to professional photography, I get asked one simple question. Carolyn Drake's Continuing Visit With the Uighur People. Credit Carolyn Drake/Panos Pictures Verified Commenters can leave comments on without initial moderation.

Carolyn Drake's Continuing Visit With the Uighur People

Verified status is earned based on a history of quality comments. Cricket passion. The new "Night Vision" option of the Nikon D5100 will have ISO up to 102400. The Fox Is Black » CreativeMornings Los Angeles with Michelle Mcilroy of Lomography, Sponsored by The Fox Is Black. To say I’m a fan of Lomography would be an understatement.

The Fox Is Black » CreativeMornings Los Angeles with Michelle Mcilroy of Lomography, Sponsored by The Fox Is Black

I first started getting into photography after hearing that skateboarder Ed Templeton shot a lot of his photos with a Holga. This was back in 2001 before the Holga was distributed through Lomo, and you had to order it off of random, bootleg websites. Lensbaby unveils Composer Pro. Lensbaby has announced the Composer Pro version of its selective focus lens.

Lensbaby unveils Composer Pro

Available for Canon, Nikon, Sony Alpha, Pentax and Olympus DSLR mounts, the 'Pro' version uses a metal ball-and-socket assembly with refined focus mechanism for smoother operation. The manual focus lens with tilt control is currently available with either the company's Sweet 35 or Double Glass optics for $400 and $300 respectively. Press Release: The Composer Pro delivers ultra-smooth creative control for the most discerning professional photographers and videographers Portland, OR – April 4, 2011 - Lensbaby announces its newest SLR creative effects camera lens, the Composer Pro. _ Behold The World’s Largest Photo Ever Taken Indoors: 40 Gigapixels Of Awesome. We interrupt our live coverage of breaking news about Internet companies from around the world to point you to this phenomenal 360-degrees photo (okay, actually it’s 2,947 pictures stitched together).

Behold The World’s Largest Photo Ever Taken Indoors: 40 Gigapixels Of Awesome

It is, to our and the photographer’s knowledge, the largest photo ever taken indoors with 280,000 x 140,000 pixels of awesomesauce. In the screenshot above, in the painting on the ceiling, do you see that angel holding a book, right below the cross? How to Photograph Drummers. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the very first pieces of music photography advice I ever received was simply, “Don’t forget the drummer.”

How to Photograph Drummers

It came not from another photographer, but from a guitarist in a band I’d befriended when I first started shooting concerts. I was hanging out with the band in their dressing room before a gig, and the guitarist was noodling around on his guitar. Afghanistan, March 2011. 8 Secrets to Perfect Pet Photos. Magnum photographer publishes book on iPad. Reuters Freelancer Killed in Iraq: Sabah al-Bazee Was 30. Magnum Festival: Celebrating the Art of Documentary / 60 Years. Shutter Sisters - home. Nue York: Self Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen by Erica Simone. 40 Examples of Minimalist Photography at DzineBlog. Analysis & Opinion. Middle East Arms Expo an Oddly Peaceful Scene.

Pakistan Ordnance Factory demonstrates machine guns and automatic rifles.

Middle East Arms Expo an Oddly Peaceful Scene

Pakistan exhibit at IDEX 2007. Military ammunition by Poongsan from South Korea. Plastic plant and gun at the booth of Turkish weapons manufacturer MKEK at IDEX 2007. Shotgun and rifle display at the Turkish exhibit at IDEX 2007. Chinese display of Qian Wei surface-to-air missile launchers. Conference visitors photograph one another atop a tank.United Arab Emirates armed forces banner at IDEX 2007. Pakistan Ordnance Factory demonstrates machine guns and automatic rifles.Pakistan exhibit at IDEX 2007.Military ammunition by Poongsan from South Korea.Exhibit at IDEX 2007.Plastic plant and gun at the booth of Turkish weapons manufacturer MKEK at IDEX 2007.Shotgun and rifle display at the Turkish exhibit at IDEX 2007.Chinese display of Qian Wei surface-to-air missile launchers.

Photographer Spencer Murphy visited Abu Dhabi’s 2007 International Defence Exhibition and Conference , or IDEX. Big guns are big business. A Quick Video With A Happy Ending » f stoppers. I just saw this and it made me smile so I thought I would share it with all of you. Keep in mind that you still have a few days left to help Noam with our Photoshop contest. If you have no idea what is going on in this video then you need to watch this.

