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Lorie Lewis

B2B Appointment Setting Consultant at Callbox, Inc.

The Lifecycle of an Effective Telemarketing Call. Social Content and SEO: A Curious yet Competent Combo. Every business organization has its ways in approaching their respective markets.

Social Content and SEO: A Curious yet Competent Combo

But whatever they are targeting, they cannot ignore using lead generation and other marketing activities to their advantage. These are materials to a successful campaign, the butter to the proverbial bread of business success. But it is essential however to observe the specific ingredients that make up such materials. This notion was in part formed from the difficulties many marketers face when harmonizing their marketing platforms. To them, it is simply difficult. That is not necessarily the issue here. If you are still having difficulties in that area, take these tips from a Huffington Post article by Matthew Collins: How to Conquer Complex Content Distribution for Lead Generation - - B2B Lead Generation Company. The Sales and Marketing Solutions: B2B Marketing Priorities Checklist: Setting the Right Goals. When it comes to drafting plans, B2B marketers must know the right objectives to settle.

The Sales and Marketing Solutions: B2B Marketing Priorities Checklist: Setting the Right Goals

Identifying specific goals is perhaps the right way towards an effective lead generation and appointment setting campaign. Besides, you can’t escape a tunnel without a light guiding each step. Without goals, there can never be any certainty that you will be able to compete against more experienced companies in your industry. Survival is essential and, to quote from the famous and often neglected GI Joe series, knowing is half of it.

Hence, here are a few things you should know and put in your checklist of priorities towards an effective B2B lead generation experience.Brand awareness The way you are perceived by your target market defines your brand’s popularity. Conversions Conversions entail the end of a B2B prospect’s journey through the sales pipeline. Quality CRM Influential reach In most cases, marketers prioritize influence. Happiness for Warm Sales Leads: Increase Revenue by Maintaining Satisfaction - - B2B Lead Generation Company. Say no to Spam! Ways to Avoid Putting your Email Marketing Campaign to the Dumpsite. Overcome Marketing Automation Challenges for 2015 with One Simple Word: Relevance. What’s not to love in marketing automation?

Overcome Marketing Automation Challenges for 2015 with One Simple Word: Relevance

For a fact, some businesses feel odd with the idea. They do not seem to be satisfied when they let computer software systems do their lead management for them, as though B2B lead generation is gradually losing its human face. Personalization gave itself away to synthetic emails and content – or so we are made to believe. It is clear that marketing automation has succeeded where hands-on lead management didn’t. But this has not necessarily rung the death knell of personalization. But let us be frank: personalization will continue to be a challenge in 2015. The idea now is to combine the human function of personalization with the analytical function of marketing software. 4 Tips for Reducing B2B Sales Costs and Maximizing Profit. “Gain more, but spend less.”

4 Tips for Reducing B2B Sales Costs and Maximizing Profit

This may be the common goal of every business. Logically, reducing the cost of sales is one of the best ways to increase profit. However, not many B2B companies realize this goal in their campaigns. If you believe that you are one of those companies, it’s about time you started evaluating your sales and marketing strategies in order to identify potential lapses that could be getting in your way.

Lights. Camera. Appointment! Developing an Award-Winning Call Script. A “Call” for Callbox: Forging a sustainable helping hand. The past year here at Callbox has been about celebration. 2014 marked our company’s 10th anniversary and so we spent the last few months cherishing the things that we’ve accomplished in a rather challenging but fruitful decade.

A “Call” for Callbox: Forging a sustainable helping hand

I myself couldn’t be prouder of what Callbox has become and what it can potentially evolve into. We’re all very excited about what the future holds for this thriving company. However, all these triumphs would not have been realized if it weren’t for the local communities which have, throughout the years, generously provided all the things we needed for Callbox to grow from a small start-up into a globally-recognized marketing company. This celebration is not only for Callbox but also for the cities of Iloilo and Davao, and most importantly, their passionate, hardworking people.

A tradition of giving back Even during our early years, Callbox has always been passionate with community service, sometimes even beyond the realms of corporate social responsibility. The Best Marketing Automation Software of 2014 - - B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. How Important is an Improved B2B Lead Generation Strategy? Will you Move to Mobile this 2015? Aside from heavy drinking and firework residue, New Year is also about reinventing one’s self.

Will you Move to Mobile this 2015?

It is that time when you get to make promises for the succeeding year, whether you want to do away with a bad vice or improve certain aspects of yourself. Speaking of improvement, B2B companies are sure to list that as one of their priorities for 2015. The year will definitely highlight the need for better digital marketing tactics to coincide with developments in the mobile arena. Hence, companies should consider enhancing their brands for mobile. But to those who haven’t made the leap yet, it’s not too late to leverage the potentials of mobile B2B lead generation.

With 143 million smartphones and 71 million tablets and counting, moving to mobile would perhaps be the most significant resolution you have ever made. Then again, like most resolutions, there are challenges and stumbling blocks. Engage via device. Financial Services Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. Callbox deploys innovative telemarketing lead generation and appointment setting campaigns to generate warm financial service leads that translate into real business.

Financial Services Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

By experience, we understand consumer trends in the financial industry which enables us to target relevant prospects and turn them into buying customers. Our lead generation and appointment setting services are designed to support and enhance operations for modern financial services institutions including banks, mortgage companies, credit grantors, and diverse merchant accounts. We plan, build, and implement innovative and low-cost customer telemarketing lead generation solutions for the following services: Check Guarantee ServicesCost Management ConsultingDebt Collection ServicesExpense Reduction ConsultingInvoice DiscountingReal Estate Commission FactoringCorporate Cost ReductionRisk ManagementAccounting and Payroll ServicesTax Consulting and PreparationMerchant ServicesBilling and ConsultingInsurance Services.