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Shakespeare & Sons in Prague, Czech Republic. Close message Find out more about how we use cookies.

Shakespeare & Sons in Prague, Czech Republic

You can update your settings by clicking the Cookie Policy link which can be found anytime at the bottom of the page. Prague Thrift Store. The Prague Thrift Store is a classic, western style Thrift Shop in Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague Thrift Store

Supporting selected non-profit organizations partners: IWAP, homeless center and mother shelter. Central location - great prices. • Quality Second Hand Clothing: Dress good and feel good, with a wide range of good quality new and well treated secondhand clothes, selected with care. Running in Prague. Written by Lesley Simmons for Bridge magazine Running - or more accurately “jogging” - has been my favorite aerobic exercise for the past twelve years.

Running in Prague

I don´t always feel like getting out the door and going, but I love how I feel afterwards: less stressed and energetic. I also enjoy being able to consume a rich dessert or extra beer with relatively little guilt. Praguefunke. Czech Language Basics. If you´re going to be in the Czech Republic for any length of time, you´re going to want to learn at least some of the language.

Czech Language Basics

Yeah, it´s difficult, and it´s very likely that you´ll never master it, but the basics are both easy and essential. The following guide is, of course, for beginners; I've tried to create a simplified version of what you might see as the first lesson in a How to Learn Czech-type textbook. It's by no means definitive, and really no substitute to verbal teaching, but nevertheless: Free calls, free voip, free phone calls from iPhone and Android. Accommodation in Prague - Pension Domov Mládeže. The hotel is a three-floor villa with a large garden and terrace, where you can relax in the nice days.

Accommodation in Prague - Pension Domov Mládeže

There is a hotel part with nice equipped rooms, bathroom, TV, fridge. It is suitable for individual travellers. Other part is designed as a low budget accommodation for families and student groups. Arriving in Prague. New and Notable on the Prague Fashion Scene. 12/5 - 3/6/2012 - Program detail.