Related Fstoppers Original: The Stolen Scream What if you took a set of images that became so popular that they were used hundreds of times all around the world by hundreds of artists, businesses, websites, and… The Fox Is Black » Connection, A Responsive Light Installation by United Visual Artists. I’m a big fan of United Visual Artists, UVA for short, and their work and experimentation with light. One of their most recent projects is called Connection, a “work consists of an array of vertical luminaires integrated into a pedestrian bridge.” What’s interesting about this though is that the lights are triggered by human movement, so what was a pretty banal bridge is now a lively, moving piece of art. When people walk by it almost looks the the bridge is physically undulating, like it’s swaying in the breeze.

MAME-CAM DX: Thanko’s Micro HD Camera Weighs Just 14g. Japan’s most famous maker of silly gadgets, Tokyo-based Thanko, today announced yet another micro camera, the MAME-CAM DX [JP]. The 8MP device weighs just 14g and can record video “in HD”, namely in 1,280×960 resolution and at 30fps (AVI). JPEGs can be shot with 3,264×2,448 resolution. Thanko says that owners can also use the device as a voice recorder. All files can be stored on microSD/SDHC cards (32GB max.) and transferred to computers via the camera’s USB 2.0 port. 5 Ways Street Photography Can Make You a Better Photographer. Dog Sledding season - coming to a close. - Aircraft Pictures. Sponsored Links:Commercial Flight School, Charter Flights, Model Airplanes, Airport Parking, Cheap Flights, Discount Digital Cameras [ Medium Large Fit Screen ] Photo Copyright © Ognyan Stefanov-Pixstel Photography, all rights reserved. LEPAGE - PHOTOGRAPHY - TWO-EYES.COM. More Proof That Expensive Gear Does Not Equal Good Pictures » f stoppers.

Photographer John Moore on 'Epic' Libya Battles, Arab World Revolutions. Miyagi Prefecture and More - Pictures of the Day. Holi: Festival of Colors. 2011 March 20 - Parthenon Moon. Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2011 March 20.

The Invisible Camera: Your Mind Will Be Blown » f stoppers. Chris Marquardt has developed a really mind blowing new camera called The Invisible Camera. Using ground breaking technology developed by the Max-Planck Institute in Germany, Chris has designed a camera that can properly expose an image even when the film is exposed to ambient light. Magnum Photos Newsletter. SHAPSNOTS. Miru Kim. Miru Kim. Miru Kim. Moonmosaic_carboni_f. Brightest Moon in 18 Years to Appear Saturday Night. Red Bull’s Illume Photo Exhibit Is Itself Art » f stoppers. Yesterday I got an email from one of the Red Bull brand managers inviting me out to 2010 Illume Photo Exhibit here in Charleston, South Carolina. Red-Bull-Illume-redbull-charleston. Satellite Photos - Japan Before and After Tsunami - Interactive Feature. Japan: Hopes fade for finding more survivors. Japan: Continuing crisis.

Brian Lanker Photography: Portfolio. Parting Glance: Brian Lanker, 1947-2011. Vintage Madonna Portraits Finally See Light of Day - JPG News. Massive earthquake hits Japan. FCK PHOTOSHOP the pencil for the purist by mrzach. Browse hundreds of great pictures from TED2011 and TEDActive. This year at Long Beach, our two official photographers, Robert Leslie and James Duncan Davidson, shot something like 40,000 photos; photographer Michael Brands at Palm Springs turned in another ~7K.

(Thank you, burst mode.) 5 Tips For Changing Lenses Faster. Whether you’re shooting live music photography, weddings or any photography that involves quick response, fleeting moments and a limited period in which to execute, changing DSLR lenses is practically a necessity for any event to ensure the best and broadest coverage. While landscape photographers and macro shooters may have the luxury of leisurely lens changes, for any photojournalist and event shooter with more lenses than camera bodies, quick lens changes are a necessary skill. Here are 5 tips to changing camera lenses better, faster, and stronger. Think 5-second lens changes are impossible? Stunning photos of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. A collection of the most compelling images of the aftermath of one of Japan's largest recorded earthquakes.

Elegy to a Small Idaho Town: Steve Davis Photographs His Hometown. Tahrir Square: Social Media, Public Space. San Francisco's Pier 24 is Largest, Most Exclusive Photography Gallery in the U.S. - JPG News. Pier 24. Sony to disclose E-mount specifications. Lens makers back Sony's disclosure of E-mount specifications.

All the World’s a Canvas - Slide Show. Peter Lik Photograph "One" Sells for $1 Million! HP ZR30w Monitor Layers Magazine. Afghanistan, February 2011. The Stolen Scream.

'The Sweet Things' in a Changing Brooklyn Neighborhood. Do You Know These Photographers? - JPG News. An Update on the Mysterious Roll of Film Found in Brooklyn - JPG News. Pictures of the month: January. Funny Pictures at WalMart Top Rated.