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Animal Vaccine - Lifeasible. Animals, such as pets and farm animals, are susceptible to a wide range of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc.

Animal Vaccine - Lifeasible

Vaccine is a biological preparation that empowers animals the acquired immunity to a particular disease. In other words, when healthy animals are vaccinated, their immune systems respond to the vaccine and can remember the infectious agent and reduce disease burden. Therefore, animal vaccines play an increasingly vital role in preventative health and disease control programmes in animals. As a global company specialized in animal vaccine research, Lifeasible offers a wide variety of animal vaccine-related services. The services include animal vaccination consultation, animal vaccine component and safety testing, as well as novel animal vaccine development. Animal Vaccination Consultation Vaccination offers an effective, inexpensive way to prevent diseases, while there is no “one size fits all” method to all pets and farm animals.

Animal Vaccine - Lifeasible. Chemical and Nutritional Analysis - Lifeasible. Chemical and Nutritional AnalysisInquiry Nutrients obtained from the diet are important for the energy supply and functional maintenance of human bodies.

Chemical and Nutritional Analysis - Lifeasible

Therefore, for any food product, nutritional contents should be accurately analyzed and clearly labeled to comply with regulations and retailer specifications. More importantly, understanding the chemical and nutritional content is also an intrinsic part of new product development and quality control. Lifeasible has a dedicated team of technical experts, with extensive experience in the fields of food nutrient and food safety. We offer you fast and accurate testing and analyses for your diverse needs. Lifeasible’s accredited laboratories offer a full scope of lab testing and certification services for a wide variety of food products, from the raw materials to final products. Energy Analysis Humans and other animals require energy from food to sustain their activities. Carbohydrate Analysis Dietary Fiber Analysis. Plant Genetic Engineering - Lifeasible. Lifeasible has decades of experience in plant genetic engineering.

Plant Genetic Engineering - Lifeasible

Although the global crop yield has been improved over the recent years, The growth of crops in many areas are still stressed from plant diseases, pests and multiple abiotic stress such as salt, drought, coldness and heavy metal pollution. Plant genetic engineering, also known as plant genetic modification or manipulation, is the key that opens up the doors for introducing crops with valuable traits to produce plants that require fewer pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers, and can be more resistant to stress conditions. Plant genetic engineering techniques allow direct transfer of one or just a few genes of interest, between either closely or distantly related species to obtain the desired agronomic traits.

Aside from adopting genes from other species, plants can also be modified by knock-out, knock-down, or overexpression of their own genes. CRISPR/CAS9 Service CRISPR Base Editors Service RNA Interference (RNAi) Service. Exosomes Platform - Lifeasible. Exosomes are present in all body fluids under both normal and pathophysiological conditions.

Exosomes Platform - Lifeasible

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles (EVs) with a size range of ~40 to 160 nm (average ~100 nm) in diameter with an endosomal origin. Depending on the cell of origin, exosomes can contain many constituents of a cell, including DNA, RNA, lipids, metabolites, and cytosolic and cell-surface proteins. The physiological purpose of generating exosomes remains largely unknown and needs investigation. Intercellular communication through exosomes seems to be involved in the pathogenesis of various disorders, including cancer, neurodegeneration, and inflammatory diseases. Exosomes have potential therapeutic and diagnostic applications. At Lifeasible, we provide custom one-stop exosome analysis services.

Exosomes Platform - Lifeasible. Waste Testing - Lifeasible. Lifeasible is striving to offer tailored solutions for environmental testing.

Waste Testing - Lifeasible

To follow the environmental regulations, one important aspect is to determine if the waste produced by industry or human daily life is hazardous. Our scientists at Lifeasible can help you characterize waste and offer a wide variety of advanced technologies for waste management. Our services will help you to meet environmental compliance requirements or to support engineering investigative studies. General Testing The criteria for determining if a waste is hazardous is if the waste exhibits the characteristic of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, or toxicity.

Waste Management Waste management and the safe treatment of waste is strategically important for economic, social, and environmental development. Our laboratory has instrumentation and procedures that have undergone the method validation process and are capable of meeting the guidelines in the reference methods. Water Testing - Lifeasible. Though water provides no calories or organic nutrients, it is vital for all known forms of life.

Water Testing - Lifeasible

For humans and animals, water is important for their metabolism and proliferation. As for plants, water is fundamental to photosynthesis and respiration, then influencing plant growth. Though Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, only small portions of water occur as groundwater (1.7%). More importantly, water pollution is getting worse and healthy water availability is becoming a major social and economic concern. In the developing world, 90% of all wastewater goes untreated into local rivers and streams.